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The definitive PageMaker ftp site is located at On the WWW, check out:

Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:23:09 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 254KB 03/06/95 Calendar Template creation program for PM5 7KB 01/21/94 Installs a GIF graphics import filter for PM (any ver) 81KB 01/24/94 Aldus Pagemaker 5.0a Interim Release Update Files 35KB 01/24/94 Aldus Technical Docs on Pagemaker pminfo.exe 581KB 01/24/94 Print info about Page Setup and Styles in a PM5 File pmtags.exe 40KB 01/24/94 Check/fix style tags in PageMaker ASCII import files 156KB 01/21/94 Update for Aldus Pagemaker Table Editor 36KB 07/10/94 Word 6 Import Filter for PM 5

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