Windows Desktop Apps, Screen, Image, and BitMap Files

Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:20:15 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 95KB 01/23/95 One Million Dollar Bill (640x480x84 bmp) 3dem.uue 349KB 10/21/95 Produce ray traced landscape scenes from USGS DEM Files 253KB 02/05/96 Create 3D landscape scenes from USGS digital maps 52KB 01/14/94 Displays rotating box frames as a screen saver (.scr) 718KB 11/28/94 Visual Calendar Planner 2.1 for Windows 248KB 11/03/95 Fast image viewer/manager 61KB 01/16/95 AceLaunch 1.05: task switch, app launcher, doc mgr 76KB 09/17/94 Astronomy Clock for Win 3.1, v. 1.14 5KB 10/20/93 Cumulative Clipboard for MS-Windows 3.x 5KB 01/19/95 Cumulative Clipboard for MS-Windows 3.x 191KB 10/30/94 Accuset v3.0 - Date/time synch app <WinMag> 11KB 03/11/93 After Dark Screen Saver Module 479KB 02/20/96 Sunsets, seashores, etc., for IconDar3 w/ viewer 23KB 08/14/95 AutoDesk Player v1.0 FLI/FLC Screen Saver 178KB 05/16/94 Create small display ads in Windows 242KB 01/03/94 Randomly chosen affirmations popup on desktop 139KB 01/27/96 Floating customizable JPEG image screen saver 71KB 01/19/96 Alarm goes off to remind you of appointment 173KB 09/10/95 alarm system for Windows (16bit) 144KB 03/07/96 Configurable, multiple Alarm Clock for Win31 135KB 02/27/95 Otto's Album 1.1-View/print PCX/DIB files in albums 40KB 03/25/94 New 3D look for dialogs of most Windows apps 475KB 12/01/94 Astronomy Lab 2 v. 2.02 for Windows 95, NT, and Win32s amosdpak.exe 765KB 12/12/92 Amos Draw Program 312KB 03/19/95 Slideshow Animator shareware version 1.1 73KB 04/04/94 AnimDsk is a windows 3.1 3D desktop animator 78KB 07/02/95 Animouse 5.0 Animated Mouse Cursors 301KB 07/21/95 ANISCR11.ZIP v1.1 Screen Saver 12KB 07/05/92 Ants Scurry Around the Desktop 285KB 07/21/95 AppLaud 1.0 - Listen for claps, launch programs 50KB 06/29/95 Progman and resource monitor w/trashcan 109KB 02/28/94 Allows launch buttons anywhere on the desktop 276KB 08/11/94 Application Pad (Version 4.2) 41KB 10/25/94 Position mousearrow automatically at windows-objects 520KB 02/21/96 Two screensavers of paintings by Alfred Russell 337KB 02/21/96 Alfred Russell Fine Art Screensaver 117KB 08/22/94 ASL Painter! is a 256 color paint program asssaver.exe 1272KB 03/10/96 Adult Windows screen saver for the Ladies 368KB 04/24/95 Atlantis for Windows 2.2: ProgMan Replacement 357KB 12/05/94 All the Time 3.20 Clock Utility 32KB 04/29/93 Automated Windows Wallpaper Management avipro2.exe 479KB 08/12/94 AVI Player for Windows [492k] 446KB 01/23/95 AVI Viewer 4.2 (requires MS-Video Runtime) 959KB 02/15/95 AnyViewPro: More resources,color switch,speed display 768KB 02/12/95 Astrology Program for Windows in German (1/2) [786k] 808KB 02/12/95 Astrology Program for Windows in German (2/2) [828k] 650KB 02/12/95 Astrology Program for Windows in English (1/2) [665k] 803KB 02/12/95 Astrology Program for Windows in English (1/2) [822k] 629KB 01/07/95 Astro-World TAO 1.0 Astrologieprogramm fuer Windows axltd11c.exe 1248KB 03/01/96 Remember things to do(memo,priority,alarm,calc) 185KB 10/30/94 As You Like It v1.1 customizable electronic book reader 1017KB 03/14/96 Amazing(Mountains, v2.1) landscapes sceensavers 579KB 03/14/96 Amazing(Seasons, v4.7) landscares screensavers 23KB 12/09/92 Another Crazy Balls Screen Saver for Windows 21KB 10/15/92 Ball Screen Saver for Windows 109KB 11/29/95 Hot-air balloon screen saver 292KB 04/22/95 Clock, date, resources in the Title Bar of Active Win 1827KB 11/28/94 2.07Mb Digital video AVI clip [1.9MB] 28KB 06/01/94 Better Colors 1A: change the shades of sys colors 21KB 10/05/95 Use multiple images for your wallpaper (win32s req) 414KB 03/02/95 Change desktop image and desktop color 42KB 01/31/94 Big Desk v2.34 virtual window manager 294KB 02/24/94 Bird in Flight Animation Sequence 123KB 11/29/95 Animated birds screen saver 7KB 02/02/96 Windows Backup Scheduler with speech synthesis 10KB 02/16/94 Blanker Screen saver with password 10KB 06/22/94 Fade to black screen saver (.scr) 89KB 06/26/91 BMP->BGI Conversion Program 3KB 02/03/94 Click on a bmp/ico file to display image 26KB 11/18/92 Random Bitmap Loader (ver 3.01) 67KB 07/25/95 Bitmap Saver, Windows 3.1 Screen Saver 692KB 02/19/96 BitMap slide show program 13KB 07/14/92 AfterDark Screen Saver Module 74KB 10/21/92 Win3.1 Screen Saver Module (with source) 926KB 01/16/95 Brenda is a batch oriented image processing utility 73KB 10/08/94 BrickSaver for After Dark module 377KB 05/06/94 ButtonStar Deluxe program launcher [WinMag] 42KB 02/28/96 Windows time calculator with time zone converter 14KB 12/03/94 Small free-floating button bar 193KB 01/27/96 Taskbar which launches favorite applications 1242KB 10/12/94 Bugfix 1.01 Animation [1.28m] 9KB 04/22/93 An After Dark for Windows Module 165KB 02/23/95 Bunny-SAVER depicts a cute, furry Bunny as screensaver 135KB 03/07/96 Adults Only! Flying sexy bust screen saver 625KB 06/30/95 PhotoCalendar for Windows 3.1 80KB 05/11/95 Automatic Windows wallpaper changer 502KB 03/13/96 Calypso: Windows 95 desktop for Windows 3.x 50KB 04/10/95 3D ray traced BMP of the Grand Canyon (need 3D glasses) 8KB 07/07/91 Dynamic Caption Clock Display in Active Title Bar 275KB 03/10/94 Capture It! Ver.2.0 Windows Screen Capture Util 33KB 11/03/93 Capture Windows Screens 160KB 01/04/94 Stay-on-top clock and reminder 176KB 05/08/95 CATMOVES is a fullmotion video screensaver 680KB 03/08/95 clySmic Icon Bar V2.20 multilevel icon bar shell [697k] 64KB 01/12/96 The ULTIMATE telephone dialer 3805KB 07/07/94 CorelDRAW 4.0 Free Working Model (no save/help) [3.8mb] 6KB 12/20/93 Software Eject for CDROM (req Windows MCI CD driver) 160KB 04/05/95 Control Panel Replacement 162KB 09/27/95 A Control Panel replacement and INI file editor 4KB 10/11/91 Save Desktop Configuration 27KB 09/10/93 Changes the Desktop Wallpaper each n seconds 101KB 10/06/94 A Chickens and Eggs Screen Saver 67KB 07/13/94 Automaticaly creates folders of program and file icons 80KB 01/29/95 Circus Fish Screen Saver Version 1.00 117KB 10/23/95 Fortune program for Windows (IN SPANISH) 70KB 03/07/94 Graphically displays climatological data 695KB 07/24/94 Triangle ClipArt v1: TIFF format collection [713k] 363KB 11/05/93 Clip Art files in CorelDRAW library format 939KB 01/10/95 A new collection of clip art, in Metafile format [962k] 252KB 09/09/95 ClipMate for Windows v3.14 <ASP> - Clipboard Enhancer 6KB 09/15/92 Hides Unwanted Icons from View 11KB 10/21/92 Crito's Clock Ver 4.1 62KB 05/30/91 Configurable Analog Clock Display Version 5 (demo) 12KB 07/19/93 Icon Displaysthe Current Time and Date 38KB 05/17/94 Clipboard Extender adds functionality to the Clipboard 27KB 12/13/93 Copy