Windows Games, Educational Software, etc.

The Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime Library (vbrun100.dll) Version 1, 2, and 3 (,,, and vbrun301.exe) may be found in win3/util/ One of these versions will indeed be necessary to operate and run most Visual Basic applications contained herein.

Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:22:12 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 133KB 12/01/94 Noughts And Crosses game Version 1.1 (w/src) 98KB 02/29/96 Popular card game in Brasil for 2 or 3 players. 582KB 10/25/95 Five solitaire games for Win 3.1 with WAV (vol.1) 585KB 10/25/95 Five solitaire games for Win 3.1 (vol.2) 125KB 02/25/96 Forty-Nine Patience: 2 pack patience game 89KB 03/08/96 Teaches Spanish and French vocabulary v4.2 98KB 11/04/94 Windows version of the classic Connect 4 game 91KB 03/07/96 NCAA Tournament Pool Management Shareware 128KB 06/29/95 A Hi/Low Betting Card Game w/Sounds 69KB 08/12/94 Seven Card Stud Poker Game for Windows 2089KB 09/14/95 NFL statistical analysis and prediction software 935KB 12/24/95 Puzzle program with over 90 math and word puzzles 1092KB 11/14/95 Abalone V1.1 - a famous game of strategy and skill [1M] 246KB 01/15/95 ABC123 Preschool Number/Letter Learning Game 749KB 07/19/95 ABCWords v1.0: letters game 90KB 07/10/95 Accordion Solitaire - card game for Windows 91KB 09/11/95 Solitaire card game for Windows 409KB 08/20/95 Aces High is a Windows based solitaire variation 501KB 09/18/95 Adventure Gamer - play and author adventure games 2500KB 02/08/96 Multimedia Air Traffic Controller Game [2.5M] 131KB 01/30/96 Save the Oid homeworld! Cool jazz, great sounds! 165KB 10/12/95 An innovative typing tutor/game 627KB 02/02/96 Helps young children learn their alphabet 15KB 03/08/96 Simple strategy game for Windows 125KB 01/21/96 2 pack patience game 87KB 07/10/95 Alternate Solitaire - card game for Windows 89KB 09/11/95 Alternate Solitaire, Version 1.0a 55KB 09/21/95 The Game of the Amazons (El Juego de las Amazonas) 70KB 09/11/95 Ambush is an ancient board game like chess 18KB 09/04/95 Windows version of popular Amida Japanese lottery 190KB 02/13/95 Amnesia - A text adventure game for Windows 659KB 11/13/95 A multimedia educational math game 169KB 08/18/95 TC Asteroids is a 3D shoot-em-up game 876KB 02/27/96 Comprehensive astrology calculations, Halloran Software 3291KB 01/14/96 Multimedia program about 1995 Formula 1 season 422KB 12/23/95 WinFive: Super Go-Moku / Renju 520KB 09/29/95 AWS is a text/graphic adventure creator- doc in Italian 583KB 05/12/95 high-speed 3D scrolling game 61KB 09/20/95 A word game resembling Boggle 273KB 09/06/95 MatchUp Baseball Statistics Game 0KB 08/10/95 Matchup Baseball 131KB 03/19/95 Battles In A Distant Desert Battle Game 142KB 03/19/95 Battles on Distant Planets Battle Game 982KB 08/03/95 Black Diamond Skiing 1.1 downhill skiing game 1314KB 08/16/95 Multimedia Spelling Bee (1/2) 773KB 08/16/95 Multimedia Spelling Bee (1/2) 1106KB 08/19/95 Beetle Run 1.2 Animated Arcade Puzzle 48KB 10/24/94 The latest version of the original Windows BattleShip 320KB 10/19/94 Board Games V1: Chess,Backgammon,Checkers multiplayer 395KB 10/19/94 Board Games V2: FlagShip,Pipes,RaceChase,etc multiplay 806KB 07/10/95 Bible Knowledge Accelerator v:1.0 Learning Tool 243KB 02/18/95 NOISY VIDEO POKER and BJ v3.1 252KB 11/28/95 Video Poker and BJ with sounds--req. VBRUN300.DLL 373KB 12/31/95 BlackJack Professor 273KB 03/01/94 Windows based Black Jack program 186KB 10/23/95 One and Two player Word Game for Windows 35KB 03/08/96 A