Miscellaneous Windows Files

Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:22:39 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description

#1hit95a.zip 955KB 05/01/95 db records to reach No 1 on charts: 1917-1994 (1/2) #1hit95b.zip 1421KB 05/01/95 db records to reach No 1 on charts: 1917-1994 (2/2) 1cffw52.exe 2027KB 03/14/96 College Funding Finder locates student financial aid 1stclass.exe 2347KB 02/12/96 Teacher's Grading Software for Windows 2000quot.zip 205KB 01/11/95 2,000 Great Quotations 21.zip 30KB 03/22/95 Uselessware: calcs number of days until you're 21 3dem.zip 253KB 11/21/95 Ray traced scenes from DEM files/NASA Mars Digital Map 3eck10.zip 35KB 03/09/95 program for plotting ternary diagrams 3eck11.zip 36KB 09/06/95 program for plotting ternary diagrams 4lang32a.zip 83KB 07/29/95 Language Tutor v3.2 for Windows 800_9508.zip 96KB 08/12/95 dbf of 7060 toll free pc vendors abible1.zip 1330KB 03/12/96 Bible Research software with 2 translations 1/3 abible2.zip 1294KB 03/12/96 Bible Research software with 2 translations 2/3 abible3.zip 1360KB 03/12/96 Bible Research software with 2 translations 3/3 aesop11.zip 182KB 10/27/95 OmniMedia Electronic Book -- "Aesop's Fables" airport.zip 863KB 01/17/96 Distances, maps & airport info for frequent travelers alex10a.zip 368KB 11/14/95 A search-and-display mechanism for religious texts allma.zip 128KB 02/11/95 15 Popup Toolbars for use with Ami Pro ver 3.0-1 amimacr3.zip 54KB 08/30/94 30 Files of AmiPro Macros and style sheets amimcrs.zip 801KB 09/26/94 More zipfiles of AmiPro Macros [820kb] amiweb16.zip 89KB 11/27/95 AmiPro Toolkit for authoring HTML docs v1.6 ananga10.zip 883KB 10/27/95 OmniMedia Electronic Book -- "Ananga-Ranga" aniwin.exe 0KB 11/17/95 Animation movie-making for Windows (uses LHA) apwritr2.zip 41KB 08/30/95 Freelance Writer's Macros for AMI PRO Version 2.0 ayli12.zip 227KB 03/05/95 As You Like It v1.2 - customizable elec book reader bahai1-5.zip 1305KB 03/12/96 Baha'i Search: 3 million word search software 1/5 bahai2-5.zip 1410KB 03/12/96 Baha'i Search: 3 million word search software 2/5 bahai3-5.zip 1314KB 03/12/96 Baha'i Search: 3 million word search software 3/5 bahai4-5.zip 1420KB 03/12/96 Baha'i Search: 3 million word search software 4/5 bahai5-5.zip 1348KB 03/12/96 Baha'i Search: 3 million word search software 5/5 baseball.zip 112KB 08/17/95 Connect to teams front offices basebl20.zip 111KB 01/14/96 Call any Natl or Amer League team [900 number; .99/min] batmemes.zip 254KB 07/18/94 BatMemes aid for Writers, Poets, and Creative Thinkers bbs_9508.zip 24KB 08/12/95 dbf with 1300+ toll free phones of hw/sw corps bcfh11a.zip 660KB 08/13/95 The 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith bds180.zip 1144KB 11/17/95 Automates/Manages Multimedia Collections/Presentations beamwin2.zip 1162KB 12/24/95 Calculation Tool for BALZERS Mass Spectrometer(1.1M) biblehtm.zip 1540KB 09/21/95 KJV Bible in HTML bioplot2.zip 374KB 02/03/94 Biorhythm Plotting Program biorythm.zip 104KB 06/16/94 Biorhythm for Windows bizwiz25.zip 858KB 09/26/95 Business Success Secrets Revealed; SOHO Resrcs Listed bka2.zip 639KB 08/31/95 Bible Knowledge Accelerator learning tool (.hlp) bmbsea11.zip 431KB 10/27/95 OmniMedia Electronic Book -- "Bomb Season" bof203.zip 6043KB 12/18/95 Preventive Maintenance System for Industry [6M] bom10.zip 325KB 11/14/95 The Book of Mormon: requires ALEX10A.ZIP or later brewhaha.zip 445KB 04/22/94 Track your homebrewing [455k] cacyvo3b.zip 1492KB 09/26/95 Acq and evaluation of cycl. voltammograms cadu17.zip 66KB 08/12/95 List of AutoCAD shareware files calend11.zip 96KB 10/14/95 Gregorian/Islamic/Jewish perpetual calendar callid.zip 56KB 03/05/95 Utilize SupraModem Caller ID by playing WAVs by caller captain.zip 416KB 08/30/95 The Captain v1.0s: program for PC-based Home Automation carto20a.zip 246KB 05/12/95 Carto: connect tachymeter directly to laptop cccscan.zip 834KB 10/01/95 Control for Radio-Shack PRO-2005/6/35 Scanners cd4-755.zip 37KB 08/30/94 Cardfile database of 755 fonts included with CorelDRAW4 ceav.zip 1264KB 04/04/95 All about Viennese in Windows .HLP File Format cfk.zip 77KB 02/21/94 Cash For Kids 1.0T: Teach kids to save/spend wisely cfwindem.zip 598KB 03/06/96 Airfoil template plotting/modification software cgio20.zip 1448KB 11/28/94 Collegio 2.0: Info Source for College Football Fans cgiorx12.zip 