clipboard text to 2nd mono monitor 211KB 09/13/93 ClipMate for Windows v2.07 Clipboard Enhancement 230KB 02/09/93 Clockman: Intelligent Alarm Clock for Windows (1 of 2) 353KB 03/28/93 Clockman: Intelligent Alarm Clock for Windows (2 of 2) 98KB 12/04/94 chez Otto 4.1:menu only system w/icons+pages of buttons 262KB 08/03/94 Color Bits Vol I: 90+ color PCX clipart images v1.1 15KB 10/22/92 Interactive 16/256 Color Palette Display 27KB 02/15/93 ColorMaster: control desktop color schemes 11KB 06/22/94 Colours Screen saver (.scr) for Windows 3KB 03/29/94 Hide the window bearing a given title 219KB 03/08/94 Steal your face BMP (Grateful Dead?) (800x600x256) 88KB 02/27/95 Windows SCR with animated cows and sound cpic.exe 548KB 09/10/95 CompuPic image and multimedia viewer 62KB 02/03/93 Two Pixel Screen Saver Modules (.scr) for Windows 2247KB 01/24/94 Business graphics/presentation manager (2.3mb) 14KB 11/17/92 Crabs Scurry Around the Desktop 745KB 05/02/95 A MegaMovie demo (with player) from MONOLITH 16KB 02/18/95 Creepy Crawlies Screen Saver for Windows 66KB 12/17/94 Setup and test your Windows monitor 21KB 02/24/95 Cyno Screen Capturer 1.30 - Freeware 3KB 05/01/93 Automatic color scheme changer (vbrun100.dll req) 1110KB 10/15/95 S.Saver/Interactive Photos/Text/Map of Israel(1.1M) 6KB 06/22/94 Allow mouse to pan off screen to reappear on opp side cuseemez.exe 128KB 06/18/94 Desktop Videoconferencing Software from Cornell Univ 154KB 02/11/96 Interactively modify & fix Winhelp look & feel 161KB 03/11/94 CustWin 1.0 tool for customizing the Win environment 199KB 05/12/92 Color View: JPEG/GIF/BMP Viewer for Windows 22KB 11/20/95 Cyber Worms Screen Saver 818KB 07/28/95 CyberSky V1.0c - Planetarium for Windows 75KB 01/11/94 System monitor with a dashboard look 696KB 09/30/95 Data mining system - extract knowledge from data 194KB 11/29/93 Vector-based drawing program 343KB 08/17/95 DAUB 1.5 - Calligraphy for Windows 1385KB 01/06/96 Tip of the Day Custom Control 17KB 03/23/93 Dancing Bear Windows Screen Saver (.scr/vbrun200.dll) 1221KB 02/06/96 DayDream Demo ScreenSaver-10 classic sports car photos 9KB 11/01/93 Screen melting Windows Screen Saver (.scr) 92KB 09/13/95 CD player for windows w/24bit gfx 61KB 11/16/92 Bugs, Fried, Burst, Wiz, Eye, Face, Mole, Closer Apps 661KB 11/05/93 Desktop Assistant Personal Info Mgr for Windows 500KB 03/02/94 BackDesk/BigDesk Desktop Tools For Windows 3.x [513k] 94KB 03/23/94 Program launcher, clock, resource monitor, taskman 48KB 09/03/93 Replacement or addition to the Program Manager 96KB 10/01/92 Metz Desktop Navigator for Windows 514KB 01/03/94 DeskTools is a PIM, a Personal Information Manager 93KB 10/05/93 Metz Desktop Manager 14KB 09/24/93 Wallpaper Utility 10KB 01/26/96 A chase sequence screensaver 52KB 05/11/91 Mac-like Interface For Windows 37KB 03/16/94 Desktop Helper: Windows Desktop Utility 14KB 06/23/94 Bouncing Diamond Screen saver (.scr) 66KB 07/28/93 Windows Diary System 30KB 06/23/94 Perform color quantization and dithering on 24-bit dibs 540KB 02/27/95 Windows SCR with animated Diet Coke(tm) ads [554k] 47KB 09/27/94 Another digital clock with src 583KB 07/11/95 Digitize: Reverse plotting program 16KB 04/09/91 Yet Another Digital Clock 12KB 03/18/94 Desktop Icon Hider 88KB 10/06/94 Dinosaur shredder screen saver 48KB 03/14/93 Replacement for progman and winfile: like a MAC desktop 61KB 04/24/95 DeskMenu 2.0 text based Program Manager for Windows 261KB 10/19/94 Doc Mgr:Create File Cabinets, docs inside folders, etc. 274KB 01/24/96 DocView Document Viewer 275KB 02/17/93 A bitmap image of a doll 29KB 01/09/94 350x220 RLE-4 image of id's "Doom" opening screen 25KB 03/08/96 DosBar V1.43 - A Toolbar for DOS-Windows 100KB 08/20/93 A simple RIP graphics editor 19KB 10/14/94 Draggin' Viewer v2.20S viewer/launcher <WinMag> 527KB 01/04/95 Drag And View Gold - File Viewers for File Manager 55KB 07/23/93 perform drag and drop to the Windows desktop 29KB 01/10/95 Dropcap Creator 7KB 08/29/92 Yet Another Drag and Drop Utility 8KB 11/13/95 Drop files you want to delete onto the icon 21KB 10/01/93 Desktop Intercepter 118KB 03/24/95 Disk Piecharter v1.1 <ASP> - Graphical Filemanager ext 287KB 03/10/96 DesqTop Solutions: W'paper/S'Saver/Sound Auto-Changer 79KB 02/23/95 Desktop Bitmap Randomizer 20KB 07/12/94 DeskWall - Change wallpaper from DOS and Windows 389KB 10/20/94 Displays moving images on Windows Background [399k] 250KB 02/11/95 DeskTop Menu Version 6.0 515KB 03/04/94 DeskTools Personal Information Manager 13KB 03/08/93 Windows Macintrash-like Garbage Can Utility 663KB 12/14/94 TeX DVI viewer and printer for Windows and NT [680k] 591KB 03/23/95 Gregorian Programmers Guild dwm suite of desktop apps 51KB 05/19/93 Drag And Zip for Windows 168KB 05/08/95 DeZkTop prog launcher/shell v1.8 for Win3.x 227KB 12/13/94 Earth's Sunny Side in Dynamic Icon w/sounds 205KB 02/27/95 10 Easter Week Graphics in .WMF format 24KB 02/18/94 The Ecologic Trash (ver 1.01) drag-n-drop trashcan 351KB 03/28/94 Earth Centered Universe v1.5 Computerized Planetarium 614KB 10/28/94 Executive Desk PIM for Windows v 4.0 [629k] 891KB 07/23/95 EDGE Diagrammer V1.05 flowcharting and diagramming 24KB 02/26/93 Real-time graphical display of CPU usage 26KB 01/25/94 version 2.0.0 of Enhanced Desktop 300KB 12/08/93 Sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, % full moon for loc 27KB 05/19/93 Eyes/Position/Qtime/Status Util for Windows 7KB 10/21/93 Equator: Reverse Polish Notation Desktop Calculator 397KB 02/21/96 Figure Paintings by Elsie Russell screensaver 195KB 09/29/94 ESCHER.FLI File 393KB 10/20/94 Screen Saver displays 256c moving images [403k] 624KB 08/31/95 Exclaimer is a Windows screen saver 431KB 11/27/94 Executive Assistant is an online address book 14KB 08/18/91 Quickly Launch Windows Apps 96KB 02/22/92 DOS/Windows Screen Blanker 11KB 11/29/93 Pops up a screen of your chosen text with hotkeys 687KB 10/05/95 FaxMail: print, FAX, do it all, adds itself to menus 696KB 10/30/95 Faxes as easy as printing, adds itself to menus 342KB 10/02/95 Keep your team's logo on your desktop clock 213KB 11/02/92 FileBoy's Status Bar Application Ver 4.1 94KB 05/03/92 Launch Frequently Used Apps from Pick List 10KB 11/01/93 Ferkel is an MS Windows 3.1 screen saver 29KB 11/25/92 Add Useful Tool Icons to FileManager 31KB 02/01/96 A windows screen saver that displays weather trivia 6KB 12/16/92 Allows the keyboard focus to follow the mouse 237KB 01/22/96 Filtering the images 25KB 12/08/94 Adds task-switch icon to active title bar 18KB 03/29/93 A Mac Finder clone for Windows (Francais) 18KB 03/12/91 Fireworks Screen Saver 128KB 11/30/95 Tropical Fish screen saver 110KB 02/24/94 Simple menu utility for Microsoft Windows 3.1 133KB 