Video Files, Drivers for Windows

Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:20:59 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 2KB 04/13/92 Benchmarks for Orchid ProIIs vs Fahrenheit 1280 Card 1162KB 05/24/94 MGA Power Drivers, v 1.41.1 [1.2mb] 1 of 2 721KB 05/24/94 MGA Power Drivers, v 1.41.1 [730k] 2 of 2 24x204.exe 930KB 10/22/94 Speedstar 24X v2.04 drivers [954k] 612KB 07/26/93 Ver 1.32 drivers for the Cirrus logic GD-5426 card 542xvga.exe 32KB 04/04/94 Cirrus CL-GD542X Display Drivers and Utilities 5434wn.exe 800KB 09/11/94 Ver 1.02 SpeedStar 64 drivers 64d107.exe 599KB 06/28/95 Stealth64 DRAM: v1.07 of the NT/CAD/UTIL disk 64dmod.exe 52KB 06/28/95 Stealth64 DRAM: S64DMODE.EXE refresh rate util 187KB 08/20/91 Everex EVGA Drivers (1024x768x16/800x600x16/640x480x16) 523KB 07/01/95 Ver 1.5B4 Win 3.1x drivers for the 86C868 & 86C968 445KB 01/21/95 86C801 and 86C805 v2.41 drvrs for 801/805/928 chipsets 588KB 01/15/95 Vision864 Ver 1.3B7 driver for Windows 3.1 600KB 03/11/95 1.41B5 Windows 3.1x driver for the S3 86c864 864dos.exe 435KB 08/27/94 Stealth 64 DRAM Utilities/CAD/NT 3.13 v1.03 864w22.exe 1163KB 12/11/94 v1.22 Stealth 64 DRAM for cards running bios rev 2.01 493KB 03/11/95 v1.41B5 Windows 3.1x driver for the S3 86c868 351KB 10/14/92 Paradise/WD SVGA 640x480x256/1024x768x16/1024x768x2 964133.exe 1193KB 04/08/95 Diamond Stealth 64 VRAM Drivers v1.33 [1.22m] 553KB 03/11/95 v1.41B5 Windows 3.1x driver for the S3 86c964 494KB 03/11/95 v1.41B5 Windows 3.1x driver for the S3 86c968 458KB 05/01/93 GraphicsENGINE Software Driver Rev. 1.3 (1 of 2) 837KB 05/01/93 GraphicsENGINE Software Driver Rev. 1.3 (2 of 2) 16KB 09/13/92 Ahead VGA Video Driver for Windows 3.1 2KB 07/02/93 Control panel applet for Mach FlexDesk driver atiult.exe 529KB 06/12/92 ATI 8514/Ultra drvr for Win 3.1 dated 4/6/92 300KB 03/25/93 Win 3.1 Drivers for ATI Ultra series as of 22-Feb-93 555KB 04/25/92 ATI Wonder{Plus,XL}, Integra Video Drivers for Win3.1 305KB 09/22/91 New (08-29-91) ATI Windows 3 Drivers atiw3256.exe 185KB 08/02/91 256 Color Drivers for ATI Cards atiw3400.exe 47KB 09/18/91 Upgrade for ATI 640x400x256 Driver (needs atiw3256.exe) 1218KB 08/17/94 Spea V7 - S3 Videodrivers (6/94) [1.25mb] 9KB 11/02/91 Speed Up Windowing on Large (1024x768) Displays 1039KB 10/14/92 Boca SXVGA drivers for Windows 3.1 (Tseng 4000 compat.) bwlit22.exe 1117KB 11/04/94 v2.2 SPEA V7 Mirage BigWin/V7Setup/SPEAview Dvr [1.1m] bwlit320.exe 1078KB 01/28/96 SPEA V7-Mercury Lite bwm32322.exe 1057KB 02/27/96 SPEA V7-Mirage P-32 bwmep320.exe 1080KB 01/28/96 SPEA V7-Mercury P-64 bwmer320.exe 1208KB 01/28/96 SPEA V7-Mercury bwmev320.exe 1173KB 01/28/96 SPEA V7-Mercury P-64 Video bwmip32a.exe 729KB 02/27/96 SPEA V7-Mirage P-64, 1/2 bwmip32b.exe 683KB 02/27/96 SPEA V7-Mirage P-64, 2/2 bwmir320.exe 1077KB 01/28/96 SPEA V7-Mirage bwmiv320.exe 1168KB 01/28/96 SPEA V7-Mirage P-64 Video bwmvd32a.exe 656KB 02/27/96 SPEA V7-Mirage Video, 1/2 bwmvd32b.exe 616KB 02/27/96 SPEA V7-Mirage Video, 2/2 bwpro22.exe 1153KB 11/04/94 BigWin Drvr v2.2 for SPEA