MicroSoft Word for Windows (WfW) Files

Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:29:19 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 24KB 09/21/93 Macro to print 2 column of filenames per page 44KB 01/24/94 Winword format of 542x user guide / rel 1.41 225KB 01/31/96 Address Book for WinWord 6.0, Version 4.3 1117KB 09/26/95 Extract/format documentation from files with Word6 39KB 06/07/94 APA American Psychological Association Stylesheets 10KB 10/21/91 Print Booklets with Word for Windows without Paste-up 42KB 08/04/93 WfW macro to manage WinHelp src. Get, 2KB 04/07/94 Update to Pretty C Code Printer Macro 68KB 04/18/94 HTML doc template for Word for Windows 2.0 and 6.0 1KB 04/14/92 Configure WfW's Default Working Directory 53KB 02/21/91 Macro to Insert Dingbats, Symbols, and W4W Chars (v.2) 509KB 08/24/95 DocuPower Pro 3.5 - MS WORD Doc Mngmnt 267KB 06/23/94 DocuPower Pro Supplemental Utility Pack 360KB 10/22/93 Macro to translate Word files to WinHelp files 30KB 06/01/94 Dave's Windows Help Template for Word4Win v6.0 301KB 01/09/95 version 2.31 of EasyHelp for Word 2 346KB 02/20/95 EasyHelp - Hypertext authoring system for Word 6.0a 35KB 12/02/94 EDTKEY 1.3 EDT keypad emulator for Word For Windows 108KB 05/13/91 Enveloper 3.2: WfW Macro to Print Envelopes on HPLJs 36KB 03/15/91 Beta Version of MicroSoft's EPS Filter for WfW 1.1 45KB 03/09/95 Macros for Numbering Equations and Figures 1KB 04/05/93 Patch remedies WinWord's formula spacing problem 402KB 07/28/95 EasyHelp/EasyWeb Hypertext authoring sys for Word6 faxsu2.exe 92KB 10/29/94 WinWord 2.x users w/FAXModems, macro to control device 67KB 10/29/95 WinWord 6.x user point-and-click on the output device 78KB 02/18/95 Use file/folder metaphor to organize WinWord DOCs 2KB 01/28/92 Macro to DwnLoad PostScript Fonts 51KB 12/14/94 File Manager Jr. 1.2 <ASP> File manager for WinWord 6 6KB 01/11/92 Macros for Displaying and Printing Font Samples 3KB 01/13/94 Macro: display a string in different available fonts 769KB 08/24/95 FILEWARE 4.0 turbo-charges MS Word 6 12KB 02/07/91 InsertExtSymDing Macro to insert Symbol/Dingbats 8KB 05/20/91 BorderPage: Macro draws a rectangular box around page gcd30.exe 51KB 09/18/92 ChooseDirectory: Macro to set working directory 5KB 05/20/91 Macro Inserts a Print Field at the Current Insertion Pt 16KB 05/31/91 PrintPSEnveope Macro (PostScript Envelope Printer) 5KB 05/31/91 InsertPSMark: Insert watermark across a page (Pstscrpt) 22KB 05/20/91 ShadeParagraphPCL: Macro to grey-shade paragraphs 165KB 12/21/95 Easy online Grammar Help; outdoes checkers 168KB 05/19/92 29 Macros and 35 Additional Commands for WinWord 29KB 12/08/90 Document of Macro Examples, Tricks, etc. 620KB 07/28/93 Word for Windows 2.0 Tricky Stuff 355KB 06/19/94 HELLLP! v2.3a Windows Help File Author aid for WinWord 484KB 08/16/95 HELLLP v2.6 <ASP> WinWord Help File Author 522KB 10/24/95 HELLLP! v2.7 <ASP> Windows Help File Author 167KB 04/29/94 HTML for Word 2.0 258KB 12/01/93 App to create HLP files w/more funcs (Winword 2.x) 249KB 09/13/94 App to create HLP files w/more funcs (Winword 6.x) 1KB 01/24/94 Small macro to insert non-common chars easy and quick 18KB 01/27/96 JUMPTO MACRO SUITE for MS Word 6.0 and 7.0 2KB 09/17/91 Doc for WfW's Macro Utility MacroAssignToKey 