02/21/96 Andree Descharnes Flowers Fine Art Screensaver 50KB 05/03/95 Flying Colors 1.1: Color Pallette Editor 531KB 10/21/94 Follow me drawing: teaches kids how to draw [545k] 129KB 01/12/96 AVI & MOV video screen saver fmview1.exe 391KB 09/13/95 FmView - File Contents Viewer 312KB 06/28/95 Match colors and find their RGB color 3KB 11/03/92 Arrange ProgMgr Folders Alphabetically on the Screen 1308KB 08/29/95 Formula Graphics multimedia authoring system 728KB 02/13/96 Viewer and query for imaging and cataloging systems 290KB 03/14/96 Flying Perfect - Valentine's Day screensaver 78KB 06/23/91 Fractal Paint 1.04 59KB 09/17/94 FracView for Win 3.1 v. 1.05 512KB 07/13/93 Fractint Extras Collection for Fractint (large ver) 871KB 01/15/95 Framer lib that lets you program frame-grabber cards 116KB 05/12/95 Freedock v2.5 Windows dock program w/src 286KB 03/03/94 Frog Animation Sequences 96KB 02/28/93 Fractint Extras Collection for Fractint (small ver) 1969KB 10/03/95 Scripture Screensaver (2 M) 13KB 06/22/94 FireWorks Screen saver 1002KB 03/13/96 GammaCAD v2.02<ASP> - Full featured CAD program 39KB 08/20/91 Display, Manipulate, Convert Picture Files 50KB 03/29/94 Desktop Menu program for Windows 3.1 256KB 11/03/93 Windows desktop management package 23KB 07/31/93 GHOST App-launcher ver 1.2 23KB 08/20/91 Convert .GIF Files to .BMP Files giftr09d.exe 368KB 07/24/95 Hugh's Transparent Gif Tool 107KB 09/10/95 Global Time v1.6 world time clock 9KB 09/12/92 Go Bears Screen Saver 1018KB 08/23/95 GolfSave V.2.1 screen saver 229KB 04/15/92 Display Away Messages on Windows Screen 700KB 07/07/94 Interactive 3D animation to fold paper airplanes 276KB 05/14/95 Graphic Manager Plus v1.2 147KB 10/25/92 GrabIt Pro Ver 3.1: Screen Capture Utility 34KB 05/03/92 Grafiti: Auto Change BMP at Regular Intervals 17KB 08/23/95 Write graffiti on desktop 523KB 12/08/93 Study parameterized functions in an interactive way 11KB 06/22/94 Gravitate screen saver (.scr) 173KB 08/09/95 Graphmatica Equation Plotter v1.50 105KB 10/22/94 Convert GRP to text file for editing and back 1337KB 09/30/95 GTI Desktop+ V1.2 - integrated desktop utilities (1.3M) 321KB 10/30/95 Keep track of the world's 30 timezones 43KB 05/19/94 Add popup menu to the active window system menu 93KB 04/03/95 Graphics Viewer: view/print most bitmap graphic formats 417KB 09/05/95 Graphic Workshop for Windows v1.1 894KB 05/18/94 Alchemy Mindworks Graphic Workshop for Win 1.1l [916k] 141KB 09/04/95 Firework screen saver 127KB 09/07/93 Handyman Wallpaper Hanger 1.1 (vbrun300 req) 75KB 08/26/95 HBC is a powerful algebraic notation calculator 19KB 07/31/94 Spinning polyhedrons 43KB 04/10/95 3D ray traced BMP of Mt St Helens (need 3D glasses) 231KB 09/13/93 Create 3D objects out of cubes 6KB 07/15/94 HideApp lets you start an application hidden 9KB 08/07/92 Hide Windows or Icons from Windows Desktop 20KB 08/18/94 Set colors in Windows Help Engine and Multimedia Viewer hootsave.exe 1647KB 01/20/96 Adult Windows screen saver [1.7M] 184KB 05/16/94 Hot Button For Windows: BMP/GIF/Txt/etc Viewer 7KB 11/02/95 'Sleep now' & 'sleep never' corners for screensavers 17KB 05/17/91 HOTPOP: Complete Pop Down Menu Kit 12KB 08/10/92 HotSpot: Hot Screen Corners for Win3.1 Screen Saver 195KB 07/19/95 WWW imagemap editor for Windows 85KB 03/16/93 Progman and Winfile replacement 164KB 06/29/95 HP-12C financial calculator emulator 915KB 03/14/95 Home Planet v2: astronomy/space program (1/5) [1m] 2382KB 03/14/95 Home Planet v2: astronomy/space program (2/5) [2.4m] 1527KB 03/14/95 Home Planet v2: astronomy/space program (3/5) [1.5m] 1453KB 03/14/95 Home Planet v2: astronomy/space program (4/5) [1.4m] 1304KB 03/14/95 Home Planet v2: astronomy/space program (5/5) [1.3m] 26KB 05/12/92 HalfShell: Minimal Replacement for Win ProgMgr 208KB 04/21/95 HOTKEYS v1.6 - Hot Key program launcher 18KB 01/24/92 HotSpot: Quickly Launch Frequently-Used Apps 382KB 05/02/94 Hubble solar system simulator [400k] 663KB 10/10/94 HyperPoint Hypertext/media author/presenter [690k] 191KB 12/10/95 Manages the icons on the Windows desktop 136KB 07/11/95 IconBar Ver 2.0 Icon Docking Bar 31KB 03/12/95 IconDar is a sizeable calendar 679KB 12/09/95 Resizable wall-like calendar + 24 pictures 220KB 02/20/96 IconDar3: wall-like calendar w/ scheduler and alarms 180KB 03/07/95 Iconizer appbar is a replacement for program manager 374KB 06/28/95 ID LOGIC World Time Clock 371KB 08/16/95 World Time Clock 457KB 12/13/93 Image'n'Bits image converter/processor 117KB 04/29/94 Image processor for windows with FITS support 321KB 02/16/94 ImageCommander v1.0 image mgr and manipulation 65KB 12/21/92 Image conversion utility works with File Manager 135KB 10/27/92 ImagePrep: Graphics File Converter and Image Editor 1355KB 05/30/94 ImageOrganizer papersaving Information Archive [1.3mb] 1205KB 06/27/95 Image Master Plus v1.3 screen saver/image viewer 135KB 10/25/92 Command Shell Enhancement for Windows 283KB 03/14/96 Screen savers w/ animations and sound effects 62KB 12/08/93 30 Enhancements to Window Event boxes 599KB 01/04/94 InfoRecall PIM info organizer and retriever 128KB 09/14/94 An intelligent desktop mgr for a super-notepad type app 63KB 10/26/94 IPS for Windows scientific image processing program 185KB 08/26/94 Create isoline diagrams and cross-section diagrams 56KB 11/17/92 ISOMedia Utilities for the Control panel 857KB 07/15/93 JetChute Windows Animation 18KB 08/26/94 Bang The Drum Screen Saver v1.0 3KB 02/07/94 Simple desktop stopwatch program 563KB 03/07/95 Fortune Cookie screensaver (.SCR) with 7000 jokes 563KB 05/08/95 Fortune Cookie screensaver (.SCR) with 7000+ jokes 564KB 12/26/95 JokeBag screen saver w/7000+ jokes 91KB 05/23/94 WinJottr v1.0 - EverReady Desktop Notepad 48KB 10/11/95 Screen Saver 170KB 11/30/95 Animated Dinosaur screen saver 10KB 07/12/93 1024x768x16 BMP of Jurassic Park logo 133KB 09/14/92 JPEG Viewer for Windows 13KB 04/19/93 Kaleidoscopic Simulation Windows Screen Saver (SCR) 77KB 11/29/94 English Springer Spaniel scr saver (.src); it barks 139KB 11/07/94 AppBar Replacement for ProgMgr 6KB 04/12/91 Color Registration Codes for Windows 117KB 08/25/94 Kwikdraw: An Object Oriented Drawing Program 29KB 09/04/95 Old Fashioned Clock for Windows 18KB 11/16/93 On-screen odometer for your keyboard 20KB 08/24/95 display frames when window is minimized or restored 242KB 09/03/95 protect your programs when your child hacks 8KB 09/01/95 Make windows stay on top 13KB 12/19/92 Liven up your windows with Kolor Kruncher MK IV 116KB 07/18/92 The Kitchen Sink AppBar AppLauncher 55KB 03/23/94 KwikEdit - Not Another Button-bar 23KB 09/04/95 Kazuhiro's NotePad 97KB 03/09/93 MicroLathe/MiniMovie Image Program 30KB 05/12/92 Launch Programs from Desktop (3/92 