53KB 11/28/94 Week 12 statistics datafile RECORDS.CDF fpr cgio20.zip cheminfo.zip 20KB 07/27/94 Cheminfo.hlp is a windows3.1 help file for Chemistry chrono.zip 3KB 02/13/96 A fun clock/timer that counts down to the year 2000 cica2sim.zip 28KB 05/19/94 Convert CICA Index files into SimTel format clip101.zip 67KB 09/13/94 Look up CorelDraw! clip art by keyword closerd2.zip 1334KB 02/21/96 Real estate settlement system for Windows v.2.0 - 1.3M cneendvb.zip 1314KB 04/28/95 Novell CNE test preparation software cneendvr.zip 1412KB 07/27/95 Novell CNE test preparation software cnvcic14.zip 135KB 09/11/95 Cnvrt CICA index file to SIMTEL IDX format codered.zip 661KB 09/23/94 Code Red! is a cardiac arrest clinical simulation cofnet31.zip 4011KB 11/14/95 View and analyze chemical structures [4M] congres2.zip 234KB 11/25/95 Displays 104th U.S. Congress's Names and addresses congrs20.zip 110KB 01/14/96 Call any Congress Rep in Wash DC [900 number; .99/min] country.zip 912KB 01/30/95 Planning and Building a New Home in the Country crdexp.zip 9KB 05/16/94 Convert cardfile (.CRD) to an ASCII delimited file csr-509h.zip 46KB 10/05/95 CyberScout Roundtable newsletter 9/95 (.hlp) curfit11.zip 550KB 01/12/96 Scientific data regression cyril114.zip 470KB 10/27/94 Cyrillic Pedigree Drawing with Genetic Marker Handling dcard30.zip 811KB 03/14/95 DigiCard for Windows v3.0 -- Multimedia Flash Cards death101.zip 140KB 09/25/95 Statistical count down clock until your life ends decision.zip 88KB 12/05/94 Math Tutor:implements 3 algorithms under Windows demoregr.zip 362KB 08/18/94 Click&Learn Regression interactive learning tool [372k] design11.zip 421KB 01/04/94 Design-a-Room:design by arrange walls, furn, fixtures detector.zip 283KB 05/10/94 Learn how to determine if somebody is lying devdic11.zip 392KB 10/27/95 OmniMedia Electronic Book -- Devil's Dictionary" devils10.zip 376KB 04/08/94 The Devil's Dictionary in WinHelp format dir10.zip 1175KB 03/11/94 Directory of Internet Resources 1.0 (.HLP) [1.2mb] direx2b2.zip 1210KB 10/28/95 Tool to generate class-plans dirstats.zip 130KB 01/13/96 Disk space used by each directory, in a tree display divemast.zip 1292KB 07/19/94 DiveMaster 1.0 for Windows Diving Program [1.33mb] divlettr.zip 35KB 02/21/95 Utility which tests hand-eye coordination divlog.zip 94KB 08/11/94 Diver's Log Windows App dizview.zip 95KB 02/25/95 View FILE_ID.DIZ in .zips w/drag-n-drop doppler.zip 19KB 09/19/95 Qualitative demonstration of the Doppler effect drwindex.zip 844KB 05/13/95 Hypertext Index WWII Scale Aircraft Drawings V1.2 duplex11.zip 129KB 11/28/95 Supplies instant term translation services to any doc dwww2zro.zip 602KB 05/13/95 WII Paper Zero PDF, 6 WWII flying paper models dynotc61.zip 980KB 01/14/96 DynoTech Software Catalog - Winter 1996 [1M] ecb.zip 202KB 11/05/94 EasyCBase 2-D chemical dbase and structure drawing app ecwin.zip 763KB 01/24/96 Cross stitch design program elemv12a.zip 52KB 07/23/95 The Periodic Table v1.2 Wide Beta emag_v1.zip 88KB 08/12/94 eMAG volume one 1994 for Excalibur BBS emmag01.zip 98KB 02/04/96 E-magazine(.hlp):Reference on Business sources ercode11.zip 848KB 04/17/95 Emergency Room Simulator 1.1 [869k] etholog1.zip 46KB 08/22/95 Ethological transcription tool etsgc10.zip 1101KB 02/19/96 High quality Gradebook program written in Visual C++. excal071.exe 266KB 08/25/94 Excalibur BBS Terminal program version 0.71a excalbro.zip 215KB 08/11/94 Excalibur BBS Preview in Windows .WRI format excalhlp.zip 39KB 08/11/94 Help file for Excalibur BBS Terminal program excaltrm.zip 1102KB 04/24/95 Excalibur BBS Terminal program version 0.70a [624k] extract.zip 25KB 05/27/94 Extracts ASCII datafiles into comma delimited files ezybdert.exe 1474KB 03/08/96 Borland Database Engine runtime. ezysmile.exe 128KB 02/29/96 Free and cool windows program famcal15.zip 271KB 08/11/95 Family Calendar for Windows: Print wall cals faqprg03.zip 137KB 03/24/94 FreqAskedQuestions: Windows Programmer (from Usenet) faqwin03.zip 201KB 03/24/94 FreqAskedQuestions: Microsoft Windows (from Usenet) fastdisk.zip 320KB 03/11/94 FASTDISK drivers for WD Caviar drives [328k] fastide.zip 283KB 01/17/96 Perpetual Tide Prediction for US, Canada, Mexico fc.exe 94KB 02/03/96 Side-by-side difference editor, great for merging fcwin140.zip 330KB 10/12/94 Enter, view, and print flash cards fed2_1.zip 517KB 01/19/94 Windows 