platform game, with an animated blob and robots 100KB 09/17/94 Bog Word Game for Win 3.1 v. 2.02 117KB 07/23/95 Bogout version 2.11 Boggle word game 825KB 06/27/95 Bolz 1.0s action video game (1/3) 999KB 06/27/95 Bolz 1.0s action video game (2/3) 718KB 06/27/95 Bolz 1.0s action video game (3/3) 174KB 09/17/94 Bomb Squad Game for Windows 3.1 124KB 10/13/94 Bones the Domino Game - Version 2.0 78KB 08/11/95 childrens card game 168KB 08/18/95 TC Robot Bout 742KB 08/31/95 BoxCars Casion v1.0c 1194KB 09/22/95 BOXES, Version 5.2 (ASP) 822KB 01/24/96 BOXES, Version 5.2 (ASP) 1124KB 01/14/96 BOXES, includes new levels and many new features 1327KB 03/09/96 Arcade Shooter that adapts to your style of play 237KB 02/29/96 The ultimate Brazilian city simulator 474KB 02/25/96 Bridge Assistant: Computerised bridge card game 1353KB 04/17/95 Fast-paced falling blocks game [1.38m] 213KB 09/16/95 JTS Bridge Bidding Card Game w/Drills 113KB 09/14/95 A dice game similar to liars dice 92KB 07/23/95 Buttons is a Windows 3.x puzzle game 257KB 02/28/96 Educational game to practice basic math skills 1184KB 10/16/95 Learn Cambodian (Khmer) 1/2 (1.2M) 1419KB 10/16/95 Learn Cambodian (Khmer) 2/2 (1.4M) 1222KB 07/10/95 Khmer Lesson (1/2) 1420KB 07/10/95 Khmer Lesson (2/2) 746KB 02/21/96 Canasta 3.01 Windows Strategy Card Game 126KB 01/27/96 Carlton Patience: 2 pack patience game 1188KB 07/25/95 Marble Game for Windows and NT 490KB 07/29/95 RSI Casino v1.1: Black Jack and Draw Poker 6KB 04/21/95 Run catharsis to relieve stress at any time 115KB 12/14/94 Color by Numbers Game Version 1.0 416KB 10/03/95 Crossword Compiler for Windows v3.1 1798KB 12/09/95 College Football Media Guide and Tracking [1.8M] 11KB 08/03/95 Chain Reaction two player game like Othello 55KB 09/25/95 Play with electrically charged balls! 246KB 01/25/95 CheckerCom 1.0: Play checkers via modem 549KB 01/13/96 Battle against evil cheese 135KB 07/31/95 real-time 2-D simulation of a chemistry lab 69KB 07/29/95 Cherry Delight Video Slots V2.2 118KB 03/08/96 Cherry Delight Video Slots v3.2 60KB 01/10/96 Major improvements to winmine + new "cheat" mode 22KB 12/08/94 Common Knowledge is a calendar of puzzles 176KB 08/18/95 TC Choplifter is a 3D helicopter game 635KB 02/03/96 Coloring Book with Sound Effects (TrialWare) 342KB 03/03/95 Color Match Game Version 1.1 for Windows 909KB 04/06/95 Windows Based Character Generator 136KB 02/02/96 Helps young children learn their colors and shapes 412KB 09/08/95 COMET BUSTERS! v1.2 high-speed arcade game 247KB 08/28/94 Concentrate 3.0b is a concentration game 13KB 08/15/95 Connect Four(tm) clone game v1.1 154KB 02/18/96 War/Strategy game based in the ancient Mediterranean 82KB 08/18/94 Windows 3.1 card game Constitution 114KB 05/21/95 2 versions of the most popular dice game 115KB 02/10/96 Craps! Dice Game 593KB 07/23/95 Cribbage for Windows 28KB 01/30/95 RSC Test Cricket Game 224KB 12/07/95 Command a squadron of spaceships against enemy forces 14KB 02/21/96 Introduces a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope in 3 stages 166KB 10/22/95 Cryptogram puzzle game for Windows cspoker.exe 1778KB 07/24/95 Cyber Strip Poker Adult Card Game 342KB 07/21/95 Turbo Caribbean Stud Poker v1.2 721KB 04/03/95 Casino Verite Blackjack game mini version [739k] 2827KB 02/28/96 Casino Verite Blackjack game full version [1.34m] 1183KB 02/28/96 Windows Pai Gow Poker with strategies by Stanford Wong 1227KB 02/28/96 Windows Video Poker with strategies by Stanford Wong 196KB 12/24/95 TC Car War is a 3D armored car, battling game cwe31b.exe 815KB 02/21/96 Creates