ver) 173KB 04/29/94 Launch! version 1.8, toolbox style app (WinMag) 15KB 08/12/90 Automatically Arrange/Save Window Positions Util 207KB 05/01/95 Windows 3.1 dash-board-like enhancement 433KB 12/05/92 JPG Image Compression/Decompression/Conversion 37KB 07/20/95 LED Time, Windows 3.1 Screen Saver 1KB 09/10/93 BMP for Lego Lovers 23KB 12/17/94 Lens 2.02 : A Windows Magnifier 184KB 03/09/93 LI: File viewer/finder/editor/remover/printer,etc. 184KB 12/15/92 Prerelease PostScript File Viewer for Windows 10KB 04/12/95 Life screen saver 6KB 04/21/93 Life game module for After Dark 39KB 09/01/95 LifeRule Screen saver 19KB 09/21/94 Game of Life screen saver for Windows 1140KB 07/26/95 The Lights Go Down v2.20 screen saver 21KB 01/10/95 Displays system load 27KB 11/16/93 load and change your Wallpaper and Sounds 11KB 11/29/93 Password-protect your desktop 199KB 07/25/94 Util to change your startup logo 70KB 08/26/92 Change your startup logo with this program 101KB 11/30/95 LogoSaver, corporate screen saver 235KB 09/05/95 Windows wallpaper for the motorcycling enthusiast 77KB 04/11/94 Launch Pad: pallete of 24 buttons to launch apps 218KB 09/21/93 Image Viewer (JPEG JFIF, GIF, Truevision, Targa, BMP) 305KB 07/02/95 Lview Pro, JPG/GIF/BMP/TGA editor/viewer 46KB 03/05/92 Magic Windows Screen Saver Version 1.11 0KB 02/06/96 Magnify a portion of your screen 143KB 09/20/92 Makeover for Win: Changes look of 2-D Win to 3-D 36KB 03/04/94 Sir Mousalot: Finally Use the Middle and Right Buttons 145KB 02/27/95 Windows SCR with a color cycling mandelbrot fractal 29KB 05/03/92 Produces a display of the Mandelbrot Set 1132KB 03/24/94 .FLI morph of a man turning into a dog [1.15mb] 119KB 04/10/95 3D ray traced BMPs of Mars (need 3d glasses) 33KB 03/02/93 Martin Fractals, Windows 3.1 Screen Saver 35KB 07/20/95 Martin Fractals V1.1, Windows 3.1 Screen Saver 36KB 01/01/92 Ver 2.4.1: Plot the Graph of User Defined Functions matisseg.exe 1158KB 12/15/93 Grayscale version of paint package Fauve Matisse 39KB 07/25/95 MaxIt v1.1 maximizes apps upon startup 4KB 09/20/90 Maze Pattern for Screen Peace Util 45KB 07/14/94 Mazes Windows Screen Saver (.scr) 815KB 01/13/94 BlastOFF: Drag-n-Drop Multimedia Player 48KB 05/15/92 MenuBar Toolbar Version 1.1 25KB 03/05/92 Mandelbrot for Windows 254KB 10/26/94 MiniCalc 1.02 24KB 12/12/94 Set the Windows cursor blink rate 108KB 01/17/96 Highly Configurable Desktop for Windows 183KB 07/14/93 More Control: Enhanced Control Panel for Win31 74KB 08/19/95 MouseClock for Windows 193KB 04/15/92 Clock/Alarm for Windows 14KB 12/15/93 an extention of the windows control panel 244KB 10/03/95 Movie Credits V1.1: Play/record scrolling credits 49KB 03/25/94 Windows resource monitor 68KB 01/04/94 MDraw, object-oriented drawing program 116KB 11/28/94 MEG 3.5 <ASP> Graphs System Info 4KB 08/17/91 Meltdown Screen Module for AfterDark 43KB 08/25/95 MENU.EXE V1.0 - Simple Popup Menu application 92KB 08/20/91 Metz Desktop Navigator Util (ver 2.50) 89KB 08/20/91 Metz Desktop Util (ver 3.20) 344KB 08/25/95 - metz lock 3.51 361KB 08/25/95 - Metz corporate screen saver 1.0 13KB 08/25/95 - Metz time 52KB 01/31/95 Mesmerizing 256 color screen saver for Windows 27KB 09/11/94 Mini Calculator for Windows 11KB 05/31/94 Mini Status Bar (GDI Resources, etc.) 6KB 07/20/95 Minimize dialogs/windows to title bars only 807KB 09/01/93 Michael Jackson MPEG with audio 1102KB 09/03/93 Yes, another Michael Jackson MPEG with audio 10KB 05/04/91 MKH (ver 1.2) Screen Peace Saver Module 348KB 04/10/95 MLB SportsGuide with ScreenSavers for Windows 19KB 03/10/96 MODEMSTA LITE: modem status indicator for Win3/95 23KB 11/29/93 MetaMouse to make cursor more visible 43KB 02/24/94 ManyThings v2.0 Screen Saver 103KB 10/20/93 Counts your mouse's mileage as you move it around 208KB 10/02/95 Modem status indicator 44KB 03/13/95 Moire Circles Screen Saver 138KB 08/11/94 Resource Monitor version 1.5 62KB 11/15/95 Generates a monoscope for calibrating your monitor 45KB 01/25/95 finds moon and sun rise/set times by date and location 12KB 09/25/90 Can of Worms/Life Saver SPX Files for Screen Peace 210KB 12/09/95 Morpher makes digital movies from 2 still images 57KB 09/26/94 Provide random messages on the desktop 268KB 09/23/94 Xingit! MPEG player for DOS/WIN v1.1d 846KB 08/23/94 MPEGPLAY V1.61 Berkeley port of Mpeg Player (win32s) 719KB 03/29/93 MPEG Player for Windows 481KB 06/10/92 VTMotion Scalable MPEG Player 45KB 09/13/93 ShareWARE magnification product 653KB 08/01/94 3-D screen saver plays 320x200/640x480 FLI/FLC file 16KB 08/20/91 Monitor Saver 2.0b Windows 3 screen blanker Util msgscn40.exe 96KB 04/17/95 Message Screen v2.3: Leave messages on your screen 955KB 10/18/95 A personalized screen saver in the form of a slideshow 1076KB 10/03/93 Saver/wlppr/snds tribute to MysteryScienceTheater3000 84KB 09/12/94 Wallpaper changer supports JPEG FIF, GIF, and BMP 38KB 07/27/93 Win Screen Saver (SCR): Show AVI movies or gif,pcx,bmpz 199KB 05/12/95 MouseWarp 2.1a Mouse Utilities 176KB 02/22/93 UL-Fish is an Aquarium Simulation for Windows 17KB 08/26/94 Task Manager V1.2 - A new Windows Task Manager 17KB 10/11/95 MakeYourOwn Screen Saver 149KB 01/24/95 yet another Windows file deletion program 51KB 02/18/95 800*600 Raytraced images for desktop background 37KB 02/18/95 800*600 Raytraced image of stairs (.jpg) 5KB 07/18/92 Force a Window (nail it) to the Top of the Stack 481KB 05/06/95 Neiki's Astrology Tool Kit v1.4.1 for Windows 80KB 07/10/91 Metz Desktop Navigator 123KB 11/11/95 Keep track of your internet time 8KB 10/24/93 Wallpaper Randomizer 102KB 08/09/92 System.Ini Rotator for Various Video Configs 20KB 08/12/90 Two New Patterns (dragon, solids) for Screen Peace 129KB 07/30/93 Construct your own planetary or solar system 305KB 04/10/95 NFL SportGuide with Screensavers for Windows 214KB 09/21/95 CHARTIST v1.7 <ASP> flow and org charting package 250KB 04/10/95 NHL SportGuide with Screensavers for Windows 154KB 09/09/95 Personal Screen Saver for Windows 639KB 09/09/95 New Menus for Windows v1.46 <ASP> 4KB 03/17/93 Collection of add ins to the Control Panel (ATM,etc) 23KB 08/22/94 A non-screen blanker module w/password prot (w/src) 14KB 12/17/95 Rock steady caret(text cursor) & optional clock [VB3] 230KB 12/31/95 A freeware collection of screen savers 5KB 04/12/94 NoShell is a replacement for Windows' Program Manager 167KB 09/01/95 Noted v3.0 post-it/notebook style utility 16KB 06/07/94 Leave notes for yourself 0KB 03/11/96 Messaging System for the desktop 12KB 06/05/92 Button's Random Wallpaper Util (with C source) Ver 2.0 314KB 03/05/95 A Button-Bar Application Launcher 119KB 01/07/95 NoteZ is a varient of the Post-It idea for Windows oberv4nt.exe 696KB 12/22/93 Oberon for Windows 3.1 and NT 27KB 10/21/92 BTNBAR.DLL: create buttons and button bars 20KB 11/16/93 On-screen odometer for your mouse 403KB 03/14/96 Leave messages and notes (text, voice, or picture) 316KB 09/11/94 OJ Simpson Windows Screen Saver (.scr) 7KB 10/20/93 Window management tool to keep apps on top of others 357KB 05/01/95 OzGIS mapping 1/14 - Demonstration, Intro. 