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Filename           Size   Date   Description 175KB 03/15/94 C++ & Pascal 3D graphic animation package (1/2) 219KB 03/15/94 C++ & Pascal 3D graphic animation package (2/2) 5KB 12/15/92 Unicode 1.0.1 Addendum 1237KB 01/21/95 AutoDocumentation System for Windows Version 2.01.40 115KB 08/08/95 Provide Configurable System Level Memory Info 703KB 07/27/95 encapsulates a neural network application 236KB 02/28/95 Artificial Neural Network Documents in Poscript 19KB 04/28/93 Animated Cursor Resource (.ANI) File Format Compiler 51KB 10/08/93 AppWizard-like utility for use with MS Visual C++ 520KB 05/03/94 The complete sources of AppBar 4.00.6 [532k] 50KB 08/12/95 List of know PC ASM files by type 19KB 08/12/95 dbf of known producers of PC ASM apps 32KB 01/04/94 DLLs to create Tool Bar & Status Bar v1.2 w/demo 115KB 05/19/94 Advanced Toolbar Control developer library demo 7KB 02/10/93 DLL to copy, del, rename, set attribs for files 72KB 12/04/94 ToolBar & StatusBar Control DLL v2.01 w/demo atre27.exe 558KB 02/11/93 Atree Adaptive Logic Network (ALN) Simulation Package 51KB 03/04/96 Plays AVI files in a picture 144KB 11/10/94 barcodes.dll is a comprehensive barcode drawing library 364KB 09/26/94 OLE 2.01 barcode server gens barcode objs for OLE apps 38KB 03/04/96 Teaches QBasic programming totally from scratch 7KB 08/26/91 Examples (in C) of a Mimimal MDI Application 57KB 10/21/92 BiolerPlate: Startup for OWL Programming 234KB 09/17/95 Complete Taskmanager for Windows programming 223KB 06/08/94 Win32 System Services: The Heart of Windows NT 2KB 10/21/93 CBStateButton is an MFC class based on PushButton 86KB 09/01/95 dll which calcs / evals mathematical expr 396KB 11/28/94 Cell Automaton Tool build/visualize cell automatons 1/2 276KB 11/28/94 Cell Automaton Tool build/visualize cell automatons 2/2 42KB 03/10/93 Catch Batch Programming Language for Windows 134KB 11/02/92 Database Toolkit for Windows Programmers 44KB 02/06/96 Read audio data from Compac Disc 150KB 08/10/93 C-like batch language for Windows 34KB 02/26/91 C Syntax Checker for Microsoft Windows (Alpha Release) 250KB 09/11/94 Cktbl16 Spreadsheet Control for MS Foundation Class 2.5 16KB 01/27/96 Clarion Shareware Directory 6KB 01/27/96 Clarion Tool Producer Directory 5KB 07/18/92 Same as as a WPWin file 1KB 04/14/92 List of routines req'd after a Win Resource is used 42KB 09/02/93 C++ Graphics Class Library for MS Windows 60KB 04/30/95 Code Counting Utility 848KB 08/29/94 Code Keeper for Windows [869k] 679KB 06/07/94 Code Libararian for Windows version 4 [695k] 53KB 04/12/91 Windows Programmer's Editor (80386 only/Crippleware) 136KB 02/03/96 Updatable combo box library with samples 76KB 07/16/94 Compress for Tkern 1.0 (w/src) 9KB 01/24/95 functions to get summary info from OLE 2.0 docs 9KB 04/03/95 Public Domain and Shareware C++ products listing 133KB 07/20/95 Dev util to enhance registration frequency 281KB 10/03/95 CRC card object-oriented design tool 340KB 12/11/94 String Studio 2.02: MFC 2.5 CString extension and more 168KB 07/04/95 SocketWrench 1.0 custom control for