crosswords w/vocabulary lesson or theme words 222KB 06/27/95 Crossword Construction Kit 1.20 917KB 05/05/95 Crossword Mania! v1.0 (1/2) 751KB 05/05/95 Crossword Mania! v1.0 (2/2) 846KB 01/11/96 CrossWord Mania v1.02 (1/2) 751KB 01/11/96 CrossWord Mania v1.02 (2/2) 384KB 02/17/95 Computer Word Search: Find hidden words cyberbj.exe 1835KB 07/24/95 Cyber Black Jack Adult Card Game 552KB 09/29/95 Adventure Game (graphical and animated) for Windows 433KB 02/07/96 Single player Battleship game with raytrace graphics 212KB 01/23/96 Windows card game for ages 5-9 474KB 07/11/95 Defendroid (v1.11) 171KB 02/18/96 3D game of fighting off enemy ships 206KB 07/11/95 Daisy's Garden game of action and strategy 21KB 12/13/94 Dice is a little program that simulates dice 569KB 01/24/96 Memory building game for children 350KB 01/04/96 Dynamine: A new kind of minesweeper game 1093KB 01/14/96 Math practice game for children [1.1M] 168KB 01/18/96 Dreams Interpretation Software 742KB 09/27/95 Realistic horse-race/wagering game w/ graphics & sound 938KB 01/14/96 Spelling practice game for children 160KB 07/29/95 Double Dynamite Video Slots V1.1 165KB 03/08/96 Double Dynamite Video Slots v3.2 121KB 12/31/95 Scientifically sound, fun way to test/train your ESP 85KB 11/29/95 Flashcard study for any subject, any language 365KB 02/28/96 Improve your knowledge of State Flags w/ Professor Egg 443KB 12/12/95 El-Ixir Strategy Board Game 30KB 03/02/95 Map veiwer for some PBM games, Atlantis and Blitz 1702KB 05/12/95 Entombed v1.7: Escape the ancient tomb 156KB 01/15/95 European geography games ver2 577KB 07/02/95 The Elliott Wave Tutorial: financial forecasting 1246KB 09/15/95 A compilation of 5 addictive card games for Windows 921KB 10/23/95 Five card games for Windows 800KB 04/03/95 Knock words off puzzles and view 256 color pics [820k] 1751KB 03/05/96 A HUGE, very detailed fantasy rpg/like Ultima-2M 11KB 01/02/96 The ultimate windows eyes. Creepily alive 256KB 12/07/95 Arabic teaching software with sound 210KB 03/12/96 FoxFire 13 solitaire for Windows, v1.03 341KB 08/19/95 Fruits Fields game for Windows 212KB 01/30/95 First International Internet Backgammon Server [FIBS] 174KB 08/18/95 TC Space Fighter 163KB 09/07/95 Windows Shareware Puzzle Game 331KB 12/10/94 FishHatchery: Buy/sell fish, hire workrs, run the place 127KB 01/27/96 2 pack patience game 1073KB 02/26/96 Hex-map based starship tactical combat simulator 72KB 07/24/95 Flop v1.00: a puzzle game 21KB 09/04/95 Fly Shot for Windows kill flies on your machine 295KB 12/23/95 Finderz-Keeperz matching game for children 1353KB 02/23/96 Patch, Fields of Battle reg. MS-Win 1.2->1.3 683KB 02/23/96 Fields of Battle: Strategic WWI game (file 1/8) 683KB 02/23/96 Fields of Battle: Strategic WWI game (file 2/8) 683KB 02/23/96 Fields of Battle: Strategic WWI game (file 3/8) 683KB 02/23/96 Fields of Battle: Strategic WWI game (file 4/8) 683KB 02/23/96 Fields of Battle: Strategic WWI game (file 5/8) 683KB 02/23/96 Fields of Battle: Strategic WWI game (file 6/8) 683KB 02/23/96 Fields of Battle: Strategic WWI game (file 7/8) 502KB 02/23/96 Fields of Battle: Strategic WWI game (file 8/8) 93KB 04/24/95 Card game Forty Thieves 17KB 01/28/96 Program to assist students learning French 169KB 03/08/96 Tetris Clone 42KB 07/03/95 Fructus is a Columns-like game 78KB 01/17/96 3D puzzle with cubes rotating over coloured squares 212KB 09/08/95 Four Seasons v1.07 solitaire card game 222KB 03/12/96 Four Seasons solitaire for Windows, v1.08 1173KB 03/04/95 Game Master Assistance for Fantasy Role Playing Games 61KB 