3.1 Book, The Federalist Papers firew198.zip 503KB 10/01/95 A Fire Department Data Base firfur11.zip 522KB 10/27/95 OmniMedia Electronic Book -- "Fire and Fur..." fishnlog.zip 488KB 05/03/95 Fishing database, organizer, and statistics fixrec.zip 59KB 01/31/96 Corrector window for misrecognized pen input fl-sar20.exe 433KB 08/26/95 text Search/Replace util for Freelance flash_31.zip 237KB 04/14/95 Create, view, and print flash cards flashs.zip 394KB 09/11/94 Flash Cards for Windows: Study Aid/Memory Drill Tool fltwth01.zip 29KB 03/09/95 GUI for the GTE DUAT weather system for pilots food_1.zip 1453KB 03/06/96 Usenet Recipes collection in Win3 Help format [1.5M] fop11.zip 411KB 01/23/95 winhelp periodical with sounds and graphic in English for2c11.zip 948KB 10/27/95 OmniMedia Electronic Book -- "From Fortran to C" fpindex1.zip 2038KB 12/31/95 WWII 3-View Drawing Hypertext Index/40 Samples free_cli.exe 2653KB 03/11/96 TOP30 Climbing: Free climbing competition software freesoup.zip 36KB 12/13/95 SOUP offline packet to Free Agent importer frnkst11.zip 881KB 10/27/95 OmniMedia Electronic Book -- "Frankenstein" fsm20.zip 1007KB 02/25/96 Information about folders NO file manager replacement funex116.zip 100KB 02/18/95 Learn math curves, functions, equations fwwin10b.zip 198KB 12/01/94 Flash card program for learning foreign languages fx113.zip 63KB 04/05/94 Mitsumi FX series CD-ROM drivers, version 1.13 gareth1c.zip 289KB 08/12/94 Sir Gareth Statistical sware v1.0c for Excalibur BBS gatt1994.zip 389KB 12/03/94 Full txt (.hlp) of Global Agreement on Tarrifs/Trade gc101.zip 756KB 01/13/94 GoCIS: Win-based Compuserve session manager gcchrg10.zip 235KB 02/21/94 Calc CIS online time and charges from GoCIS log files ghadv104.zip 346KB 01/06/95 Galahad is a blinker/front-end for BIX ghome12e.zip 2830KB 03/12/96 Ultimate CP290 Home Automation SW. Graphical setup gifvwr.zip 948KB 05/13/95 Fly'N Things GIF Viewer v1.10a gradebk.zip 412KB 07/16/94 Gradebook for Windows v3.04 gramslam.zip 230KB 01/30/96 Easy online Grammar Help; outdoes checkers gtwin203.zip 488KB 09/22/95 System for displaying guitar-chord diagrams gwiz23d.zip 514KB 09/19/94 G-WiZ 0.23d Excalibur BBS Graphics Wizard Demo hbcl74d.zip 354KB 08/29/95 Jewish/common date conversion,holidays,yahrzeit,zmanim hbg10.zip 44KB 11/28/94 Home Business Guide 1.0 hebcl54.zip 156KB 04/28/94 Hebrew Calendar for Windows, version 5.4 help30.exe 35KB 01/19/94 Ami Pro macros to create RTFs to .HLP documents helpinfo.zip 99KB 01/19/94 Text file to help you w/the MS Windows Help Complier hero01.zip 374KB 08/28/95 Boy Detective to the Rescue pix book hhelp10.zip 361KB 09/21/94 DOS Util to display Windows .HLP files hlb15.zip 1985KB 02/25/96 A very complete Ham Radio logbook hm423.zip 70KB 03/22/95 Windows Help File generator for Ami Pro hotline.zip 112KB 08/22/95 Dial NL or AL Baseball front offices howmindw.zip 109KB 06/27/95 How the Mind Works self-help e-book (.hlp) hrcal20.zip 318KB 03/08/96 Astronomy program - approximates stellar radii v2.0 htmlasst.zip 354KB 02/07/94 HTML Doc Writer Assistant (v1/9/94 Version Alpha .25) htmlclrp.zip 41KB 07/26/95 Displays a Color Picker for HTML writers htmledit.zip 335KB 01/03/94 Extensions to edit/create HTML hypertext docs for WWW hurrts2a.zip 179KB 08/13/95 Hurricane Tracking System hwc090b.zip 342KB 02/18/96 Assess the value of various combinations of hardware id_na562.zip 656KB 06/28/95 Simulator for ID LOGIC receivers id_sw562.zip 612KB 06/28/95 ID LOGIC Simulator for Short Wave idxman.zip 686KB 06/07/94 IDXMAN, CICA Index Manager, ver. .01 beta [703k] ilexfree.exe 382KB 11/22/95 Internet/networking lexicon, 2k+ terms,acronyms imedia1.zip 1294KB 10/20/94 infoMedia's National Software Review vol1 imlite.exe 654KB 12/06/95 InfoMap Lite brain-mapping program imlite.zip 639KB 09/29/95 InfoMap Lite brain-mapping program version 1.40.21 indep.zip 1083KB 01/25/95 Independent Review is a review magazine on disc ipwin.zip 177KB 02/18/94 InfoPop Internet Guide for Windows (.hlp) japan11a.zip 69KB 12/22/94 Nihongo Sensei v1.1: Japanese Hiragana Quiz (1/4) japan11b.zip 324KB 12/22/94 Nihongo Sensei v1.1: Japanese Hiragana Quiz (1/4) japan11c.zip 314KB 12/22/94 Nihongo Sensei v1.1: Japanese Hiragana Quiz (1/4) japan11d.zip 175KB 12/22/94 Nihongo Sensei v1.1: Japanese Hiragana Quiz (1/4) jarg320.zip 759KB 01/06/96 Hacker's Jargon ver. 3.20 in