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WinSite Package: s32bfa.exe

Updates Stacker for Win4WG 32-bit File Access

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Date Contributed to Archive: Aug 20, 1994

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Archive:  /pub/pc/win3/patches/s32bfa.exe

This file is intended only for Stacker 4.0 users who run Windows For
Workgroups 3.11. It contains the files SUPDATE.EXE and SUPDATE.TXT.
SUPDATE.EXE updates your Stacker system so that you can use Windows for
Workgroups 32-bit File Access on Stacker drives. SUPDATE.TXT explains how to
use SUPDATE.EXE in detail, as well as how to enable 32-bit File Access.

To enable the update do the following:
1)Copy the file SUPDATE.EXE to your stacker directory.
2)change to your stacker directory and type:
3)Restart your computer.

This has been tested by Stac, but the beta test has not yet been completed,
so it is still considered to be beta-test software. Thus there is some risk
that it is not completely bug-free.

 Length    Date    Time    Name
 ------    ----    ----    ----
  63703  08-12-94  17:18   SUPDATE.EXE
   2075  08-15-94  08:55   SUPDATE.TXT
 ------                    -------
  65778                    2

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