09/06/95 A Windows video poker game 63KB 10/31/95 A variety of video poker games 140KB 09/06/95 Funsol 1.5: 25 solitaire games for Windows 145KB 10/31/95 A variety of solitaire games 3345KB 12/20/95 Gazillionaire galactic trading game [3.4M] 81KB 03/08/96 Tetris clone 44KB 07/24/95 Updated version of a Tetris-like game 16KB 03/08/96 Complex strategy game for Windows 589KB 01/05/96 Strip poker game **Adults Only** 136KB 03/15/96 Go-Moku game for MS-Windows 19KB 04/10/95 Gold Monkey 2.1 Strategy Game 678KB 01/26/95 Support utils for Games Room (gmroom12,groom132) 1191KB 01/14/95 The Games Room Collection of Board Games for Windows 474KB 10/20/95 GoldPusher game: mixture of puzzles, strategy, action 51KB 12/09/94 Another GoMoKu Game 377KB 07/25/95 Go-Moku v2.1 Japaneese game 132KB 02/29/96 Collection of 30 solitaire games for serious players 714KB 05/02/95 Chess,Chckrs,Stratego,Conquest,Cnct 4,Btlshp,Dmnte,Hex 1061KB 01/11/96 Gemstorm demo version [1M] 473KB 06/27/95 Guitar Teacher v2.00 251KB 05/08/95 Gravity Well for Windows 135KB 05/08/95 Gravity Well for Win32s/NT 251KB 09/04/95 Gravity Well - Interstellar War for Windows 267KB 10/24/95 Ultimate HangMan, digital sounds, 3 levels, color 131KB 09/17/94 Hangman for Win 3.1 v. 1.05 40KB 01/08/96 Hangman game ( Requires VBRUN300.DLL ) 52KB 12/20/95 Shoot-em up game - seek out and destroy smiley faces 21KB 05/01/95 Hex game which runs under Windows 24KB 01/18/96 Tile game for MS-Windows 3.1+ 21KB 03/08/96 Generator of hex-maps for strategic board games 18KB 08/28/95 counts sheep jumping over a fence 154KB 02/17/95 Hang Man Game. Includes desert bckgnd/graphics 2746KB 08/14/95 prepare for a hockey draft 38KB 10/16/95 Hollywood "Rectangles" like TV Game Show 183KB 07/29/95 Home STretch Horse racing v2.1 for Windows 190KB 03/08/96 Home Stretch Horse Racing v3.2 38KB 08/18/94 Icon Remember Game ver. 2.0 269KB 02/20/95 Windows solitaire gard game 173KB 11/05/95 Internet / single-machine multi or one player Tetris 439KB 09/06/95 The Inside World v1.2 Roleplay game 443KB 10/31/95 Graphical role-playing game 1200KB 08/01/95 Inner Space Game 835KB 01/06/96 International Cricket Test Match Simulator 144KB 02/18/96 3D game of a tank vs flying alien ships 270KB 03/23/95 Nihongo Sensei Talking Japanese tutor with hiragana 1/4 300KB 03/23/95 Nihongo Sensei Talking Japanese tutor with hiragana 2/4 232KB 03/23/95 Nihongo Sensei Talking Japanese tutor with hiragana 3/4 52KB 03/23/95 Nihongo Sensei Talking Japanese tutor with hiragana 4/4 96KB 08/29/95 Jiji and the mysterious forest role game 44KB 08/29/95 Jiji and the mysterious forest (part 2) 70KB 10/24/94 Jokes on demand 83KB 09/14/95 Player vs. computer secret word challenge like Jotto 162KB 08/18/95 TC Joust is a 3D game of knights 366KB 07/25/95 Four card games and a maze game for Windows 81KB 09/04/95 Kainan2 for Windows shoot-em game 461KB 10/17/95 Klabiash Card Game for windows 81KB 09/04/95 Koro for Windows action board game 43KB 09/04/95 Miss Chieko for Wkiss doll game 81KB 09/04/95 data for WKISS cloth changing doll program 16KB 09/04/95 Rotating Susi is a action puzzle game 313KB 12/31/95 A find the mine game that goes beyond minesweeper 455KB 03/15/96 Click on animals to make them make sounds 281KB 12/09/95 Larry1 game 565KB 08/11/95 Over 700 jokes and quotes 949KB 02/15/96 Multilanguage Vocabulary and flash - cards-1M 82KB 07/25/95 Lines Logical Board Game for Windows 1500KB 12/28/95 Learn the Alphabet & Numbers 919KB 10/29/95 Math Practicing Program 233KB 09/18/95 Pick a Winner number generator - Windows 3.1 or 95 177KB 