WinHelp format jobhlp.zip 17KB 11/23/95 Job help: contract tech. agency listing by state journey.zip 818KB 04/29/95 Journey Toward the Dawn Electronic book jvrbs1de.zip 323KB 01/20/94 Japanese Verbs reference and study program kjv10.zip 1071KB 11/14/95 1611 King James Bible: requires ALEX10A.ZIP or later kwik2.zip 185KB 06/30/95 Kwik Knowledge v2.1: CIS database search util labtalk.zip 490KB 03/07/95 Labtalk (for Origin) reference, winhelp file [503k] land301.zip 1088KB 03/06/95 Landscape Explorer 3D Landscape Viewer/GIS app land350.zip 856KB 10/02/95 3D GIS/Landscape Visualization landa100.zip 655KB 10/19/95 3D Landscape Visualization/Virtual Reality lant41.zip 8KB 06/14/94 Drivers for Lantastic 4.1 and WfWg 3.11 lasso001.zip 42KB 07/30/94 Free downloader (Zmodem-send) for Excalibur BBS lease.zip 52KB 08/09/95 calculate an auto monthly lease payment lebomb.zip 119KB 09/16/95 Protest French Nuclear Testing lgbk125.zip 484KB 03/11/95 Scuba Logbook For Windows V.1.2 lgbolt10.zip 849KB 12/12/95 Electronic Book: LIGHTENG BOLT by Trumpet James llwin103.zip 133KB 02/10/94 MCI videodisc driver collection for Windows3.x logbook.zip 1908KB 04/17/95 Shareware ham-radio utility program [1.96mb] logsat51.exe 1185KB 12/04/95 Satellite tracking program + antenna&propagation utils lokon16.zip 538KB 03/12/96 Build digital circuits. Simulation lotpro35.zip 522KB 11/04/95 Windows Lotto Pro lrn098c.zip 763KB 10/06/95 Programm for learning Vokabulary and Card files mapafri4.zip 9KB 08/12/94 AD Screens of 5 Excalibur BBSes in Africa mapdrw20.zip 87KB 10/03/95 Deed plotter drawing maps on metes, bounds description mapdrw21.zip 91KB 12/14/95 Deed plotter drawing maps on metes, bounds description maps.zip 105KB 08/13/94 72 World Maps and AdScreens for Excalibur BBS marchmad.zip 371KB 03/13/95 March Madness NCAA Mens Basketball Pool Manager mars.zip 73KB 02/23/95 Compute the central meridian of Mars math4x4.zip 504KB 12/18/95 Complete math program, complex #s, trig, stats., etc mcadangl.zip 3KB 11/28/94 Mathcad: angular data from sexagesimal units to radians mdbp44w1.zip 1187KB 01/08/96 Database system for Disc Jockey's Pt 1/3 mdbp44w2.zip 1355KB 01/08/96 Database system for Disc Jockey's Pt 2/3 mdbp44w3.zip 720KB 01/08/96 Database system for Disc Jockey's Pt 3/3 mdbs44w1.zip 1183KB 01/07/96 Database system for Audiophiles Pt 1/3 mdbs44w2.zip 1327KB 01/07/96 Database system for Audiophiles Pt 2/3 mdbs44w3.zip 459KB 01/07/96 Database system for Audiophiles Pt 3/3 me210pdf.zip 1734KB 03/14/96 Me-210 3-View/Description/Photo/Color Profile & Video me_v11.zip 686KB 12/02/94 Morning and Evening: Daily Readings [704k] menwom25.zip 659KB 09/05/95 Naked Truths About the Opposite Sex mfh101.zip 270KB 02/03/96 A guide to the groundwater modeling program MODFLOW mietab42.zip 112KB 05/03/94 Mie scattering program for Microsoft Windows 3.x mitsf112.zip 63KB 03/18/94 Mitsumi CD ROM Drivers mixing10.zip 346KB 02/17/96 Mixer,Agitator,Vessel Design and pipe hydraulics mmm.exe 3321KB 12/03/95 Over 750 Drink Recipes and a Search Engine mmww2zro.zip 500KB 06/27/95 WWII MiniModel Paper Zero PDF 2nd Ed moonpo22.zip 230KB 05/16/94 Computes az/el of sun and moon by date mr.zip 90KB 07/20/94 For the curious: A .GIF of your CICA moderator mread204.zip 403KB 10/14/95 Mread for guitarists mrgbybk1.zip 1925KB 12/13/95 15 WWII Flying Paper Models; 1942 Rigby Book One mrgbybk2.zip 1947KB 12/13/95 15 WWII Flying Paper Models; 1943 Rigby Book Two mrvegas3.zip 94KB 07/23/95 Free Las Vegas Windows Travel Guide v3 mscan1a1.zip 171KB 02/22/96 MODBUS PLC Communications Protocol Tester mscpls35.zip 491KB 11/17/95 Music+ 3.5 for Windows: Music Collection Cataloger mslfiles.zip 178KB 05/20/94 Search SLLIST.TXT at ftp.microsoft.com mtwdisk1.zip 1067KB 12/31/95 Networked version of software for receptionists. 1/4 mtwdisk2.zip 1309KB 12/31/95 Networked version of software for receptionists. 2/4 mtwdisk3.zip 1389KB 12/31/95 Networked version of software for receptionists. 3/4 mtwdisk4.zip 1226KB 12/31/95 Networked version of software for receptionists. 