32KB 05/01/95 OzGIS mapping 2/14 - Mandatory files 99KB 05/01/95 OzGIS mapping 3/14 - Mandatory files 144KB 05/01/95 OzGIS mapping 4/14 - Mandatory files 57KB 05/01/95 OzGIS mapping 5/14 - Mandatory files 133KB 05/01/95 OzGIS mapping 6/14 - Mandatory files 124KB 05/01/95 OzGIS mapping 7/14 - Mandatory files 223KB 05/01/95 OzGIS mapping 9/14 - Optional Vic DXF, London 141KB 05/01/95 OzGIS mapping 10/14 - Optional Washington 127KB 05/01/95 OzGIS mapping 11/14 - Optional OzMap files 291KB 05/01/95 OzGIS mapping 12/14 - Optional OzMap program 111KB 05/01/95 OzGIS mapping 13/14 - Optional Canberra 639KB 05/01/95 OzGIS mapping 14/14 - Optional Dig Chart World 508KB 12/18/95 OzGis Mapping system..bug fix 552KB 02/28/95 Close a Windows session after a certain period of time 2306KB 07/02/95 PalBasic Imaging Storage Software 10KB 09/04/92 Windows Color Palette Exerciser 29KB 03/02/93 Windows 3.1 Screen Saver Module 329KB 03/06/95 Programmable Arbitrary Precision Calculator 463KB 01/25/94 Wallpaper Changer: auto wallpaper changer/manager 104KB 08/15/94 Clysmic Papers V1.12 <ASP>: Wallpaper Utility 669KB 07/20/95 Farsi/Arabic/Urdu editor for Windows 8KB 08/13/94 Brush Pattern Designer 1.0 16KB 12/22/92 Convert PCX->BMP and back (vbrun200.dll req) 148KB 06/29/95 Viewer for NASA CD-ROM PDS format images 69KB 01/20/94 Freeware desktop menuing utility/fast program launch 196KB 10/12/95 PostScript capable drawing program 87KB 01/24/94 Windows PhoneBar 2.1 13KB 11/16/93 ver 1.5 of PhishSaver the Windows 3.1 screensaver 117KB 02/26/93 PhotoLab, view and manipulate image files 670KB 02/04/96 Corporate Phone List for Windows w auto dial (1 of 2) 813KB 02/04/96 Corporate Phone List for Windows w auto dial (2 of 2) 82KB 08/22/94 Yet another Phone/Address Book program for Windows 393KB 03/14/96 Phone dialer log audio recorder envelope printer 145KB 07/22/95 Use modem to access voice messaging services 142KB 06/29/95 PicaView v1.1: Image viewer add-on for FileMan 646KB 10/19/94 Photo and image Interpreter's Key Expert System 292KB 09/01/95 PLUG-IN for Windows v2.6 - Talking Clock File 399KB 09/01/95 PLUG-IN for Windows - Extra T-Clock Files 22KB 06/20/94 Map Each Pixel of a Small Bitmap Picture to a Character 727KB 01/23/95 PixFolio Image Catalog System version 2.0.156 94KB 11/29/93 Fix damaged headers in graphics files 796KB 04/18/94 Pixfolio 2.0.122 WIN32S files [816k] 1027KB 12/20/95 Multimedia Greeting Maker/General Presentation [1.2M] 179KB 06/27/95 AfterDark Planets Screen saver 13KB 10/24/93 DOS app to swap wallpaper, screen saver, and sounds 512KB 06/07/94 PlanetWatch 2.0: simulation and atlas of the Solar Sys 468KB 09/01/95 PLUG-IN for Windows v2.60 --> Plug It In applets 437KB 08/09/94 PlayIt is an image viewer/animation playback utility 72KB 07/10/95 PopMan 1.1 configurable popup menu 447KB 06/14/94 Graphics manipulation program 364KB 05/04/94 Protect Your Program Manager Layout 37KB 11/25/92 Add Custom Menus to Any Apps with a Menu 123KB 03/15/95 Program Manager Protection App 58KB 09/03/95 Pink Panther v1.3a screen saver 19KB 01/25/94 Polygeometrics Screen Saver (.scr) (nagware) 262KB 09/02/95 PolyView Version 2.13 image viewer 2503KB 08/26/95 PolyForm v1.01 create/cnvrt 3D logos and objects 71KB 08/01/95 PopMan 1.1 - Configurable "popup" menu 224KB 02/17/94 Popout v1.1 Windows Stereogram Generato 287KB 04/19/95 PopUp! Basic is a Program Manager enhancement 339KB 04/19/95 PopUp! Deluxe Program manger enhancement 91KB 11/29/93 3D CAD program for Povray 2.0 52KB 02/27/95 Pink Panther Screen Saver 107KB 09/21/93 Integrated todo list and program launcher 215KB 12/01/95 App launch/switch/close, like Win95 TaskBar 14KB 07/12/94 Groups in groups with program manager 162KB 08/20/95 ProGuard: V.2.2 Icon Security 214KB 03/21/94 Projector is a Windows 3.1+ standard screensaver 1484KB 05/10/95 ProClick: View images, animations, or movies 189KB 05/30/92 Transform BMPs via Fast Fourier Transfer 157KB 07/27/94 Otto's PrtScr:capture/print 6 scrnshots using PrtScrKey 414KB 08/20/95 Select/save/print areas of the screen 124KB 08/01/94 Private Lines Screensaver displays userdef'd text 100KB 12/15/91 Paint Shop Version 2.02 3KB 07/22/93 PS2ICON is program for users of PAAI_SHELL 2.09c 68KB 08/20/91 ProShape 1.1: A Paint Program for Microsoft Windows 1374KB 03/10/95 Paint Shop Pro Version 3.0 400KB 03/30/93 AVI Video Movie File 15KB 06/22/94 Screen shuffling saver (.scr) 95KB 10/20/93 Viewer for icon, metafile, bitmap files 419KB 08/18/95 Replacement for the Windows Calculator 72KB 12/01/94 PowerMon monitors battery stat as icon or win caption 66KB 02/23/93 Icon Bar App Launcher 372KB 10/31/94 Q7 Utils: ReStart, mouse shortcuts, etc. 15KB 01/03/94 Small, quick, and easy calendar 78KB 05/16/94 Assign actions to the corners of the screen 307KB 04/04/94 QuikGraf 1.0 ZIP 1 of 3: A Windows Graph Creator (1/3) 320KB 04/04/94 QuikGraf 1.0 ZIP 1 of 3: A Windows Graph Creator (2/3) 318KB 04/04/94 QuikGraf 1.0 ZIP 1 of 3: A Windows Graph Creator (3/3) 8KB 08/30/91 Another ScreenPeace Saver Module 7KB 07/25/92 Simple File Launcher 126KB 10/24/95 Motivational quote screen saver, custom BMP and WAV 64KB 08/27/93 A Program Mngr Replacement/Application Launcher 188KB 10/30/94 Quick Note is a notepad/jotter 22KB 07/24/94 Quik Task utility enhances <Ctrl>-Esc 198KB 11/30/95 Motivational quote screen saver 129KB 12/13/92 Quick file viewer - picture and text formats 41KB 08/06/93 28 Animated Icons for Route 1.4 130KB 08/29/93 A Program Mngr Replacement/Application Launcher 247KB 10/08/94 Random dot stereogram generator 15KB 02/14/94 PCMAG: provides a pop-up menu at cursor position 16KB 07/23/95 Resource Alert 1.2 resource/memory monitor 50KB 12/08/93 Windows Restart and Resource panel/strip 31KB 12/17/95 Resize/position windows help files 10KB 01/28/94 RESMON 1.1 resource monitor for Windows 137KB 09/20/92 Resta Powerful Windows Screen Saver 5KB 08/29/92 Restart button for windows 246KB 03/12/95 App drag and drop launcher, memry and resrc mon, clock 87KB 08/14/93 Graphical display of drive usage 66KB 07/22/95 Risorse v1.2: System Utility (Italia) 98KB 03/04/95 RightOn 2.4, a mouse utility for Windows 3.1 33KB 09/16/93 Randomize your sounds and wallpaper on startup 13KB 05/26/91 Windows 3 program to draw Lissajous-type figures. 