215KB 08/03/94 Perform multilingual word-proc in over 60 langs 43KB 11/09/94 Letter template ver 2.6 for Word for Win,W/Phone Book 0KB 10/12/92 Font Macros for WinWord 2KB 11/08/92 Two Macros for WinWord 3KB 12/20/92 Equation/Figures/Toolbar Macros 34KB 07/29/95 Master View 1.1 create long docs in MS Word 52KB 01/25/95 Somar OfficeCab 1.1 - doc mgmt for WinWord, Excel 484KB 04/27/95 Prime 6.0 <ASP>: Word for Windows 6.0 add-in 12KB 11/09/93 Enhances and debugs MS Word 2.0 equation editor 25KB 10/14/94 Word 6.0 Personal Information Manager v2.5 <WinMag> 106KB 08/19/95 Wordware PIM v4.3 for Word 6 129KB 11/02/95 New Print Dialog for WinWord 6.0, Version 2.52 97KB 02/26/96 Print Dialog for WinWord 6.0, Version 2.7 75KB 10/29/95 WinWord 6.x user document your important macros 5KB 10/03/95 Word 6 reference macros 5KB 09/07/93 LaTex type macro for WinWord 14KB 11/22/95 Winword 2/6 macro creates icon for files being edited 43KB 09/07/93 Toolbar-buttons for WinWord 5KB 11/05/94 International smart quotes in WinWord 6 5KB 03/10/95 Word 6.0x macro to automate faxing via Delrina WinFax 37KB 02/19/95 Improved spelling checker for Word for Windows 6.0 45KB 07/11/94 v2.0 of SpellList and Edit Dictionary for WinWord2 64KB 04/13/95 MS Word 6.0 Toolbar/macros-File/DIR Utils,Viewer,etc 227KB 06/17/94 ScriptWright is a Word for Windows add-in 671KB 07/10/95 Screenplay style sheet/demo for WinWord 6 1KB 04/09/91 Help with Symbol Set/WfW 54KB 05/08/95 A numbering tool for MS Word for Windows 6.0 66KB 09/12/95 A numbering tool for MS Word for Windows 6.0 866KB 10/10/95 converts RTF to SGML/HTML [800K] 514KB 10/10/95 Turn Word 6.0 into an interactive SGML/HTML editor 10KB 07/20/95 Macros Libraray for WinWord 6.0 2KB 08/01/91 Table Numbering Macro (RichText Format) 127KB 12/18/95 Template Launcher v1.5 20KB 05/10/94 Button replacements for WINWORD V2.0 17KB 05/03/95 THE TYPING TUTOR v1.1 is a Word for Windows 6.0 macro 47KB 12/21/95 View2 Plus: Total Window Management for Word 6 & 7 36KB 12/21/95 View2: Side-by-Side Editing of Docs in Word 6 & 7 w4w6.exe 1963KB 02/16/94 MS Knwldgbase of bugs, features for Word 6 (.hlp) [2mb] 13KB 01/22/94 WordBook V1.7 is a WinWord Address/Phone Book Manager 264KB 12/22/94 Retrieve lost passwords for WinWord protected documents 22KB 05/30/92 WfW 2.0a Import Filter for PageMaker 379KB 10/30/91 Attach WinGRAB's DB Program to your Utilities Pulldown 3KB 04/14/92 How to Access Fonts in WfW 0KB 04/14/92 Trick to Display Fireworks/Authors in WfW Ver1.1 16KB 09/24/93 Electronic mail program for Word for Windows 334KB 06/18/92 WfW2 Office Power Pack Macro Collection Part A 322KB 06/18/92 WfW2 Office Power Pack Macro Collection Part B 1354KB 07/05/94 Woody's Office PoweR Pack v6.0b <ASP> for WfW6.x [1.4m] 18KB 09/11/94 Revert, Launch List, and Pre-press utils for Word 2.0x 1016KB 04/21/95 Microsoft Word 6.0a+ Internet Assistant version 1.0 11KB 05/09/95 Macros to Emulate WordStart in Word v6.0 ww2sconv.exe 310KB 06/12/92 WfW File Conversion Utility 12KB 07/30/93 Paste from clipboard directly into Winword text 9KB 03/04/95 WWFix 1.3 for Word Printer Selection Utility 7KB 07/14/93 Use multiple Icon bars in Winword 2 47KB 06/26/92 Update WinWord Converter to Accept Excel 4 Files

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