the WinSock API 131KB 01/27/96 C/C++ Shareware Directory 58KB 01/27/96 C/C++ Tool Producer Directory 506KB 04/12/95 C Exploration Tools for Windows [520k] 529KB 07/21/95 C/C++ source code analysis, HTML output 31KB 08/16/95 DateFind v3.0 for MagiCal 13KB 10/27/91 Position Paper on Dynamic Data Exchange Spec 40KB 12/31/95 Allows scripting of applications using DDE 40KB 01/27/96 Delphi Shareware Tools Directory 14KB 01/27/96 Delphi Tool Producer Directory 191KB 04/11/95 Libraries for the NBS Data Encryption Standard 35KB 02/21/95 Spell Check for Edit Boxes DevKit (version 2.01) 56KB 09/17/93 Microsofts redistributable 3d library 250KB 07/16/94 Diff for Tkern 1.0 (w/src) 1301KB 12/15/95 OODA CASE tool,supports BOOCH and OMT [1.3M] 71KB 07/16/94 DOS Utilities for Tkern 1.0 (w/src) 35KB 11/07/91 C-Library for the DPMI 0.9 455KB 02/11/95 RSX DPMI-extender for EMX and DJGPP apps rel 5 [467k] 74KB 10/12/93 Info on the internal structure of window .hlp files 104KB 01/18/92 Dr. Frank: Windows Postmortem Debugging Tool 23KB 11/06/91 Dr. Watson UAE Interpreter Version 0.79 104KB 02/28/96 File Utility view/update hex/dec/oct values 274KB 04/12/95 DBASE Exploration Tools for Windows 290KB 07/21/95 DBASE source code analysis, HTML output 43KB 09/17/94 JPEG decompression library, Windows 3.1 DLL 316KB 05/13/95 Source code file from book Thinking in C++ 234KB 05/01/93 Ada programmers editor for Windows 3.1 987KB 09/26/94 Editron source-code editor [1.02mb] 243KB 08/15/95 Delphi: auto resize children controls 146KB 05/13/95 Programmer txt editor based on VI 1334KB 04/05/95 DLL for displaying 256-color bitmaps in .HLP files 7KB 03/15/93 Windows NT - Exception Handling Example 135KB 04/15/92 Fortran for the Windows 3.0 API kit 25KB 08/13/95 FASTTimer Component for Delphi 1.0 33KB 07/15/92 Trap Application Exceptions 971KB 07/16/94 File Utilities for Tkern (w/src) 1243KB 05/01/95 Scripting language for Windows 3.1x 28KB 04/10/95 Font Builder program for Windows programmers 147KB 01/27/96 FoxPro Shareware Tools Directory 69KB 01/27/96 FoxPro Tool Producers Directory 32KB 05/02/95 FastWave is a DLL that manages WAV files 217KB 09/12/94 FORTRAN Exploration Tools for Windows 300KB 07/21/95 FORTRAN source code analysis, HTML output 325KB 07/25/94 Graphically Assisted Programming Interface 109KB 04/29/95 A 17-function API allows full control over sound mixing 79KB 12/15/92 GNU Sed 117KB 03/05/95 SDK for XYGRAF DOS/Windows graphics lib 285KB 04/10/95 dll implements dynamically updated 2d-plot graph 412KB 08/30/95 dll implements dynamically updated 2d-plot graph 296KB 07/16/94 Grep for Tkern (w/src) 590KB 02/10/93 Windows Help Authoring System (get too) 13KB 12/09/93 HLPDK V10.0+ System Extension Library 288KB 01/11/94 Hypertext Help Development Kit (part 1 of 2) 244KB 01/11/94 Hypertext Help Development Kit (part 2 of 2) 321KB 01/11/94 HLPDK System Library Documentation 101KB 09/04/95 Write Windows help file by filling out cards 1105KB 08/12/95 HLPDK/PA presentation and language ref (.hlp) 807KB 02/25/96 Windows Help Authoring Tool for Word 6.0 436KB 07/10/95 HP48 User-RPL Program Development System 