WordPerfect for Windows Files

Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:29:36 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description

2wpmacro.zip 9KB 07/12/93 Bookmark Macro and Dual File Save Macro bibmacro.zip 14KB 02/24/93 Two Bibliographic Management Macros bookwn11.zip 77KB 02/25/95 Bookbild 1.1/Win Pamphlet Publisher for 5.2+/Win gcatwn31.zip 104KB 05/16/94 Graphcat Clip Art Cataloger v3.1/Win <ASP> gcatwn32.zip 127KB 02/25/95 Graphcat Clip Art Cataloger v3.2 for Wpwin gloss_10.zip 12KB 09/08/92 WPWIN Macro to Expand Words from a Glossary gloss_20.zip 3KB 07/12/93 Replacement for WPWin 5.2 (May 93 rel) glossary.wcm gswp4w.zip 165KB 12/21/95 Easy online Grammar Help; outdoes checkers highland.zip 675KB 02/27/95 80 pieces religious clipart in .WPG format last4_11.zip 7KB 07/13/93 Macro re-opens the files at the bottom of the File menu lkitwn30.zip 234KB 02/25/95 The Letterhead Kit 3.0 for wpwin logmac32.zip 63KB 10/03/93 Cycles through the open docs, logs filename, bookmarks rabhlp95.zip 842KB 10/10/95 Help system for Word/WPWin/Excel/123 repeat12.zip 6KB 02/20/93 Repeat Text or Macro a Specified Number of Times save_11.zip 9KB 06/25/92 WPWIN Macro to Save All Files searchwp.zip 454KB 06/27/95 CommTech PowerSearch v3.0 for WpWin QuickFinder spltvu10.zip 308KB 04/27/95 Edit two sections of two docs at once sumrz_10.zip 8KB 10/31/92 WPWIN Macro to Create Doc Summary in Current Doc typse_13.zip 11KB 11/26/92 WPWIN Macros to Convert Quotes/Apostrophes/Dashes wclip11.zip 146KB 02/25/95 Wood Clips Sampler 1 for Wpwin wparse01.zip 24KB 10/20/93 WordPerfect File Parser wpcrak.zip 177KB 12/22/94 Retrieve lost passwords for WordPerfect docs

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