859KB 02/28/95 Vector rose diagram plotting and statistics program 49KB 04/05/94 Random display of Polar Roses - Screen saver (.scr) 911KB 09/19/94 Route 1 Pro App Bar for Windows [934k] v1.1 87KB 10/20/93 MS-Win RPN style scientific calculator 22KB 10/24/94 Screen saver that runs other screen savers 29KB 06/28/93 After Dark modules: Messeuse, Pattern Tiler, YABL 32KB 06/29/95 Real-Time Performance Monitor v2.0 10KB 09/25/92 Double Click Desktop to Get Favorite App List 64KB 08/01/94 Starts Windows with random startup logo from ZIP file 76KB 12/20/95 screen saver featuring Ryu, from Street Fighter 2 533KB 12/13/94 New Santa-Saver screen saver w/soundcard support [545k] 24KB 12/14/92 Santa Screen Saver 107KB 07/19/91 Screen Saver (Randomly Displays Chinese Chars) 5KB 07/23/95 Double click to activate your screen saver 55KB 05/30/92 Windows Screen Saver 85KB 02/21/94 Set of screen savers for Windows 3.1 72KB 11/01/93 Screen saver manager, bypass Control Panel 152KB 09/07/92 Collection of Windows Screen Blank Modules (.SCR) 21KB 09/04/95 Display a BMP file of your choice in scnsaver 10KB 11/11/93 Windows Screen Capture Utility 1.3 19KB 03/18/92 Allow Drag/Drop Routines into a Trashcan 73KB 09/23/93 Schematic drawing, printing, and metafile export 185KB 11/03/94 Scientific Calculator 75KB 09/22/95 Super Clock 1.3 Clock/Alarm/Timer/CD Program 42KB 01/10/96 Screen capture program for Microsoft Windows 90KB 07/12/93 Supercoast Roller Coaster Screen Saver (scr) File 98KB 05/01/95 New versions of CHAOS, FSA and FERN .SCR Savers 180KB 01/26/94 Hot spot Screen Saver Activator - version 1.0 155KB 05/20/94 Scratch Pad Application 245KB 10/06/95 Plays user selected AVI files as Screen Saver 6KB 06/22/94 Hot spot for mouse to invoke Windows Screen Saver 7KB 09/12/92 Scribbler/Doodle Pad for Windows 24KB 09/27/92 Activate Windows Screen Blanker with Hot Spots 51KB 04/05/95 Ember Screen Saver Pack #1 19KB 09/25/94 ScrollMaster:makes scrolling easier/reduces arm motion 32KB 08/31/90 New Screen Peace Windows3 Screen Saver Util 93KB 10/24/95 Use you BMP files to creat custom screen saver 166KB 11/30/95 Use BMP/JPG/GIF/TIF files to creat custom screen saver 521KB 01/21/96 Screen Play Screen Saver Manager 5KB 08/23/91 {S,V,E}GA Screen Blanker Util Ver 9.1 (was egautil) 94KB 02/20/95 The Screen Wolf v1.0 set of screen savers 37KB 09/04/95 Super Dancing Screen Saver 112KB 12/01/94 Seascape, a screen saver for Windows 67KB 02/21/93 SeaShell Program Launcher and Status Display Util 31KB 02/14/95 SecureGroup - Protect your program manager groups 15KB 02/07/94 Activates a window by just moving the mousecursor on it 36KB 04/05/95 Sentinel 1.1 - A configurable resource and mem monitor 226KB 01/12/96 Endless variety of abstract images screensaver 36KB 03/03/93 BMP of Origin's upcoming Ultima 7: Serpent's Isle game 174KB 09/27/93 Front-End Shell for Windows 2KB 02/14/91 Screen Shuffler SPX File (ver 1.2) for Screen Peace 14KB 06/01/92 Shoot!: Yet Another Screen Image Grabber 314KB 08/28/94 Shootout SCR Screen saver [322k] 14KB 10/16/94 ShowBitmap: display bitmap, rle and .ico files 135KB 10/03/94 Registered user update of ShowBmp V. 1.27 2KB 11/02/93 Hide or show the cursor in Windows 81KB 09/27/94 Drag-and-drop toolbar and shell replacement (Free) 11KB 05/18/91 SizeIt Util Make Apps Remember Window Size/Position 23KB 04/15/92 Sizer Remembers Windows Size/Position 122KB 11/28/94 SKEDEZY 1.22 - A Windows calendar/scheduler 99KB 11/30/95 Plummeting skydivers screen saver 617KB 07/24/94 SkyMap v2.1 Win31 Planetarium Part 1 of 2 [631k] 629KB 07/24/94 SkyMap v2.1 Win31 Planetarium Part 2 of 2 [644k] 648KB 01/01/96 SlideShow 4.2 JPEG/GIF Screensaver 99KB 01/03/96 Screen Saver 219KB 05/18/92 Sloop Manager: Complete Graphical Replacement ProgMgr 49KB 03/22/94 SOLARTME 1.1 displays a worldmap showing the terminator 73KB 02/18/94 Windows system toolbar applets 1305KB 09/10/95 400+ .BMP wallpaper files (1/2) 1409KB 09/10/95 400+ .BMP wallpaper files (2/2) 50KB 10/28/93 After Dark Screen Saver Module 74KB 07/25/95 SM Launch: program manager replacement shell 502KB 02/01/95 Flowchart & Draw for Windows 344KB 02/21/96 SmartBoard R1.0 Windows Clipboard Extender 38KB 01/11/94 Puts wallpaper inside Program Manager or File Manager 363KB 10/29/94 SmartSum 1.4 - Windows Printing Calculator [372k] 27KB 01/11/94 SmartTop 1.1 - Always-on-Top utility for Windows 127KB 08/24/95 SnagIt v2.5 Screen Capture & Print Utility 1352KB 07/30/94 Micrografx ABC SnapGraphics Free Graphics app [1.39m] 13KB 04/15/92 Screen Snapshot Utility 110KB 10/24/95 Multimedia screen saver, uses BMP and WAV files 183KB 11/30/95 Multimedia screen saver, uses BMP/JPG/GIF and WAV file 376KB 11/28/94 SofType on-screen kybd for users w/motor disabilities 499KB 09/17/94 Sounds! 1.1 - Floating toolbar and alarm clock [512k] 678KB 03/14/96 Space Explorer(V5.0) screensaver 118KB 02/21/94 Macintosh/Win4.0 like file management shell for Win3.1 235KB 01/28/96 File/directory mirroring screensaver 20KB 12/20/92 Sperm - a Screen Peace SPX for Mircosoft Windows 19KB 07/17/90 Package to Create Screen Peace Saver Extensions Util 17KB 05/20/92 Spinner SPX Module for Screen Peace spltsfx2.exe 84KB 01/10/94 a GIS contouring tool 95KB 08/23/92 SuperClock: The "Definitive" Alarm/Clock System 202KB 11/30/95 Photorealistic SPACE screen saver 42KB 08/31/90 New SPX Graphic Images for the New Screen Peace Util 11KB 09/25/91 Personal LOGO Saver extension for Screen Peace 74KB 07/10/95 Copy the clipboard text to a second mono monitor 26KB 04/12/91 Yet Another Screen Saver (version 1.4) 1167KB 07/10/95 View Chinese, Japanese and Korean chars under Windows 18KB 09/04/95 Screen Sailer is a screen saver 12KB 07/30/92 Screen Saving "Blinds" for Each Window 133KB 02/27/95 .SCR screen savers about clinton and taxes 9KB 08/29/95 MVS Console Screen Saver 96KB 09/24/95 BMP, logo, or Picture Win Saver 444KB 06/20/94 Screen Saver Pack for Win 3.1 - 7 Screen Savers [456k] 115KB 12/22/94 Randomizer 2.0 - Screen Saver Randomizer for Windows 2KB 08/15/94 Launches the configured screen saver and exits 32KB 10/31/94 Slimer 1.1 - Screen Saver for Windows 47KB 01/03/96 ScrnSaveSwitch/Plus Screen Saver On/Off Switch v1.30 205KB 11/01/93 Sound and Sights - view GIF files and play .WAV files 13KB 02/27/95 Scene of snow falling around a house screen saver 164KB 10/20/94 Stereograms v. 1.00 Generates random-dot stereograms 3KB 08/20/91 Moving Stars for Windows Background 150KB 04/12/94 System Resource Monitor Status Line 94KB 03/11/94 Another status util: date, time, resources, diskfree 16KB 07/23/95 Stay-Up 1.2 makes forms and icons stay visible 99KB 05/01/95 Stereo creates Random-dot Autostereograms 36KB 03/11/96 STF Notes: Monthhview calendar freeware 524KB 03/13/96 Text Editor w/ Spell Check, multiple files, toolbar stickits.exe 510KB 04/19/95 Stickits is a windows sticky pad program 215KB 01/28/96 Tiny 3.1x/95 bar launcher/desktop utility 128KB 02/22/96 Short-Timer's Clock 4KB 09/13/92 Sticky Notes Util for Windows 64KB 02/26/93 Super Task Manager: Replacement for Win Task Mgr 77KB 08/12/93 Standard, Military, Present Stardate based on STTNG 26KB 07/12/94 Start apps: standard, normal, max, min, hidden 6KB 09/04/95 Watermelon Screen Saver 6KB 08/24/95 Sun & Moon clock is an old-fashioned clock 88KB 11/27/95 Scattered data surface generator/viewer/contour 956KB 02/06/96 Several small, unique utilities for your toolbox 253KB 09/04/95 SAVANNA organism evolution simulation 33KB 09/04/95 SAVANNA Screen Saver 109KB 09/07/93 Change the Microsoft Windows startup screen. 