10/03/95 Universal Lottery program with attractive graphics 224KB 09/22/95 Rev. Lowell's Treasury of Humor v1.2 <ASP> 1756KB 03/15/96 16 toys for children. Cars, Plane, etc 70KB 07/29/95 Lucky Stars Video Slots V2.1 141KB 03/08/96 Lucky Stars Video Slots v3.2 18KB 12/20/95 Ludo is a Windows shareware puzzle game 557KB 02/03/96 Las Vegas Slots-PRO: 9 wheel slot game with jackpot 300KB 04/28/95 Word Study Program (Anagrams, Hooks, Word Lists) 785KB 08/01/95 Mah Jongg for Windows v1.01 56KB 05/01/95 Marble is a pinball-logic game 14KB 07/11/95 MARBLES is a video-lottery game 31KB 05/09/95 Mastermind (Speak the Truth) v1.0 98KB 04/07/95 MatchBox game 98KB 06/12/95 Matchbox game math10.exe 107KB 12/27/95 Math test for kids from 5 to 12 148KB 10/31/95 MATH FLASH CARD GAME W/ VARYING TYPES AND DIFFICULTY 300KB 09/02/95 MathFlash v1.1 flashcard math tutor 48KB 04/29/95 Maxit is a game of skill, luck and mathematics 34KB 09/22/95 A game of skill, luck and mathematics 36KB 05/01/95 Maze game which runs under Windows 246KB 09/04/95 2d action maze game 23KB 10/06/94 Maze game for Windows 112KB 04/24/95 Another Yahtzee Game 141KB 08/16/95 Mega Jatsy dice game 53KB 05/09/95 Memory Tiles game tests your memory skills 27KB 09/04/95 Naive Girl with Glasses for doll program 1164KB 09/03/95 TZ-MiniGolf v1.0: miniature golf simulation (1/2) 1391KB 09/03/95 TZ-MiniGolf v1.0: miniature golf simulation (2/2) 533KB 04/17/95 Action-adventure game for Windows 3.1 [546k] 17KB 08/23/94 International Minesweeper assistant/solver 15KB 05/04/95 MASTER MATHS: Math Tutor Game (preschool) 66KB 02/25/96 Montana Solitaire Version 2 2509KB 07/31/95 Mordor: Fantasy Role-Playing Game 646KB 11/23/95 Mosaic puzzle game w/sound, use numbers or bitmaps 184KB 05/09/95 Mother Of All Battles v1.3 862KB 09/04/95 Mr.NFL v3.0 NFL Handicapper 31KB 05/09/95 Mastermind Game 93KB 09/04/95 Munyu is a puzzle game my_math.exe 437KB 08/22/95 Mathematics Game 96KB 01/30/96 Napoleon Solitaire: collection of 10 2-deck games 489KB 02/27/96 Random Number Generator for Lotteries 119KB 12/05/94 Netris: Game of Tetris for Windows 193KB 12/05/94 Sound effects for Netris 67KB 12/05/94 256-color background graphics for Netris 663KB 07/25/95 Run an NFL Office Pool 138KB 02/17/96 Windows shareware wargame Battle of Waterloo 383KB 02/05/96 Helps young children learn their numbers 108KB 09/02/95 Numer is a program of Numerology 30KB 08/28/95 NumLis is an educational game 329KB 08/25/95 Office Darts 301 v3.0 895KB 06/27/95 Simpson Trial Trivia Game omine06.exe 465KB 02/09/96 Minesweeper Game for the True Connoisseur 885KB 01/28/95 Order Out Of Chaos puzzle game for Windows [907k] 347KB 09/23/95 Several popular polyform puzzles in a single program 885KB 07/06/94 Order Out Of Chaos - A hypnotic Windows game 215KB 07/26/95 Office Football Pool Management Software 121KB 04/22/95 A strategy game based on a grid with aliens 109KB 07/27/95 Typing tutor (Win) with 15 skill levels & 3 reports 760KB 02/29/96 A funny pac-man clone, 21 levels, 4 bonus stages 29KB 02/29/96 Palmistry Topics Interpretation Software 408KB 09/10/95 Paradise Solitare 481KB 12/28/95 A solitare game 30KB 09/04/95 Try and Solve It Puzzle 10KB 09/04/95 Peg Solitaire for Windows 246KB 01/29/96 Peg Solitaire 203KB 08/20/95 capture the elements of the periodic table 989KB 10/01/95 Predict the scores of pro football games (1Meg) 554KB 03/09/96 Panzerkrieg Two Player WWII Game v4.0 342KB 03/09/96 Panzerkrieg for Windows Manual 531KB 07/10/95 PHYSICST is a hypertext physics tutorial 684KB 08/13/95 Picture Puzzler 1.0 Puzzle Game for