V7-MERCURY PRO [1.17mb] bwpro311.exe 1147KB 07/28/95 SPEA V7-MERCURY PRO bwpro320.exe 1150KB 01/28/96 SPEA V7-Mercury Pro 859KB 11/29/93 Orchid Celsius VLB driver v1.3 (Oct 1993) 122KB 04/14/92 VGA drivers for Cirrus Logic VGA controllers 18KB 10/23/93 Windows 3.0 DIB display driver 165KB 09/02/90 Eizo Windows Video Drivers 258KB 04/14/92 Tseng ET3000 - Windows 3.0 and 3.0a Display Drivers 607KB 10/24/94 Tseng, W32p Windows 3.1 Video Drivers [622k] 44KB 10/02/91 "DynaLink" for the Orchid ProDsgnrII (chgs rfresh rate) 1127KB 07/28/92 ColorView Windows 3.1 Video Drivers 589KB 06/06/94 Tseng Drivers for the W32/i/p cards [604kb] 65KB 08/28/90 EV-673 Windows 3.0 Drivers 943KB 01/14/94 Version 6.0 drivers for Orchid Fahrenheit 1280+ 7KB 01/16/95 01/13/94-Fahrenheit disk 6.0->6.01 update g1221w.exe 524KB 06/10/94 Hercules Graphite 1MB Drivers rel 2.21 [536k] 1120KB 07/16/94 Driver is for ACTIX Graphics GE 64 VL and PCI boards 32KB 04/14/92 S3 Carrera Display Driver for GEM 166KB 08/20/91 Genoa SVGA Drivers (800x600x256/1024x768x16/800x600x16) gr221i.exe 779KB 06/10/94 Hercules Graphite Series Installation Diskette gss1000.exe 171KB 05/02/92 Updated DGIS firmware for AT1000 series video card 10KB 10/09/92 Tweak Crystal Fonts w/the ATI Graphics Accel Cards 42KB 06/23/94 GXE64 and GXE64 Pro DOS refresh rate setting util gxe64win.exe 672KB 08/31/94 Number #9 GXE64 Windows 3.1 drivers v1.45 [690k] gxewn415.exe 719KB 09/23/94 #9 HawkEye for Windows v4.15 [736k] 616KB 03/29/94 STB Horizon VL Video Card drivers v1.32b 221KB 08/25/93 TIGA 2.05 files for HP IGC-20 video card (1 of 2) 223KB 08/25/93 TIGA 2.05 files for HP IGC-20 video card (2 of 2) 1160KB 04/04/94 Cirrus Logic GD542x JWindows 3.1 Drivers [1.18mb] 703KB 04/04/94 Win 3.1 drivers for Cirrus GD5422 [720k] 119KB 04/04/94 NT drivers for Cirrus GD5422 855KB 01/24/94 Win 3.1 drivers VER 1.32b for cirrus 5426/5428 v1.41 855KB 04/04/94 Win 3.1 drivers for Cirrus GD5426 [876k] 118KB 04/04/94 NT drivers for Cirrus GD5426 [876k] 564KB 04/04/94 Cirrus acad/3ds drivers disk 1 [576k] 1263KB 04/04/94 Cirrus acad/3ds drivers disk 3 [1.30mb] 381KB 04/04/94 Cirrus acad/3ds drivers disk 4 [390k] 37KB 11/29/93 Cirrus Logic drivers 542x based video cards k64-14.exe 1261KB 01/04/95 Orchid Kelvin-64 driver set (27-dec-94) 65KB 02/01/93 ATI driver installation utility 350KB 05/25/94 Install/Config Utils for ATI Mach32 Cards v2.3 596KB 05/25/94 ATI mach32 Windows drivers v2.3 [612k] 560KB 07/28/94 ATI mach8 revision 3.0 drivers [574k] mgetiga.exe 142KB 11/06/92 TIGA 2.05 Driver for the NEC MGE board mgewn31.exe 553KB 11/06/92 DGIS Display Driver for NEC board 1187KB 08/27/94 SPEA Mirage P-64 BigWin drivers V2.1 for Windows [1.2m] 790KB 01/18/95 Miro Crystal 8s,16s,16si,24s,32s drivers v2.21 (1/2) 943KB 01/18/95 Miro Crystal 8s,16s,16si,24s,32s drivers v2.21 (2/2) 1109KB 08/27/94 SPEA Mirage BigWin drivers V2.1 for Windows [1.13m] 694KB 12/15/94 Miro Crystal drivers v1.40 dated 12 dec 94 (1/2) [711k] 883KB 12/15/94 Miro Crystal drivers v1.40 dated 12 dec 94 (2/2) [904k] mmdisp.exe 341KB 12/01/92 