554KB 01/18/96 Silver Wolf Desktop Win95-style interface for Win 3.1 51KB 08/17/93 Swift Access Version 1.5: Iconbar for Apps 11KB 01/28/95 Windows Screen Saver On/Off Switch Version 1.30 58KB 05/24/94 Version 1.4 of Jerry Petet's screen saver switch 482KB 07/23/94 Create historical graphs of your financial data 58KB 09/11/94 Monitor Resources & display Time,Date,Info 15KB 08/08/91 Change the 256 colors from 256,000 color pallette 13KB 08/23/95 TAF Clock: semi-transparent digital clock 156KB 07/23/95 TagIt v1.16 reduces scrolling 1231KB 03/03/96 Take Note 1.0 is a text editor in tabbed format 173KB 09/20/93 Powerful user friendly animation program 94KB 10/31/94 Alternative to the Windows Task List 299KB 03/21/95 TaskView v2.0 for Windows 56KB 03/10/94 Define a toolbar for a particular task 317KB 09/17/94 Talking Clock for Win 3.1 v. 1.08 966KB 02/09/96 Manage documents, scan, import, view, print, organize 201KB 12/02/95 Digitize data from image of plot 183KB 06/10/94 Technetium 1.5 X-Window Style Menus for Windows 198KB 03/24/94 Your very own Tiny Elvis 5KB 09/04/95 Creation Screen Saver 36KB 09/04/92 Terminator: An Electronic File Shredder 6KB 07/28/92 Animated Text: Moving Message Display for Windows 561KB 03/15/95 Seamless tiling wallpaper collection (BMPs) [.5mb] 599KB 01/28/96 2D plotting program 25KB 01/15/96 Yet Another Trashcan Utility for Windows 161KB 08/14/95 Thinking Hard v1.1 Screen Saver 135KB 06/29/95 ThumbNailer: use Netscape v1.1 as grphx viewer thmpls.exe 1075KB 02/10/95 Thumbs+Plus:view/locate/organize your graphic files 48KB 02/02/94 Tick-It! customizable replacement for the Clock 173KB 11/09/94 Time clock/usage tracking system for Windows 4KB 05/18/91 Digital Clock for the Topmost Window's Caption Bar 182KB 07/20/92 Cosmic Wristwatch BMP/GIF 426KB 06/22/94 Draw & analyze Timing Diagrams on your PC 185KB 04/29/95 TinyCAD version 1.20a 52KB 02/04/93 TIP for Appbar (requires 63KB 09/13/92 The Interactive Task Switcher Utility 211KB 09/27/94 Drag-and-drop toolbar and shell replacement 29KB 01/11/94 Replacement for the Task Manager 25KB 10/06/94 Tumble Wire Screen Saver version 1.2 193KB 01/23/95 Timers for Windows creates small clocks and timers 55KB 05/03/92 Mac-like Trashcan Utility 40KB 09/04/95 Mouse control for screen savers 49KB 07/23/92 Virtual Windows for Windows 390KB 07/28/94 TOP DRAW v2 object-oriented drawing (1/2) [400k] 406KB 07/28/94 TOP DRAW v2 object-oriented drawing (1/2) [417k] 85KB 07/01/95 TOPTOOLS adds a float button bar in CorelDraw desktop 146KB 02/28/96 TopSide (tm): stay-on-top Calendar 13KB 05/15/92 Mac-Like Trashcan Utility (w/sound) 19KB 03/02/93 Windows Screen Saver Module 14KB 04/14/92 Mac-Like Trashcan Utility 52KB 08/25/93 Star Trek BMPs 430KB 10/12/93 TribalDraw 2.1 for Windows 564KB 10/17/94 Display and print ternary (trilinear) diagrams [579k] 79KB 08/17/93 Always-on-top desktop information panel 1126KB 09/26/94 TommySoftware CAD/DRAW v2.01 <ASP> [1.16mb] 4KB 09/26/94 TommySoftware CAD/DRAW v2 Info <ASP> for 88KB 04/29/94 Always-on-top desktop information panel 192KB 08/14/94 Simulation of the calculator HP41-CV 390KB 09/14/94 Title Tools 1.0: Windows System Status 27KB 08/07/93 Windows appointment book/calendar 364KB 05/05/94 Thumbsup: Picture viewer/organizer/finder v1.3d [373k] 148KB 02/27/95 Windows SCR with a color cycling fractal image 30KB 07/20/95 Balls tumbling down your screen saver 42KB 04/13/92 Teenage Mutant Ninja Bitmaps 262KB 08/01/94 320x200x256 FLI of animated spinning gyroscope 69KB 08/11/94 Twilight Dream AfterDark Module 290KB 08/01/94 320x200x256 FLI of chrome textured man running 101KB 07/02/95 TimeZone v1.10: Display current time around the world 103KB 01/13/96 Displays times around the world 43KB 12/12/94 Ultimate Clock v1.2 configurable digiclock and timer 158KB 02/27/95 UltraClip v2:Clipboard enhancer with several features 12KB 08/23/95 FAX file format plug-in for Ulead viewer 78KB 08/23/95 PNG file format plug-in for Ulead viewer 11KB 08/23/95 Segmented Hypergraphics plug-in for Ulead viewer 381KB 10/06/94 UniVBE/Pro 5.0 Screen Savers 54KB 09/04/95 Analog clock with a dancing rabbit 292KB 04/19/95 Handy Helper Pak:TinyMon,TinyClock,SwapPaper,NewPaper 20KB 07/31/90 Clean, Closer, Run, Win 3 Utils to manage your desktop 75KB 12/01/94 Uzblank Laptop Screen Blanker v1.11 32KB 10/28/95 Vajra screen saver program for Windows 124KB 02/18/96 Valentine Clock 1.3 clock in the shape of a heart 594KB 08/17/94 320x200 256-color animation AVI file 134KB 04/29/94 Voice Clock!, Version 2.0 321KB 02/04/94 Visual Calendar Planner 1.1 for MS Windows 3.x 414KB 01/23/96 Launch Programs at specific times and dates 289KB 12/03/93 Virtual desktop, group manager(nice toolbar), dsk mgr 179KB 05/08/95 A Bible Verse Display Program 1268KB 09/23/94 MS Video for Windows runtime, v1.1a [1.3mb] 13KB 07/19/91 Allows Selection of 16 Colors from 262,144 Pallette 3KB 06/28/91 Module for AfterDark Screen Saver 356KB 10/20/93 Play .AVI videos and views most still graphics formats 85KB 03/22/94 VIP 2.3 phonebook (supports .BMPs and .AVIs) 145KB 08/11/94 Virtual Desktop version 1.3 virtuspl.exe 849KB 11/15/94 Virtus Player 1.0 Installer for Windows 13KB 01/26/95 Create 3D slides to be displayed on your screen 210KB 12/12/95 Plays AVI and MOV video files, freeze frame, more 150KB 12/19/94 VMPEG V1.2a Windows MPEG player 60KB 11/29/93 Switch video modes without Control Panel 521KB 05/03/92 Virtual Tablet Interfac: high performance digitizer 316KB 12/10/95 VuePrint 4.3 - Fast JPEG/GIF Viewer for Windows 62KB 04/28/94 Win Screen Saver (.scr): Random GIF JPEG JPG BMP viewer 278KB 12/14/95 Image/Graphics Viewer, Thumbnails, 10 graphics formats 150KB 04/18/92 AAPLAY.DLL: play Autodesk Animator Animation Files 11KB 10/28/94 Use Windows wallpaper as a presentation program 202KB 11/02/94 Wall It! Wallpaper Manager 16KB 03/15/95 Freeware simple wallpaper changer v.901 for Windows 24KB 12/13/92 WallPeeper: Wallpaper Manager 5KB 08/05/92 Miscellaneous