Borland C++ Windows Programming Files

Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:24:42 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description

3rdplus.exe 79KB 03/02/96 AddIn for Borland C++ 4.5x IDE 51KB 09/29/93 App for Visual C++ based on dialog not Doc-View arch 28KB 04/29/93 DLL to create ToolBar ctrl from resource script w/src 5KB 04/18/92 BACHTOCC.C: Bach Toccata in D Minor Prog Example 4KB 03/14/92 C Source to Load BMP onto Desktop 39KB 01/16/96 Boyer-Moore Fast Text Search for C/C++ Programmers 116KB 04/20/93 design BWCC style bitmap buttons 47KB 04/19/93 latest version of BWCC.dll 57KB 02/26/92 Doc on TC++ container class libraries 226KB 03/24/93 A Borland Resrc Workshop Custom Control Toolbar DLL 25KB 10/21/92 Implement Descendant Shells around CommonDialogs 2KB 11/10/95 Automatically insert comments into code 313KB 02/27/96 M. Cline's C++ Programming FAQ (WinHelp/HTML) 9KB 01/27/96 C++ Shareware Tools Directory 27KB 01/27/96 C++ Tool Producer Directory 385KB 04/11/95 ControlZ is a custom control library (DLL) for C progs 439KB 08/30/95 ControlZ is a custom control library (DLL) 3KB 01/15/92 How OWL Does Dynamic Dispatch Virtual Tables 680KB 03/11/94 GrepBrowser from Oct93 Windows Tech Journal [700k] 232KB 09/27/94 ISAM Manager v1.20 Database Programming System for C++ 83KB 10/05/94 Linked List Test Workbench for C++ 15KB 09/06/93 Allows C++ apps to use member funcs as callback funcs mfc& 30KB 08/05/93 How to use MFC 2.0 with Borland C++ 3.1 6KB 08/05/92 Using Microsoft Foundation Classes (Borland doc) 1KB 09/01/92 Create valid symbol files (*.SYM) from a BCPP map file 5KB 10/12/93 Simple serial communications app (.cpp) 604KB 11/06/95 C++ pre-processor for states, pre/post conditions 108KB 02/12/92 Examples of Custom Controls with ObjWinLib (OWL) 31KB 01/15/92 Examples of Using Dialog Boxes with ObjWinLib 201KB 09/20/93 OWL Template Code Generator 34KB 01/14/96 Produces a calendar for years 1 - 25,000 16KB 10/21/93 Screen saver (w/src) based on OWL screen saver 28KB 10/08/94 Splash BC++ Application 123KB 02/10/95 Tiny Grafing C++ class for Windows 62KB 02/12/92 Updated to BC++ WinSight Files

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