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WinSite Package: wmp2sp04.zip

MPEG-1-Audio Editor

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Date Contributed to Archive: Sep 29, 1995

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Archive:  /pub/pc/win3/sounds/wmp2sp04.zip

         PHADE SOFTWARE Leibnizstr. 30, 10625 Berlin, GERMANY
         Inh. Frank Gadegast          Fon/Fax: +49 30 3128103

         phade@contrib.de   http://www.is.in-berlin.de/~phade


    WMP2SPLT is inexpensive shareware. If you are continuing using
    it after a 30 day trial-period, please send a letter containing
    the filled and signed registration-form and the little donation
    of 30 $ or 40 DM in cash to the address in the REGISTER.FRM-file.

    Permission to use this software and its documentation for testing
    purpose or registered commercial use is hereby granted. The re-
    distribution of this software and its documentation is allowed
    provided that the archive remains complete, that this author notice
    will appear in all copies and a commercial re-distribution is reported
    to and certified and checked by PHADE Software.
                                                           Berlin, 01/07/95


 Length    Date    Time    Name
 ------    ----    ----    ----
   3857  09-20-95  11:03   REGISTER.FRM
   1121  06-28-95  01:21   DFSL.TXT
   1707  09-20-95  13:44   HISTORY.TXT
  12737  05-06-95  01:17   MPCDINFO.TXT
   5622  09-20-95  11:15   README.TXT
 103424  09-20-95  13:46   WMP2SPLT.EXE
 ------                    -------
 128468                    6

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