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Internet info. US Govt.\&Prv.BBS#'s,800#'s \& more

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Date Contributed to Archive: Feb 21, 1996

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Archive:  /pub/pc/win3/winsock/infodisk.zip

    敖嬬樛樛樛樛楪\     SDN International(sm)  The Shareware Network
    | 栩栩栩    
      栩栩栩     This package is security sealed and distributed via
      栩栩栩桀樂   SDN. The shareware program it contains is copyright
                   by the program author.  Do not change this archive.
    叶    SDN     雎
    青陳陳陳陳陳陳潰 烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝
                         World Wide Distribution of Quality Shareware
    Information: BBS 203.634.0370  http://www.pcnet.com/~kaliss/sdn.html
    Distribution packaging format Copyright (c)1995-1996 The SDN Project

 Length    Date    Time    Name
 ------    ----    ----    ----
    447  12-29-95  17:39   FILE_ID.DIZ
    673  02-07-96  13:47   README.TXT
   1043  02-18-96  20:46   SDN.ID
 578001  01-27-96  14:51   SETUP.EXE
 ------                    -------
 580164                    4

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