4/4 mudman12.zip 76KB 08/22/94 MUD Man is a utility designed for mud players navcalc1.zip 258KB 11/30/94 Flight planning; Navigation calculator for pilots navsim2.zip 266KB 10/23/95 Navigation calculator for flight simulator pilots ndw.zip 13KB 06/13/94 FAQ for Norton Desktop for Windows netintrm.zip 35KB 07/19/95 Hypertext (.hlp) introduction to the Internet netprb10.zip 33KB 08/02/94 Access data from Pathworks Datalink Driver netscout.zip 473KB 03/04/96 Off-line Internet Resource Locator news.zip 298KB 02/11/96 A Christian newspaper in Electronic Book Format newwords.zip 45KB 02/28/94 Foreign Language Tutor ngcc41.zip 506KB 09/20/95 NutriGenie calorie counter ngfc41.zip 515KB 09/28/95 Nutrition software analyzing fat content in foods ngff41.zip 739KB 07/28/95 NutriGenie Fat to Fit 4.1 for Windows ngrd41.zip 785KB 10/22/95 NutriGenie Renal Diet for Windows nitewrld.zip 978KB 03/15/96 Windows interactive guide to sleep and dreaming nmr_an.zip 105KB 05/05/95 NMR Analyzer for spin systems and calc proton spectrum nnmod106.zip 1428KB 12/27/95 Model data, statistical experiments, or historical dbs nobanner.zip 0KB 12/20/95 How to Skip Win3 Opening Banner noloccr.zip 88KB 10/22/94 Nolo Press' California Legal Code Requester nopain.zip 474KB 08/27/95 Going Under v1.0 Guide for Anethesia <ASP> norsk20.zip 1452KB 02/17/96 Translates from Norwegian to English and back [1.4M] notbk201.zip 242KB 05/30/95 NoteBook to maintain field Notes for social workers npad51.zip 640KB 04/05/95 N.America (Zone 1) Telephone to/from City X-Ref [655k] nscn36.zip 738KB 04/11/95 NutriSoft: Complete Nutritionist v. 3.6 nsdn33.zip 863KB 09/26/94 NutriSoft: Diabetic Nutrition v3.3 [885k] nsewwl35.zip 686KB 02/24/95 NutriSoft Eat Well, Weigh Less 3.5 for Windows nsgwp.zip 680KB 02/22/95 nutrition software with German food database nshhn35.zip 678KB 01/06/95 NutriSoft Healthy Heart Nutrition v. 3.5 nshmod10.zip 112KB 06/28/95 The nuclear shell model V1.0: Nuclear Modelling nslyc32.zip 656KB 09/10/94 NutriSoft: Lower Your Cholesterol v. 3.2 nsmd36.zip 720KB 03/24/95 NutriSoft Managing Diabetes v. 3.6 nsnfpp36.zip 708KB 03/20/95 NutriSoft Nutrition for Peak Performance v. 3.6 nsnfw35.zip 685KB 01/06/95 NutriSoft Nutrition for Women v. 3.5 nsomega3.zip 581KB 02/25/95 NutriSoft Omega-3 Counter v. 3.4 for Windows nspwld34.zip 671KB 11/28/94 NutriSoft: Pyramid Weight Loss Diet nsrcr30.zip 625KB 05/03/94 NutriSoft: Reduce Cancer Risk version 3.0 nswp30.zip 630KB 05/17/94 NutriSoft Weight Perfect 3.0: weight control program ntmdr11.zip 943KB 01/03/94 NetMinder Internet network address database nugi.zip 37KB 02/18/94 Users Guide to the Internet Windows Program o7odbc.exe 532KB 08/18/94 Oracle7 ODBC Driver Version (Level 1) [545k] obs12.zip 408KB 01/23/95 winhelp periodical with sounds and graphic in Polish octk01.zip 308KB 08/28/95 The Fall pix book oneyear.zip 133KB 01/16/96 A one year bible program, works with QuickVerse organic.zip 157KB 11/30/95 Hypertext Dictionary of Organic Chemistry (.hlp) oria100a.zip 592KB 01/21/95 Circular/orientation stats for Windows (1/2) [608k] oria100b.zip 583KB 01/21/95 Circular/orientation stats for Windows (2/2) [600k] ozw103a.zip 345KB 01/17/94 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 1/13 ozw103b.zip 31KB 01/17/94 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 2/13 ozw103c.zip 116KB 01/17/94 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 3/13 ozw103d.zip 146KB 01/17/94 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 4/13 ozw103e.zip 55KB 01/17/94 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 5/13 ozw103f.zip 131KB 01/17/94 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 6/13 ozw103g.zip 169KB 01/17/94 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 7/13 ozw103h.zip 473KB 01/17/94 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 8/13 ozw103i.zip 223KB 01/17/94 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 9/13 ozw103j.zip 141KB 01/17/94 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 10/13 ozw103k.zip 127KB 01/17/94 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 11/13 ozw103l.zip 287KB 01/17/94 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 12/13 ozw103m.zip 111KB 01/17/94 Analysis / mapping of census/retail/GIS data 13/13 packy104.zip 161KB 02/16/94 host-mode packet radio app for AEA PK232 or PK88 ctrlr parrot11.zip 224KB 04/30/95 Teach your parrot to speak: PC Parrot Trainer v1.1 passgn50.zip 144KB 02/03/96 Create up to 1,000,000 random passwords at a time pc_faq_2.zip 223KB 12/15/94 PC-Hardware-FAQ in Winhelp format pcxtodxf.zip 558KB 05/13/95 Fly'N Things PCX-To-DXF Conversion v1.0 pdfhelp.zip 816KB 03/10/96 FLY'N THINGS(tm) PDF Help