297KB 02/05/96 The Professonal Hex Editor 1218KB 02/12/95 Help Writer's Assistant v1.1 for Windows [1.25m] 11KB 10/21/92 HyperLink: Link between src code and SDK online system i3dkit10.exe 111KB 12/09/93 Create your own interactive 3D programs in C 85KB 07/19/95 LHA compression library for Windows 119KB 04/11/94 Interrupt List to help dev kit conversion program 262KB 04/08/95 ImgLib 32-bit DLL implements raster image functions 734KB 07/19/93 Index for the 32-bit API help file (api32wh.hlp) 300KB 11/28/94 Intl Controls Lib v1.0-Time,Date,Number controls,etc 1080KB 08/18/94 Ralf Brown's interrupt list V42 as winhelp (1/3) [1.1m] 1122KB 08/18/94 Ralf Brown's interrupt list V42 as winhelp (2/3) [1.1m] 894KB 08/18/94 Ralf Brown's interrupt list V42 as winhelp (3/3) [916k] 490KB 02/28/94 Image WorkFrame v1.2: Image Proc Prgrmmrs Tool [502k] 87KB 07/05/91 Class Library for Borland C++ 9KB 02/18/92 KnowledgePro Compile Utility (ver 1.0) krnlkb.exe 187KB 12/16/93 Win SDK Knowledgebase for API calls to Windows Kernel 304KB 03/02/96 Advanced custom edit control for Windows 3.1 193KB 01/30/96 Serial Data Link Monitor 165KB 11/24/95 Backup files in a LAN environment (french vers.) 19KB 06/03/92 Sample MultiMedia File I/O Svcs to r/w RIFF Files (C) 202KB 09/12/94 LISP Exploration Tools for Windows 289KB 07/21/95 LISP source code analysis, HTML output 18KB 02/23/92 Windows LZSS Compression library 49KB 08/16/95 MagiCal is a calendar in a DLL 71KB 11/25/92 MDI adaptation of the MAKEAPP application template 68KB 01/11/92 Examine API funcs, .DLLs, and Device Drivers 1055KB 10/18/94 MathViews Version 1.71A Student version [1.08m] 5KB 04/15/92 Create/Display Message Boxes 31KB 07/19/95 MCI OLE Control BETA 20KB 10/21/92 menubar.dll: allows custom toolbars for programs. 7KB 10/22/92 A Discussion of Metafiles 436KB 03/15/93 MetaEdit, a multi-method graphical CASE tool 283KB 04/05/95 MiniHelp Plus v3.21: create HLP files from ASCII txt 82KB 03/04/96 Plays all multimedia files 540KB 04/03/95 Maurizio Maccani Productivity Pack V 1.0 [554k] mndfra11.exe 467KB 01/25/94 MindFrame for Windows: app to help learn obj modeling 37KB 07/10/95 pre-written code of a perpetual calendar 90KB 10/20/91 WW0440: The Dr. Watson and MSD Diagnostics 172KB 06/22/94 FreeWare MSDN/SoftLib Index Reader 119KB 09/19/91 Microsoft Journal Vol 6 No 5 Listings 3KB 08/24/95 MtNews.DLL module for MtNews software 53KB 11/26/92 Demonstrates an MDI Application with Edit Control 364KB 11/08/95 Macro & Procedural Language for DOS & Windows 30KB 11/08/91 NetBIOS DLL/Network Chat Utility for Windows 34KB 11/10/91 Provide More Information about Windows NE exe file 25KB 08/29/91 Clone of MicroSoft's SPY Program 320KB 12/11/92 ODBC Interface Documentation 144KB 05/25/94 ODBC Sniffer for Windows Version 1.1 1119KB 07/27/93 The Object Engineering Workbench for C++ 2314KB 09/17/93 Implement OLE 2.0 features into your application 2110KB 09/17/93 OLE 2.0 Design Specification Document (Postscript) 101KB 11/18/92 Object Oriented Analysis Documentation Tool 333KB 01/06/95 Option Tree custom control for BC4.0 and VC1.5 548KB 01/25/95 Olson Software