Drivers from the MS DL BBS for all VGA cards 267KB 10/19/91 9-91 Tseng Drivers (640x480,800x600,1024x768/16+256) 929KB 10/28/93 Drivers for most all Trident video cards 352KB 04/10/95 OTI-067/077 Oak Drivers (3/95) 375KB 02/01/94 Orchid's P9000 Windows driver release date November 93 1043KB 10/26/93 Orchid Fahrenheit VA/VLB video cards (v5.1) 288KB 05/31/92 New Orchid Video Drivers for Windows 3.1 (5/19/92) p2win31.exe 272KB 07/20/93 6/15/93 drivers for Orchid ProdesignerIIs video card p9000.exe 925KB 03/16/94 Orchid P9000 release disk v1.3 [947k] 443KB 04/29/92 Paradise Drivers for Windows 3.1 888KB 10/28/93 Drivers for most of the Paradise video cards 64KB 09/19/91 PageMaker4 (?) 640x480x32768/800x600x32768 VGA Drivers pvga1024.exe 834KB 02/11/93 All Paradise/Western Digital 90c30 drivers (1/18/93) 16KB 08/17/92 Remove Display Driver: lists/deletes unwanted drvrs 991KB 03/07/94 RealTek VGA display card drivers [1.01mb] 527KB 10/25/94 S3 86C805 Flat Memory Model Win 3.1 Driver 2.4B8 [541k] s3-924.exe 1065KB 02/22/94 drivers for S3-924-based Video cards [1.09mb] s3-928.exe 537KB 02/22/94 drivers for S3-928-based Video cards [550k] s32win.exe 932KB 06/17/94 Diamond Stealth 32 Drivers for Windows v1.02 [955kb] 609KB 12/11/94 S3FLAT.DRV v2.21 for S3C805 VLB card [692kb] 210KB 04/27/95 STB's S3 NT Drivers for Pwrgrph X-24,VL-24,Pegasus VL 42KB 01/15/95 Util to set refresh on 86C864/868/964/968/764/732 20KB 01/21/95 Util to set refresh on 86C801/805/928 583KB 01/22/95 S3 764, Trio 32 and Trio 64 Windows 3.x driver v1.3B8 887KB 01/21/95 v1.74 drivers for S3 86C911 and 86C924 chipsets 506KB 07/15/94 2.3B11- S3 Flat Model Windows Driver Disk1-04/25/94 s64d34.exe 1171KB 06/28/95 Stealth64 DRAM: v1.34 of the Windows drivers 27KB 06/17/92 1024x760 ProII Driver for Ventura Publisher 11KB 12/30/91 drivers/video/ sko1430.exe 23KB 09/19/91 Tweeks 800x600 ProDesigner board w/Seiko 1430 Display 1166KB 11/06/94 SpeedStar 64 drivers (ver 2.01) [1.2m] sspro.exe 1100KB 05/04/94 SpeedStar PRO Drivers st2430.exe 862KB 06/07/94 v3.00 drivers for the Diamond Stealth 24 [883k] 1036KB 05/21/92 STB PowerGraph and ERGO Video Drivers 727KB 01/07/94 Stealth 24 drivers (v2.01) for bios 2.00 846KB 06/16/94 Ver 3.00 of the drivers disk for Diamond Stealth 24 7KB 06/22/92 Diamond Stealth VRAM Benchmark Results 857KB 05/03/94 BETA windows 3.1 drivers for the Stealth VRAM cards stlp30.exe 862KB 06/15/94 Diamond Stealth Pro Video Drivers - Version 3.00 stpro2.exe 816KB 03/10/94 Beta drivers V3.0 for Diamond Stealth Pro [835k] 32KB 04/13/92 Generic 800x600x16 SVGA Driver for Windows 3 svga.exe 373KB 09/07/93 Generic SVGA drivers (4/93) svgapen.exe 348KB 06/22/94 SVGA drivers that are compatible with PenWindows 200KB 09/18/90 Swan Computers VGA Video Drivers 15KB 02/23/92 Switcher: Windows Video Mode Switcher 47KB 08/10/91 Tseng ET-3000 800x600x256 Windows3 driver 5KB 09/03/92 S3.DLL File for S3 Chip Support 592KB 03/11/95 S3 86c764/732 (Trio64 and Trio32) drivers 505KB 08/26/93 Ver C4.50S/May 1993 TRIDENT TVGA8900CL/9200CX Drivers 15KB 09/11/95 