Windows 329KB 10/29/95 Adventure/role playing door game 265KB 02/14/96 Double-Deck Pinochle card game for Win 3.1 & 95 903KB 02/20/96 You're assigned to destroy the enemy's space-radars 115KB 01/18/96 PixM! Tiles of Trouble! Find the animals if you can! 307KB 08/09/94 Video Lottery Terminal style poker game 8KB 09/16/95 Gives you info on planets in the solar system 215KB 03/04/96 Educational program for math and science 610KB 02/21/96 NCAA Basketball Tournament office pool manager 1071KB 09/22/95 Multimedia fast action arcade basketball game 54KB 09/23/95 A 3 dimensional ping pong game 664KB 10/30/95 Super Pong for Win3 and Win95 123KB 11/16/95 Shareware pool game for windows 562KB 03/09/96 Turbo Picture Poker v1.0 45KB 07/21/95 Pocket Poker for Windows v1.1 139KB 02/18/96 3D virtual game of pingpong against the computer probal95.exe 406KB 09/15/95 Football picks based on scores and math analysis 148KB 12/07/95 A program to cheat 538 Games FREEWARE 269KB 01/17/96 Determines Your Personality Type ptic.exe 968KB 04/17/95 Simple Tic-Tac-Toe program w/pics and sound 50KB 03/20/95 Pudge is a challenging puzzle game 49KB 12/02/95 Quaint little matching game from NordicSon 136KB 09/07/95 Make and play jigsaw puzzles from .BMP files puzzle10.exe 681KB 02/19/96 Shareware Windows picture puzzle game 125KB 10/28/95 Another puzzle! This time from Italy... 427KB 06/28/95 Private Tutor study material assistant 50KB 09/17/94 Puzzle-8 for Win 3.1 v. 1.04 1071KB 08/19/95 Quarry 1.2 Animated Puzzle Logic game qunzr15b.exe 253KB 04/08/95 Quenzar's Caverns 1.5 Dungeon Adventure Game 168KB 12/19/95 Rangoon is a game of solitaire 218KB 01/21/95 exterminate all the rats 41KB 02/15/95 Simple windows 3.x game based on rubik's clock 191KB 12/31/95 Red Dog casino card game 127KB 02/25/96 Regiment Patience: 2 pack patience game 147KB 12/07/95 A circular Tetris type game 80KB 09/04/95 Squash those roaches with a slipper 913KB 03/04/96 A game of logic, you vs. killer robots, lots of noise 1165KB 08/19/95 Ronnie Resort I 1.2 Animated Puzzle game 84KB 02/18/95 REAL VIDEO BLACKJACK v2.1 for Windows 89KB 03/08/96 REAL Video Blackjack v3.2 82KB 02/18/95 REAL VIDEO POKER v2.1 for Windows 91KB 03/08/96 REAL Video Poker v3.2 98KB 01/29/96 Simple Lottery Number Generator ( Freeware ) 25KB 08/29/95 Same Game for Windows is a board puzzle game 92KB 10/21/94 Easy to learn addictive card game w/computer opponents 333KB 03/18/95 Scopone Italian card game 124KB 02/25/96 Scorpion Patience: 2 pack patience game 230KB 07/23/95 Game based on the Milton Bradley game Scrabble 261KB 06/15/95 SCRABOUT - word game, based on Scrabble 656KB 07/23/95 Space Empires II v1.2 strategy game 267KB 01/04/95 v2.1 of Seahaven Towers Solitaire 39KB 09/03/95 Card Seeking 2.0 Notes 1227KB 03/06/96 Smoke'em Poker 1.7 - draw poker against 5 players 44KB 09/04/95 horizontal scrolling game for Windows 1837KB 07/10/95 Star Fleet Combat Simulator (1/2) 1367KB 07/10/95 SFCS:The Academy MS Video Runtime (2/2) 894KB 05/12/95 Shih Dao is the ultimate strategy game 126KB 01/12/96 Shoot Em All: 3D capture the flag shooting game 224KB 08/10/94 Simone: shareware memory game for Windows 15KB 08/28/95 Sinkei a memory card game 169KB 08/18/95 TC Skirmish: 3D capture the flag/paint ball shoot game 53KB 05/09/95 Slay is a wargame set in medieval times slotpro2.exe 168KB 02/04/96 Slot Machine 28KB 12/19/95 Slot machine game 263KB 10/24/95 Wack-A-Mole Action game, smack the rats, moles 1184KB 03/08/96 Mangle an animated, pathetically cute Smiley face 133KB 03/07/96 Computer Snooker Game 172KB 11/28/94 