file/Video Test pen_test.zip 2KB 12/02/94 Pentium FPU FDIV Bug Test Applet penezra.zip 54KB 01/30/96 Text Editor for Pen Windows pertable.zip 345KB 11/29/94 Periodic Table Editor design/print huge tables/posters petrarka.zip 134KB 03/12/95 Petri Nets reachability and minimal structure analysis pgen101.zip 1173KB 02/27/95 PowerGenerator v1.01: screen designer for PowerBBS 4+ physicst.zip 532KB 12/07/94 Windows based, hypertext, physics tutorial [546k] pi.exe 3042KB 10/08/95 Pivate investigators program (3.1M) plexfree.exe 515KB 11/22/95 Windows lexicon with 2,000+terms, acronyms pnr_7.zip 70KB 05/11/94 Monthly magazine with PC news and reviews May94 pnr_7pix.zip 205KB 05/11/94 Monthly magazine with PC news and reviews w/pix May94 postcode.zip 487KB 08/13/95 simple post code lookup program for Australia pp30wi.zip 1436KB 03/05/96 Software guided anti-RSI stretch-breaks-1.4M pplan00.zip 9KB 01/17/96 Pacific Planet winhelp periodical - number 0 pplan124.zip 2820KB 02/24/96 Project Planning System for Windows - 2.8M price_10.zip 54KB 05/23/94 WinPrice v1.0: select best pricing between two choices prm21d-1.zip 1349KB 11/29/95 Numerology creates huge reports (like Astrology) [1/2] prm21d-2.zip 924KB 11/29/95 Numerology creates huge reports (like Astrology) [2/2] prnview.zip 54KB 11/04/94 PRN Viewer V3 view info from Draw 3-5 prn files profile.zip 568KB 08/20/94 Personality Profile v1.0. 40 Questions to analyze you profile2.zip 528KB 12/11/95 Test to determine your personality v2.0 proqwk12.zip 20KB 06/16/94 ProComm +/Win QWK/REP management util psychlit.zip 106KB 09/26/94 24 Files of AmiPro Macros and style sheets pub20e.zip 141KB 08/28/95 My Dog Pavlov pix book pwman10.zip 90KB 08/02/94 DEC Pathworks App: maps disk and printer devices, etc. qsolver.zip 324KB 01/05/96 Solves quadratic equations of the form ax^2+bx+c qtwin110.zip 819KB 10/01/95 Retrieve quote info by author, subject, or source qwad.zip 16KB 01/24/95 Quadratic for Windows solves quadradic algebra eqns qwinet.zip 136KB 02/26/95 Quicken Help from Internet Users qwk_stdy.zip 32KB 10/05/95 Simple, effective, generic study tool ran_no11.zip 317KB 01/10/96 Random Number Generator raytr209.zip 349KB 12/05/95 Application for teaching geometrical optics ref364.zip 136KB 02/27/96 Scientific literature manager; needs BWCC.DLL review.zip 1013KB 05/30/94 Reviewers Guide to Chicago Beta-1 (Word fmt) [1.03mb] riskcalc.zip 7KB 12/04/94 Risk calculator rtfgen.zip 112KB 11/06/94 Convert ASCII to RTF rtg13.zip 230KB 01/20/96 Create Tests by Random Selection runstat3.zip 1053KB 01/17/95 Utility for Runners [1.08m] runtrk11.zip 71KB 01/31/94 RunTrak: running (as in jog) logbook program for rv.zip 876KB 12/07/95 Total Recreational Vehicle Software sam1.zip 1051KB 12/27/95 A complete introduction to graphic design [1M] satcon.zip 27KB 10/15/95 Converts between pre-1995 and new SAT/PSAT scores satcon11.zip 62KB 02/24/96 Converts between pre-1995 & recentered SAT scores sbapr95a.zip 762KB 04/04/95 Softbase dbms (.dbf) of 8900 products suppliers 1/4 sbapr95b.zip 792KB 04/04/95 Softbase dbms (.dbf) of 8900 products suppliers 2/4 sbapr95c.zip 455KB 04/04/95 Softbase dbms (.dbf) of 8900 products suppliers 3/4 sbapr95d.zip 257KB 04/04/95 Softbase dbms (.dbf) of 8900 products suppliers 4/4 sbcds954.zip 7KB 04/04/95 Most popular CDs according to ratings in computer Mags sbcds959.zip 9KB 08/21/95 Highest rated CDROM's in computer magazines sbcis954.zip 40KB 04/04/95 Internet and Compuserve and WWW addresses for suppliers sbcis959.zip 49KB 08/21/95 Compuserve/Internet addr, WWW of suppliers sbint954.zip 6KB 04/04/95 New Internet products from SoftBase sbint959.zip 13KB 08/21/95 Latest Internet software, products since 90 days sbmdm951.zip 7KB 01/05/95 Latest US Prices for 28.8 modems etc from SoftBase 1/95 sbnew954.zip 25KB 04/04/95 Latest products last 45 days from SoftBase sbnew959.zip 43KB 08/21/95 New versions of software, products since 90 days sbpop954.zip 10KB 04/04/95 Most sold/popular software from SoftBase sbpop959.zip 7KB 08/21/95 Most popular software since beginning 1994. sbsha959.zip 54KB 08/21/95 Latest shareware and freeware since last 90 days sbwww954.zip 6KB 04/04/95 Internet WWW-pages to suppliers registered in SoftBase sbwww959.zip 8KB 08/21/95 WWW pages to Software/Hardware suppliers scarlt11.zip 402KB 10/27/95 OmniMedia Electronic Book -- "Study in Scarlet" search12.zip 