Homemade BMPs 52KB 03/12/96 WallPaper It: WallPaper Your Desktop 48KB 08/14/93 Change mouse cursor/make it re-enter at side of screen 359KB 07/20/95 Windows resource monitor and diagnostic tool 57KB 05/03/94 Windows 3.1 alarm clock that plays WAV files 85KB 08/19/92 WAV/BMP Randomizer wbltinst.exe 157KB 06/23/94 Win-Blot is a desktop calendar utility program 17KB 08/14/93 Makes caps lock key work like a typewriter 881KB 01/18/95 Draw Rumbaugh or Coad-Yourdon Object models 48KB 05/05/94 transparent clock inherits underlying wallpaper as bgnd 86KB 04/11/94 WillDock: toolbar and a global popup menu 51KB 08/20/95 WebAnime CGI program 66KB 01/06/95 WinECJ ver2: Fast Windows JPEG viewer 171KB 07/08/94 WinEZ Pro: Windows task switch and launch 320KB 10/03/95 World Flag Clock will display diffrent flags 19KB 02/19/93 Wallpaper Gallery BMP Randomizer 51KB 07/31/95 Window Group Manager v1.1 10KB 03/11/93 Wild Forest and Sky in the Night ScreenPeace modules 1252KB 06/27/95 ART TEXTURES by Cameo Graphics 1.0 144KB 03/23/93 Collection of small image viewers, various formats 434KB 06/14/94 Win3D is an interactive 3D drawing program 311KB 03/09/95 A 3-D graphics viewer for polygonal meshes and data 22KB 04/13/92 Win3.x Screen Saver for Toshiba Laptops 133KB 06/27/95 WinChanger 2.1 - Customize system menus 20KB 05/19/93 displays info in the caption bar of the active windo 277KB 02/24/96 Screen capture program, BMP, TIFF, GIF files, print 52KB 11/30/92 Combination Calendar/Diary 94KB 08/11/95 Free data digitalization program 83KB 07/23/92 Windows SVGA Screen Dimmer (Blanker) 91KB 07/27/93 drag and drop program launcher for Windows with hotkey 72KB 03/10/94 A Windows Desktop Util: launch;dir browse;task switch 21KB 01/18/94 View Autodesk Animator files from within windows 93KB 07/26/95 WinGage v2.1 is a Windows resource monitor 70KB 08/20/91 WinGIF: View GIF Files 939KB 08/23/93 PC-Hurricane moviegrabber 6KB 10/22/91 Init Desktop from list of apps/window sizes in WIN.INI 1785KB 05/02/95 WINJIVE distorts bitmaps in real-time (for MONOLITH) 289KB 08/18/95 WinJPEG 2.76 image viewer/processor/convertor 459KB 12/13/93 WinLab: display and converts various image formats 25KB 07/30/94 Replacement for WIN.COM for displaying 256-color bmps 480KB 06/01/94 WinLamps: free RAM, HDD space, and clock in display 5KB 11/08/92 Float, Sink, and Exit Windows 187KB 05/23/94 Display mazes in 3D in Windows 3.1 74KB 11/29/93 Status Lite Display Util for Internal Modems 32KB 02/24/94 Windows-based menuing system 57KB 03/21/94 WinMenu Shareware Menu Program for Windows 3.1 221KB 11/01/93 WinOCR 2.0: Optical Character Recognition program 206KB 02/27/95 three collections of windows screen savers (1/3) [212k] 232KB 02/27/95 three collections of windows screen savers (2/3) [239k] 259KB 02/27/95 three collections of windows screen savers (3/3) [266k] 12KB 12/08/93 Lock Windows from snoopers 25KB 03/16/92 Configure Windows Pointer (PCMag) 81KB 07/26/93 symmetric fractal generator for Windows 447KB 05/02/95 WINRAGE is a 3D engine demo with polygon objects 28KB 06/14/91 Change Your Multisync's Resolution On-the-fly 10KB 04/27/95 Add hot corners to Windows screen saver (blank,noblank) 478KB 01/13/95 Personalized Screen Savers For Windows 310KB 11/08/93 Secure your windows 48KB 08/10/94 WinStick - Use a joystick with all your Windows games 331KB 01/26/95 WinStrobe v2 turns your monitor into an adj strobe lite 9KB 03/08/94 Replace startup screen with steal your face image 71KB 09/21/93 Port of Sam Leffler's TIFF Library to MS_Window 3.1 143KB 04/04/95 A clock which is more than a clock 104KB 08/14/93 World TimeZones: disp time in many major world cities 105KB 12/20/92 Windows BMP Wallpaper Loader (vbrun200.dll req.) 159KB 06/03/92 A Collection of 40+ BMP Patterns 154KB 07/23/93 granite WinLogo floating over a water scene 1059KB 06/29/95 WinWisdom v4.4 Quote-of-the-day and quote ref 394KB 01/19/94 Organize your Windows Wallpaper 137KB 04/26/94 WinX 1.5: Windows User Interface Extensions 835KB 10/24/94 WinLab Image Laboratory V3.0 Beta [856k] 38KB 09/16/94 WinLoad: Asynch Loader + TopClock: time on all windows 18KB 01/19/94 WinLock - Access Control System for Windows 15KB 08/29/95 Randomize Windows startup logo 93KB 09/07/93 Easily Assign Icon to PM Group or Application Icon 18KB 08/14/93 Convert .WMF metafiles to .BMP format 699KB 07/07/94 Shows all important system and Windows data (Deutch) 47KB 07/07/94 Shows all important system and Windows data (Deutch) 128KB 10/08/93 WinBrowse: Windows File Browser 258KB 08/20/95 WinGuard V.2.4 Protects ProgMan 614KB 02/02/94 WinLab V2.0: image editing processing/viewer/converter 12KB 05/08/95 Monitor system load under Windows 104KB 01/20/94 WillNotes 2.1 Sticky Notes System 115KB 09/08/93 SCR Screen Saver with Wolf 3D Bosses 59KB 02/04/94 WorldClock 2.1 - daylight position map 188KB 11/07/94 What Happened On This Day In History 4KB 09/02/91 Yet Another ScreenPeace Saver Module 73KB 05/06/95 WinPanic: Random messages on the screen 269KB 11/30/93 Shareware Custom Wallpaper 57KB 12/01/94 View/load wallpaper from any dir (vbrun300.dll req) 14KB 02/18/94 WinPopUp 1.0: click windows to pop them to the front 142KB 07/12/93 PostIt Notes for Windows Version 3.2b 32KB 09/16/93 Wallpaper Randomizer 602KB 07/10/95 OS/2 Work Place Shell for Win v1.50 38KB 09/15/92 WokShift Graphical Virtual Desktop (ver 1.6) 14KB 09/04/95 WinRoot: change access privilege of ProgMan 66KB 11/08/93 Weresoft Logo v.1.1 teaches geometry,programming,logic 19KB 03/18/93 Virtual desktop for Windows 273KB 10/03/95 World Time Clock will keep track of many time zones 920KB 02/11/96 Real flowing waterfalls screen saver 6KB 09/04/95 Watermelonman in Savanna Screen Saver 260KB 06/28/93 PIM, rolodex, autodialer, labels - Address Book 1461KB 01/02/96 Screen Saver w/13 modules and full engine [1.4M] 483KB 09/17/95 Windows wallpaper screen saver 72KB 12/06/95 Xmas lights program 8KB 02/27/95 Several winter/christmas animated scenes 212KB 05/10/95 3D menu style desktop mgr with built-in system utils 82KB 11/17/90 Drawing Program 140KB 03/03/95 X Windows Xlock screen saver module 1263KB 07/26/94 1024x768x65K bitmap of Yellowstone lake [1.30mb] 26KB 08/20/93 Yet Another Clipboard Collector 160KB 09/13/92 Talking Clock for the Desktop 54KB 07/10/95 YEAR is a Windows calendar application 56KB 03/10/94 Yellow Sticky v2.0 <ASP> - A "To Do" manager 48KB 07/28/92 Zip Paper: Displays Random BMPs 66KB 08/29/95 ZOO program launcher 857KB 01/21/96 Multicompress-ZIP,ARJ,et-Multiview-Jpeg,Mpeg,Gif,Avi 241KB 03/05/95 Time-lapse Rec and Image Proc App for cooled CCD cams 241KB 05/12/95 Time-lapse Rec and Image Proc App for cooled CCD cams

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