Help Tools Version 1.2 2250KB 12/20/95 Prof. DB front-end/manag. tool (ISAMs,ODBC,SQL) [2.3M] 297KB 12/21/95 Prof. DB front-end and manag. tool(ISAMs,ODBC,SQL...) 5KB 09/29/91 Fixes the bug with a multiline editbox /w sources 2410KB 10/31/94 PowerBase 2.0 - Sybase/SQl Server db dev tool [2.45m] 437KB 11/02/95 Version 0.06.002 of Programmer's File Editor 12KB 10/27/91 Programmer's File Formatter pfo10d.exe 89KB 12/15/94 PrintForm module for print/preview struct docs (2/2) pfo10h.exe 33KB 12/15/94 PrintForm module for print/preview struct docs (1/2) 115KB 04/15/92 Windows Programmer's File Printer Utility 63KB 03/04/96 Keeps and dials phone numbers 63KB 11/30/93 32bit app spawns 16bit app/talks via named pipe (w/src) 74KB 05/06/94 The Plumber Custom Control Pack 30KB 06/27/95 Power Page 1.11 DLL to send messages to pagers 2KB 08/26/91 printer.h: Defs of the funcs in _SORT, _BRUTE, _SPOOL 127KB 11/01/92 Many Examples of Windows Programming Source Code 447KB 04/09/95 Free Pascal-like interpreter 80KB 05/02/94 A DLL for writing card games with Visual Basic or C++ 149KB 04/11/94 Quick and Dirty Help writer's assistant 38KB 05/03/94 Takes Win Res Desc files and makes a HLPDK template 3KB 11/13/92 Sends a Repaint Event to Every Window 84KB 06/29/95 Register v1.13 collects shareware reg fees 377KB 07/24/95 Create Win32 apps with RSXNT and EMX GNU-C/C++ compiler 276KB 02/11/95 Build 32bit Win apps with GNU-C/C++ (1/2) [binaries] 294KB 02/11/95 Build 32bit Win apps with GNU-C/C++ (2/2) [source] 57KB 03/29/94 Run EMX/GCC programs in a MS-Windows 3.1 window 100KB 12/02/95 rsxwin:run 32-bit emx/dos programs in a window 537KB 03/25/93 RTF PARSER module for applications 161KB 02/21/94 Forth cross compiler for Harris RTX2000 chip runtime.exe 721KB 12/01/92 Runtime module for ObjectVision 2.0 37KB 09/30/91 RX - a reverse Windows(tm)3.0 resource-compiler 18KB 08/19/92 Schedule Rest Stops While Programming 203KB 08/24/95 DELPHI screensaver template complete with src 9KB 03/01/96 WinCapture screen image capture for Windows 3.x 17KB 04/18/92 Provide quicker access to the SDKWIN.HLP help file 3KB 06/26/92 Implements a Segmented Heap in Global Memory (C) 26KB 07/01/95 dll file opens/reads cells in Excel/Lotus spreadsheets 5KB 03/15/93 Win32 SCSI Miniport IOCtl Program sample, SMPI.C 9KB 11/29/94 Snoopy Version 1.3 - Debugging monitor for Windows 70KB 07/25/95 Snoopy v1.5 - Debugging monitor for Win3.1 136KB 09/25/95 Spell checker for edit boxes 80KB 02/21/95 Provide Spell Checking within Edit Dialog Boxes 428KB 11/23/93 Spelmate DLL allows you to add spelling to your App 831KB 11/23/95 SQL Workshop 3.0 - Database development tool [787k] 194KB 11/29/95 Prints formatted source code for 12 programming langs 59KB 04/03/95 Super Spy V 1.0 an advanced Spy utility 713KB 07/27/95 Setup Studio 2.6: Build setup programs for Win3.x 10KB 02/11/93 DLL to display status information in a window stdg44.exe 99KB 01/12/94 Stdg is a cross-platform graphics library 369KB 04/03/95 build demo and training scripts for Windows apps 38KB 12/09/95 Remove comments from overly large source code 1099KB 11/13/95 Setup