163KB 10/27/95 HTML Web JPEG/GIF Picture Page Generator sf211.zip 133KB 02/29/96 Groundwater pollution spill screening model shadow.zip 195KB 08/01/94 Photoshop-compatible filter Drop Shadow solve.zip 187KB 05/01/95 Solve finds numerical solutions to simult equations spkrbldr.zip 683KB 01/31/96 Design & build Loudspeaker enclosures and crossovers starc000.zip 173KB 10/12/95 Incentive Chart Program for kids submess.zip 1260KB 03/15/96 Subliminal Message Module sunpo132.zip 214KB 05/13/94 Calculate Sun's Azimuth/Elevation by Date suntzu.zip 230KB 01/24/96 Sun Tzu's "The Art of War", Windows *.hlp format supmk110.zip 236KB 01/20/94 Super!Market v1.10 <ASP> creates shopping list quickly survcn11.zip 134KB 10/02/95 Several useful conversions for land surveyors survguid.zip 864KB 02/11/96 Online help w' maintenance, support, tuneups, etc. tarife96.zip 320KB 01/07/96 Calculation Tool for Telekom Users in Germany tbag25.zip 162KB 09/04/95 Travel Bag v2.5 Travel Info Package tdm23.zip 3285KB 07/26/95 Production, Maintenance and Service mgmnt sys tester2.zip 124KB 01/17/96 An electronic flashcard program tfreq.zip 19KB 10/20/95 TrioV+ (765) d/mclk frequency select thai.exe 1161KB 01/17/96 Thai-Editor & German->Thai Translation-Program [1.M] theohelp.zip 138KB 02/07/94 Theosophy Beliefs via Windows .HLP file format tirmag.zip 1072KB 02/03/96 The Independent Review: hypertext magazine of reviews toqckn13.zip 55KB 05/01/95 Cnvrt files of dl'ed stock/mut funds into Quicken toqckn15.zip 58KB 01/02/96 Cnvrt AOL/CIS stock quotes to Quicken's CSV format tp200zip.exe 503KB 03/06/96 Photo-CD viewer/slideshow and organizer tpet22.zip 590KB 03/03/96 Teacher's planning/eval s'ware for nursery school, K-12 traveldb.zip 95KB 04/17/95 Essential travel information for mobile computing pros tsd20.zip 286KB 11/03/94 The Student Directory: Student/Teacher Database tsfr9401.zip 106KB 04/22/94 The Shareware/Freeware Report '94 - #1 tsfr9402.zip 283KB 06/01/94 The Shareware/Freeware Report '94 - #2 tsfr9412.zip 163KB 01/14/95 The Shareware/Freeware Report 94; Dec 94 tsfrbak.zip 539KB 06/01/94 The Shareware/Freeware Report (Aug '93 & Nov/Dec '93) tunit110.zip 94KB 10/03/95 Tune musical instrument by microphone or PC soundcard tv3e100a.zip 547KB 12/06/95 TvText Teletext Viewer for Windows 95 & 3.x twain103.exe 289KB 03/23/94 Epson Scanner Utility [300k] twn0394.exe 786KB 03/02/94 The Other World BBS News Journal (.wri w/color/sound) unicon14.zip 13KB 01/03/94 Unicon: unit conversion app for length, area, mass,etc usalif.zip 1006KB 08/27/95 Life in the USA v2.0 <ASP> for Immigrants to US vegfood.zip 1473KB 03/06/96 Vegetarian and lowfat food recipes (WinHelp) ves12a.zip 546KB 07/27/94 Statistics entry and reporting for softball [560k] vft.zip 173KB 09/11/95 A Bible Verse Display for Windows 3.1, 3.11, Win95 vgw10.zip 998KB 03/09/94 VAR Grade for Windows Grading program vgw102.zip 1014KB 12/01/95 grading and attendance program for teachers vinfiz1.zip 802KB 05/13/95 PDF on 1911 Wright EX aeroplane the Vin Fiz vislib.zip 93KB 02/11/95 AmiPro Visual Symbol Library vt220kbd.zip 3KB 02/17/94 VT220 keyboard mapping for ProComm+ for Windows w31eng04.zip 542KB 10/20/95 Ver 1.60-04 Win3.1x driver for the TrioV+ (765) waps2_0.zip 797KB 11/10/95 Compute scores for US Air Force WAPS test war_cry4.zip 1681KB 12/16/94 Issue 4 of War Cry Magazine (.HLP) fmt: SciFi Game Mag wave_gen.zip 281KB 05/19/94 Generates Trig & Custom Wave Forms for General Use wcmeng.zip 286KB 06/16/94 World Cup Manager Version 2.0 wdr20e.zip 62KB 08/29/95 Walk Don't Run picture book we04a.zip 61KB 03/09/95 A windows 3.1 based mercDiku2.1 area editor wevnt207.zip 189KB 11/29/95 Schedule programs to start unattended wfwptp.zip 328KB 02/18/94 Dial-in Access from remote PC (W4WG only) [336k] win31.exe 321KB 08/28/94 WD Fastdisk driver, version 2.5 [328k] winarea2.zip 25KB 06/18/94 WinArea is a small utility for looking up area codes winbblup.zip 206KB 01/24/96 Upgrade from WinBible 4 to 5 winbibl1.zip 1329KB 03/07/96 Windows Bible [1/2] winbibl2.zip 1294KB 03/07/96 Windows Bible [2/2] winbibl3.zip 1360KB 03/07/96 Windows Bible, many advanced features [1.3Meg] wincat34.zip 456KB 08/25/94 WinCat/PRO 3.4 Disk and CDROM Catalog [468k] winchamp.zip 67KB 03/21/94 Permet de suivre tous les championnats D1 , D2 ou dist winchp32.zip 170KB 02/24/96 Permet de suivre tous les