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WinSite Package: ndw3up.exe

Updates Norton Desktop for Windows 3.00 to 3.02

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Date Contributed to Archive: Sep 21, 1994

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Archive:  /pub/pc/win3/patches/symantec/ndw3up.exe

              Norton Desktop for Windows 3.0 Compatibility Update
                      Copyright 1994 Symantec Corporation

         This Compatibility Update for Norton Desktop for Windows 3.0
         includes modifications to Norton Desktop to support programs
         that have been released since Norton Desktop's initial release.

         This includes enhanced VFAT support for Windows for Workgroups
         version 3.11, and additional file viewers including Word for
         Windows version 6.0 and viewers for several other programs
         that have been upgraded since Norton Desktop 3.0 was shipped.

This self extracting archive contains the following files:

                compobj.dl_     install.exe     ndw302.rtd
                ndw302.rtp      patch.exe       readme.txt
                storage.dl_     symevnt.38_     symevnt1.dl_

You may extract this to another directory by including the destination
directory as a parameter, such as:  NDW3UP C:\TEMP.

NOTE: Do NOT extract to or run from your NDW directory.
      Please read the README.TXT file after extracting.

 Length    Date    Time    Name
 ------    ----    ----    ----
  59934  04-08-94  03:02   COMPOBJ.DL_
  23840  04-08-94  03:02   INSTALL.EXE
  34324  04-08-94  03:02   NDW302.RTD
1041318  04-08-94  03:02   NDW302.RTP
  45928  04-08-94  03:02   PATCH.EXE
  89160  04-08-94  03:02   STORAGE.DL_
  18779  04-08-94  03:02   SYMEVNT.38_
   2499  04-08-94  03:02   SYMEVNT1.DL_
   3435  04-08-94  03:02   README.TXT
 ------                    -------
1319217                    9

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