Factory for Windows [1.1M] 10KB 12/11/92 DLL for Turbo Debugger for Windows 54KB 03/30/93 9 functions to give your programs an expiration date 152KB 02/26/92 Misc Tips/Tricks for TurboC 9KB 01/02/96 Delphi component to import/export CSV files 344KB 08/21/94 Implement Word 6.0-style tabs in a dialog box 21KB 09/06/95 Delphi list box components 33KB 08/17/94 Visual C++ MFC-derived tabbed dialogs w/source 532KB 07/16/94 Tar for Tkern 1.0 (w/src) 9KB 02/13/95 A task viewer for Windows w/C src 639KB 08/21/95 ThunderBolt for Visual Basic developer tool 27KB 09/14/93 New Turbo Debugger Video DLL 6KB 04/16/92 Borland TurboDebugger Patch for Win3 43KB 07/16/94 Tee for Tkern 1.0 (w/src) 305KB 04/03/95 formatted telephone number control 95KB 02/10/94 Port of WSOCK from 32-bit Visual C++ compiler 18KB 03/03/94 Windows Application Template Sources 190KB 06/22/91 TextViewDLL:Tools for Writing Text to a Window 461KB 07/16/94 Tkern 1.0: Standard I/O system for Windows w/src 1127KB 07/16/94 Tkern 1.0 applications without sources 45KB 08/11/91 Library to Implement Tool Bars (C source) 82KB 07/01/91 TOOLHELP.DLL Alpha Release 2, May 9, 1991 362KB 08/23/95 TracePlus API Tracer/Debugger tpodbc.exe 427KB 02/08/96 TracePlus/ODBC v2.10 ODBC API trace/debugr 320KB 02/08/96 X-Ray/SQL Server - SQL Server API trace/debugger v2.04 3KB 12/12/92 Return the Ascii Values of Each Character in a String 302KB 07/16/94 Troy's Shell For Windows, command line shell w/Source 191KB 10/21/94 Microsoft Foundation Class Library : Tooltest 332KB 02/21/95 SPELL CHECK FOR EDIT BOXES: UK Dictionary file ulhae061.exe 131KB 03/15/96 Windows DLL for LHA file compression/extraction 46KB 07/16/94 BSD uniq for Tkern 1.0 w/src 423KB 10/04/93 UUPC/extended 1.12b Windows 3.x source (1 of 2) 48KB 10/04/93 UUPC/extended 1.12b Windows 3.x source (2 of 2) 327KB 02/21/95 SPELL CHECK FOR EDIT BOXES: US Dictionary file userkb.exe 508KB 12/21/93 Windows SDK Knowledgebase for USER.EXE func calls 11/93 13KB 10/13/94 How to exec and wait for a program in WIN32S (w/src) 1013KB 01/15/96 Visual Basic Runtime v4.0 [1M] 146KB 10/05/95 source for diff display and merger program, win32s req. 392KB 12/16/92 Screen expander, hiercl group mgr, grphcl disk manager 3KB 12/07/92 Displays version numbers of DISPLAY/GRABBER/VDD 911KB 10/17/94 A windows front end for GNU RCS [934k] 528KB 11/10/94 VISUALIB v2.50 Graphics Library 158KB 02/04/92 Windows Graphics Library (for SDK or BCC) 1817KB 02/11/96 Database manager written in CA-Visual Objects code-1.8M 526KB 06/08/95 Visible Source v1.0a code listings repository 535KB 11/20/95 Source, developers' code repository 542KB 01/31/96 Visible::Source, developers' code repository v1.5 4KB 10/21/92 Determine whether app is full-screen or windowed 28KB 01/04/92 Virtual 386 Write Protect Device System 11KB 07/25/95 Simple Win32 Debugger 38KB 10/13/94 Window Analyser V1.0 disp classes,styles,placemnt,etc 51KB 03/04/96 Plays wave files with special features 1066KB 07/27/95 Webster.dll beta build 912 For Windows 3.1 258KB 07/27/95 Webster.ocx beta build 912 For NT W95 100KB 04/05/94 Windows CodeBack (WCB) disassembler 