Soccer Management Simulator soccer strategy game 0KB 09/12/95 Three Solitaire Games for Windows 3.1, 3.11, Win95 145KB 09/12/95 Windows Solitaire Trio soli120.exe 743KB 09/21/94 Super Solitaire for Windows [760k] 161KB 08/27/95 Solitaire graphical game maker and player 298KB 12/01/95 Sorcerer's Cave 241KB 06/30/95 Classic spacewar game for Windows 3.X 715KB 07/21/95 Spades Card Game for Windows 1292KB 03/13/96 Moraffware's Spherical Mahjongg! v3 for WIN 3.x 114KB 08/21/95 Spider is a windows solitaire game 708KB 09/18/95 Spirit Riders, vol.1, "The Quest for the Crystal" 519KB 04/25/95 The Spelling Voice Spelling Game with sound 281KB 10/03/95 Super Slots V2.6 175KB 09/25/95 Incentive Chart Program for Children 70KB 02/18/95 LUCKY STARS Video Slots V1.2 1315KB 02/28/96 Multi-player, space strategy conquest game 288KB 03/08/96 Both a slot machine and trivia game 261KB 12/17/94 Startrek is a 3D startrek game [268k] 363KB 03/02/96 Both a slot machine and trivia game (req VBRUN300.DLL) 49KB 11/08/95 A two pack solitaire type Windows card game 7KB 09/04/95 Slimy Characters on the screen 160KB 08/18/95 TC Swordplay:3D game of floating swords used in a bout 1409KB 01/11/96 Crossword Grid Construction Program [1.4M] 118KB 08/25/95 T4 is a challenging board game for Windows 129KB 12/17/95 An easy-to-learn challenging board game 219KB 10/12/95 An innovative typing tutor/game Ver 1.02 271KB 08/14/94 Combat Tanks V1.0 for Windows 1356KB 06/30/95 CyberTarot v2.3a complete Tarot reading system 161KB 09/17/94 Telephone Puzzle for Win 3.1 v. 1.02 78KB 12/12/94 Ten thousand is a windows dice game for 1 to 7 players 91KB 03/08/96 Tetris Light is a small tetris 1232KB 10/16/95 Computer Assisted Learning of Thai 1/2 (1.2M) 1416KB 10/16/95 Computer Assisted Learning method for Thai 2/2(1.4M) 1239KB 07/10/95 Thai Lesson (1/2) 1417KB 07/10/95 Thai Lesson (2/2) 32KB 10/16/95 Trivia Game based on the Game of Tic Tac Toe 197KB 06/27/95 Tiny Mahjongg for Windows 17KB 08/29/95 TimeBomb for Windows detontates a bomb at set time 38KB 02/14/96 4 Towers Solitare Game 122KB 07/03/95 Treasures in Heaven Ver. 1.0 222KB 02/18/96 3D space game against other space ships 11KB 03/04/95 Windows implementation of Triple Yahtzee 77KB 05/01/95 Tristate is a logic game 1415KB 01/04/96 Teaches letters and numbers to very young kids [1.4M] 2993KB 10/22/95 Triad Wargame System Lite (3Meg) 810KB 02/16/95 Teach Your Children math and reading 52KB 04/23/95 Practice typing skills with a game 26KB 01/17/96 Engrossing little game of skill, skones, and waffles 537KB 04/09/95 Ultra Blast 3.0 Breakout/Arkanoid Game 530KB 04/09/95 SVGA Dungeon Game 74KB 01/16/95 The ULTIMATE SOLITAIRE COLLECTION v1.1 86KB 03/08/96 Ultimate Solitaire Collection v2.2 478KB 07/11/95 Utopian Worlds Player Module 93KB 07/11/95 Utopian Worlds ShowOff Adventure 267KB 11/07/94 Video Poker for Windows 1142KB 10/16/95 Computer Assisted Learning of Vietnamese 1/2 (1.2M) 1419KB 10/16/95 Computer Assisted Learning of Vietnamese 2/2 (1.4M) 1167KB 07/10/95 Vietnamese Lesson (1/2) 1420KB 07/10/95 Vietnamese Lesson (2/2) 1028KB 01/02/96 Animated 256 color multimedia tetris clone [1M] 1004KB 01/14/96 Virus:The Game, v1.2 <ASP> from DynoTech Software [1M] 69KB 01/17/96 Volutare 3D Puzzle. Rotate the coloured cubes vortex.exe 258KB 07/10/95 VoRTeX board game of strategy and chance 253KB 02/07/96 Vegas Poker and Blackjack gambling casino game 773KB 02/23/96 Realistic VIDEO POKER simulation. Great graphics! 