championnats D1 , D2 ou dist windskhc.zip 24KB 02/07/94 Windows 3.1 FastDisk Drivers with HardCard winfit15.zip 502KB 07/11/95 Nonlinear Least Squares Fitting Program winjdic.zip 326KB 01/20/94 Japanese Dictionary for Windows (WinJDIC) winlie10.zip 286KB 10/26/94 Library (books) Manager for Windows ver. 1.0e winmed_1.zip 931KB 01/26/94 Analyze human illness and disease (1 of 3) [953k] winmed_2.zip 864KB 01/26/94 Analyze human illness and disease (2 of 3) [885k] winmed_3.zip 562KB 01/26/94 Analyze human illness and disease (3 of 3) [575k] winpage.zip 34KB 11/15/95 Sends a alphanumic message to a alphanumeric pager winsql.zip 50KB 03/14/95 HLP file: connecting SQL Server to ODBC/dblib Clients winstack.zip 29KB 01/03/94 Help format db of Naturist/Nudist clubs/resorts in USA winstorm.zip 118KB 08/28/95 Windows storm/hurricane viewer wintype.zip 502KB 09/29/94 v0.9.x of Windows Typing Speed Test System [beta] 479k wintype.zip 502KB 05/08/95 WinType Typing Speed Test System wintype.zip 502KB 12/26/95 Typing speed test program wiswin25.zip 1337KB 08/25/95 Writing Tool - 6,561 Quotatations, Sayings and Ideas wizard.zip 102KB 12/18/94 The WIZARD OF OZ in Winhelp format wl4updat.zip 94KB 07/09/94 Windows Latin Tutor v4.1a [536kb] wlatin44.zip 537KB 04/04/95 Lingua Latina for Windows ver 4.4 wn_wnbk1.zip 1298KB 02/14/96 Story Developer, The Writer's Toolkit, and QuickJournal wolr81.zip 506KB 01/04/94 WinOnLine Review, Shareware edition, #81 wolrs35.zip 178KB 01/04/94 Windows On-Line Review, Shareware edition, #35 wolrs36.zip 152KB 01/17/94 Windows On-Line Review, Shareware edition, #36 wolrs42.zip 503KB 06/20/94 Windows On-Line Review, Shareware edition, #42 wolrs43.zip 560KB 07/25/94 Windows On-Line Review, Shareware edition, #43 wols37.zip 137KB 02/07/94 Windows On-line Shareware Review #37 wordweb.zip 3796KB 10/18/95 Freeware thesaurus/dictionary (3.8M) wormhole.zip 116KB 08/13/94 Computer Animated Screens Generator for Excalibur BBS wprot100.zip 132KB 05/04/94 Windows un-installer, German version wrfr11-1.zip 1065KB 10/27/95 OmniMedia E-Book -- "Warfare: Science/Theology" (1/2) wrfr11-2.zip 1208KB 10/27/95 OmniMedia E-Book -- "Warfare: Science/Theology" (2/2) ws052.zip 563KB 02/21/94 Display/handle/analyze time-of-flight spectra [576k] wsc-213e.zip 525KB 12/01/94 VirusScan for Windows new version 2.1.3 wsim21.zip 77KB 06/01/94 Simtel/CICA and others index search program wsisa301.zip 1085KB 04/12/94 Level 3 diags for IBM MWave WindSurfer crd 1/3 [1.08mb] wsisa302.zip 678KB 04/12/94 Level 3 diags for IBM MWave WindSurfer crd 2/3 [694k] wsisa303.zip 818KB 04/12/94 Level 3 diags for IBM MWave WindSurfer crd 3/3 [838k] wt4w30ne.zip 648KB 01/27/95 English-NORWEGIAN-English dictionary and translator wt4w3abp.zip 638KB 02/27/95 English-BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE-English dictionary/trans wt4w3ace.zip 773KB 02/27/95 English-CROATIAN-English dictionary and translator wt4w3ade.zip 635KB 02/27/95 English-DANISH-English dictionary and translator wt4w3afe.zip 619KB 02/27/95 English-FRENCH-English dictionary and translator wt4w3age.zip 638KB 02/27/95 English-GERMAN-English dictionary and translator wt4w3ape.zip 764KB 02/27/95 English-POLISH-English dictionary and translator wt4w3are.zip 819KB 02/27/95 English-RUSSIAN-English dictionary and translator wt4w3asc.zip 788KB 02/27/95 English-SERBIAN CYRILLIC-English dictionary and trans wt4w3ase.zip 614KB 02/27/95 English-SPANISH-English dictionary and translator wt4w3asl.zip 777KB 02/27/95 English-SERBIAN LATIN-English dictionary and translator wtp2.zip 171KB 01/19/94 Windows 3.1 Book, Study of Democracy wwsebv13.zip 645KB 08/03/95 Wilderness Walking Staff Elec Book, Ver. 1.3(A) x10msw30.zip 201KB 11/04/94 Windows home automation app for X10 devices via CP-290 x10sch.exe 1147KB 07/29/95 Schedlr for X10 CP290 Home Automation IF Unit [1.26mb] x10sw.exe 1161KB 11/11/95 Home Automation software for X10 CP290 controller xcable12.exe 204KB 09/08/95 XCable 1.2 tests cables using two PC serial ports your_bbs.zip 1KB 08/13/94 The AdScreen for your BBS (Excalibur) zcb31.zip 425KB 07/29/95 ZIP Code Book v3.1 for Windows zcb32.zip 461KB 11/28/95 Zip Code Book zero2152.zip 1930KB 03/10/96 Zero 3-View/Description/Photo/Color Profile/Video zipex110.zip 1030KB 02/21/96 Zip Express v1.1 Zip Code Look Up; Auto Paste - 1M

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