Trident allows 256 colors in NT 3.1 351KB 09/08/92 Final Drivers for All Trident8900c/9000 Cards (1 of 2) 946KB 03/10/93 Final Drivers for All Trident8900c/9000 Cards (2 of 2) 38KB 07/22/91 Run 800x600x16 on Standard VGA Cards 428KB 12/10/91 Diamond SpeedSTAR video drivers (dated 10-31-91) 524KB 10/08/94 12/93 Util/DOS drv for 8900CL/D + 9200CXr (1/2) [537k] 540KB 10/08/94 12/93 Util/DOS drv for 8900CL/D + 9200CXr (2/2) [553k] 1017KB 11/05/94 Trident 9400CXI chip set Beta drivers 866KB 12/24/95 Win3.1 drivers for Trident 96xx based video cards v7m1293.exe 1045KB 12/13/93 Latest (12/93) SPEA V7 Mirage Windows Driver Disk v7mirage.exe 841KB 12/06/93 (rel. 993.0) for the SPEA V7 Mirage graphics card 467KB 12/19/92 Microsoft's Video for Windows runtime 968KB 04/28/94 STB VL-24 graphics adaptor drivers 12KB 10/25/91 Select the SONY 1304/Crystal Scan 1024NI as Monitors. vpciwn31.exe 588KB 03/16/94 Viper PCI Win 3.1 v.3.02 + utilities [603kb] vpr200.exe 661KB 11/03/93 Viper VLB v2.00 Win 3.1 drivers vprm202.exe 93KB 12/07/93 version (2.02) of viper vesa drivers and mode setter 1060KB 11/16/93 A Collection of Viper VLB v2.00 Win 3.1 Drivers 39KB 12/02/93 B rev of VESA driver for the Diamond Viper 44KB 03/07/94 ShareWare VESA driver for the Diamond Viper,v1.2 rev F w256-31.exe 64KB 05/04/92 Ahead Wizard VGA Drivers for Windows 3.1 618KB 05/05/92 Beta Trident 3.1 Video Drivers (4/27/92) w31_3000.exe 593KB 05/02/92 Orchid ProDesigner+ (512K) Drivers for Win3.1 w31dgis.exe 390KB 05/02/92 Win3.1 Drivers for DGIS Spectragraphics Cards 543KB 01/23/95 Windows 3.x drivers for ET-4000 chipset 342KB 08/03/92 NCR 77C22E Chipset Video Drivers 227KB 03/02/93 Windows 3.1 ATI video drivers (08/92) 622KB 09/12/94 Tseng labs ET4000 w32p drivers [638k] 624KB 05/03/95 ET4000/W32/W32i/W32p Windows 3.1 Video Driver 49KB 02/14/95 Tseng Labs W32 Accelerated drivers for Windows NT v3.5 1064KB 06/14/94 WD90C31 drivers (March '93) [1.1mb] 434KB 12/01/93 Windows drivers for Actix GE 32 (v2.2c Nov93) 459KB 01/15/91 Latest Paradise Chipset Extended Video Drivers 143KB 06/19/92 Video 7 Drivers for Win3.1 (6/12/92 ver) 230KB 06/14/92 ATI Windows 3.1 Accelerator Drivers 142KB 07/19/92 ATI Crystal Font Driver for Win31 (7/16/92 ver) win3_16.exe 153KB 03/13/91 Paradise 16 Color Drivers (Self-Extracting) win3_16f.exe 151KB 03/13/91 Paradise Fast 16 Color Drivers (Self-Extracting) win3_256.exe 125KB 03/13/91 Paradise 256 Color Drivers (Self-Extracting) 138KB 10/04/90 Orchard VGA Drivers 352KB 08/25/93 TIGA Windows drivers (Jul 93) win3xdrv.exe 353KB 04/14/92 Win31 Drivers for Video7 Cards 494KB 03/12/92 Latest (03/92) Trident VGA Drivers (8900 chipset) 620KB 08/31/95 s3 generic Win 3.x driver for Trio64/Trio32 2KB 04/13/92 Flowchart for Video Driver Trouble (Trident) 518KB 04/03/95 VidTech (Weitek) WinMax VGA card drivers (533k) 135KB 08/12/90 VGA Wizard VGA Drivers 68KB 04/16/91 Wy-700 Video Drivers 839KB 07/23/93 XGA Windows Drivers Version 2.10 84KB 02/24/91 Zymos Poach VGA (Northgate) Video Drivers

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