910KB 03/08/95 Object-Oriented CASE Tool with Script Language [933k] 548KB 10/20/93 WinEdit programming editor w/button bar 144KB 10/21/92 Windows Enhanced Dialog Libary (C) 23KB 10/24/94 DLL donnant acces aux fonctions FTP 23KB 12/04/92 Info on Constructing Windows Help Files 12KB 11/16/93 DOC-file of the Microsoft Windows Help Author Guide 538KB 02/10/93 Windows Help Authoring System (get too) 1277KB 07/28/93 Tools and templates for Help Authoring Guide ( 1719KB 12/17/94 3500 articles from 7KB 08/03/95 WHPLUS.DLL tool for WinHelp developers win32kb.exe 313KB 12/21/93 Windows SDK Knowledge base for Win32 API spec 11/93 521KB 04/05/95 Use Win API function calls as custom WinHelp macros 228KB 04/24/91 Windows Batch Language Version 3.0a 46KB 03/13/93 Code from MS on working with bitmaps (capture to file) 22KB 08/17/93 Windows DLL for Data Encryption Standard (DES) 23KB 08/04/93 Quickly exit Windows (.exe with source) 117KB 08/15/95 windows based programmers file browser 729KB 03/12/95 Neural Networks (NN) package for windows 3.1 [756k] 754KB 07/11/95 Neural Networks (NN) package for windows 3.1 1KB 06/23/92 Join a Windows Programming Discussion Magazine 8KB 03/05/96 WinSaver is a Delphi component 80KB 12/11/92 Windows Sockets: Interface for Network Programming 151KB 04/05/94 files needed for building winsock 1.1 compliant apps 38KB 09/12/94 Winspector v1.0 A debugging tools for Windows 51KB 08/20/91 WPEdit: Programmer's Editor for Windows (ver 0.6) 24KB 08/30/93 WinDevKit:inspect the format of a WordPerfect document 1KB 12/10/92 Calls for Submissions: Win Prog Journal 36KB 06/28/93 Issue #1 of the Windows Programmer's Journal 50KB 02/04/93 Issue #2 of the Windows Programmer's Journal 141KB 03/03/93 Issue #3 of the Windows Programmer's Journal 93KB 06/28/93 Issue #4 of the Windows Programmer's Journal 90KB 06/28/93 Issue #5 of the Windows Programmer's Journal 261KB 08/02/93 Issue #7 of the Windows Programmer's Journal 8KB 12/15/91 Intercepts FatalExit Msgs from Windows Debug Ver 13KB 05/10/95 WSLEEP.DLL: make current TASK sleep w/o blocking wins 56KB 06/08/92 Complete Multithreading Library for Windows 59KB 02/22/93 WinTech Journal code listings July 1992 253KB 02/22/93 WinTech Journal code listings August 1992 186KB 02/22/93 WinTech Journal code listings September 1992 85KB 02/22/93 WinTech Journal code listings October 1992 56KB 02/22/93 WinTech Journal code listings January 1993 358KB 09/12/93 WinTech Journal code listings August 1993 95KB 07/27/93 Portable GUI toolkit for X and Windows 3 20KB 12/19/95 Win Help ASCII Chart, Windows Char Code xceedzip.exe 408KB 09/11/95 Full featured Zip compression lib for Delphi 325KB 06/27/95 TracePlus/ODBC v2.0 ODBC API trace/debugr 302KB 03/05/95 Calls to func libs/common code for DOS/Win graphics 72KB 02/25/96 Approx. and regular expression search lib-Win31 108KB 04/05/95 Zip Studio API/Shell upgrade to 2.55 46KB 01/31/96 3D Controls Driver Program 438KB 12/10/94 Zip Studio 2.01: The Windows 3.x Zip/Unzip API (1/2) 496KB 12/10/94 Zip Studio 2.01: The Windows 3.x Zip/Unzip API (2/2)

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