591KB 11/06/95 Video Poker Deluxe 339KB 07/21/95 Turbo Video Poker v1.3 431KB 02/09/96 Action game and game designer with sound 146KB 08/11/95 Childrens Game of War 465KB 10/14/95 Fast-paced war/strategy game 436KB 12/14/94 WARPATH, Real-Time, Multi-Player Windows Game 789KB 10/10/94 Wasteroids 1.0 is a Windows based asteroids game 231KB 04/03/95 Watzi is a Windows version of Cahtzee 927KB 07/21/95 Windows based art editor for Doom, Heretic 20KB 02/26/96 Displays forward, reflected and resultant waves 92KB 03/04/96 Beetris is an HexTris implantation 293KB 08/19/95 WCanasta 1.4 Card game 2551KB 01/26/96 Various chess games [2.6M] wdschgen.exe 100KB 12/05/94 Word Search Puzzle Generator 317KB 07/26/95 World Flag Clock V1.0 158KB 01/17/96 Word find game, builds and prints puzzles 655KB 02/23/96 Win3.1+ Lotto app w/wheeling tbls, DBs, stats, SB spt 126KB 09/14/94 WinAnt 3D rescue game with hero/heroine + vicious ants 268KB 10/19/95 NBA stats-predictions-schedules-rules 1996 winbowl.exe 251KB 02/12/96 3D Bowling Game for Windows 3.1+ 501KB 11/13/95 Complete Craps game w/ Auto features & Help 1296KB 03/08/96 English-German & German-English dictionary 484KB 04/09/95 Mahjongg 1.0 for Windows 86KB 12/13/95 Align blocks like Tetris 48KB 08/02/94 Microsoft Game Developer's Handbook 89KB 10/21/94 A fun and challenging version of Bingo for Windows 1286KB 09/01/95 Moraff's Morejongg Chinese Tile Game 96KB 12/13/95 Win Math is a math drill program 263KB 01/01/96 Pacman for windows. Raytraced graphics, 50 levels 475KB 02/24/96 Design and build intelligent fighting robots 31KB 04/05/95 Window Sniper: For the Doomsters 69KB 11/11/95 Spades Card Game 61KB 04/17/95 WinSpades v1.0 Spades Card game 36KB 09/06/95 Windows 3.1x port of TinTin-III MUD client 36KB 10/24/95 Fast client to help dikumud-players 578KB 02/11/95 256color Windows puzzle game 170KB 02/11/95 CHRONOS/WIT history/events educ relation database 165KB 02/11/95 BIBLE TIMELINES/WIT history/events relation database 72KB 08/28/95 KISS is a dress-up doll program 13KB 09/04/95 Eyes follow mouse again 39KB 01/04/95 A mind game for Windows 3.1 and NT (French) 39KB 01/04/95 A mind game for Windows 3.1 and NT (US) 959KB 06/27/95 Moraff's Morejongg game 189KB 03/04/95 Word Mastermind Game 1011KB 03/14/96 Foreign Vocabulary Builder (French, German..) 365KB 06/27/95 WordWiz 3.0 Crossword Puzzle Designer 410KB 06/30/95 WORDY v3.13: Educational wordgame study system 189KB 08/18/95 TC Virtual World: 3D shoot-em game vs tanks and planes 971KB 08/19/95 Wordmix 1.2 Word Scramble Puzzle game 107KB 01/30/96 WordSeek: Word Search Puzzle Game 424KB 07/19/94 Version of Asteroids Game for Windows 87KB 01/13/96 Play or print word-search puzzles -bugs fixed 230KB 06/27/95 Word Search Puzzle Creator 43KB 08/01/94 Air hockey game for Windows 1051KB 02/03/96 Multimedia Spelling Tutor (TrialWare) 352KB 01/11/96 WordSearch Mania v1.13 - Solve Word Search Puzzles 181KB 03/19/95 World War II Battles: Normandy 244KB 02/20/95 Windows yacht game 155KB 05/21/95 YahtC v2.3 is another Yahtzee clone 158KB 02/10/96 YahtC Dice Game 79KB 10/17/94 Yet Another Version of Attacks: Othello-like Game 53KB 03/06/95 Yacht-Z is a version of the classic dice game 181KB 08/18/95 Zeek the Geek Part One 854KB 01/19/96 Hyper Sound and Action Fight Game, HiRes Gfx 1/4 1315KB 01/19/96 Hyper Sound and Action Fight Game, HiRes Gfx 2/4 1390KB 01/19/96 Hyper Sound and Action Fight Game, HiRes Gfx 3/4 1378KB 01/19/96 Hyper Sound and Action Fight Game, HiRes Gfx 4/4 532KB 01/13/96 Color-by-number game for ages 3 and above 280KB 01/13/96 Combination slider and jigsaw puzzle for ages 3+

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