Windows Turbo Pascal Programming Files

Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:25:14 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 317KB 01/04/94 3D Graphic objects library V2.5 for Turbo Pascal 1KB 10/21/92 Implement Huge (64k+) Data Arrays 5KB 01/15/92 Objects for Creating a Simple Calendar 2KB 08/20/91 Code to Check if Windows is Running 6KB 10/21/92 Borland demo routines for colordialogs 25KB 10/05/93 TP Module to let you use CTL3D.DLL from Microsoft 12KB 10/21/92 Custom Bitmap Buttons for TPW 462KB 01/16/96 A KB/FAQ for Borland Delphi (.HLP) 11KB 03/03/94 Assemble Turbo Pascal for Windows Units into a DLL. 20KB 10/21/92 Two Drag & Drop demo programs 40KB 08/22/94 Drag&drop listbox subclassing w sources (TP) 5KB 01/15/92 Illust use of Icons, Strings, Menus and Dialog Resrcs 13KB 06/16/92 TP Routines to access installed printers 18KB 10/21/92 Drover Toolbox: Input validation routines for TPW 30KB 10/04/93 DLL of Turbo Pascal commonly used routines 4KB 07/24/92 Implement Huge Collection in TurboPascal for Windows 61KB 05/30/94 Dialogs as MDI childs version 1.31 109KB 03/17/94 TheLister v1.03 source lister for Pascal 23KB 09/26/95 BP7 source for mdlpbk2*.zip 7KB 01/15/92 TP Modem Routines 14KB 08/28/92 TP DLL for Changing Printer Orientation (port/land) 1KB 01/15/92 TP OwnerDrawDemo 65KB 09/23/94 Recursive Decent Expression Parser for Turbo Pascal 36KB 01/19/95 Pascal WINSOCK programming examples 84KB 01/27/96 Pascal Shareware Tools Directory 33KB 01/27/96 Pascal Tool Producers Directory 33KB 08/20/91 TPW Charting Program 25KB 10/21/92 TP Routines for Control Windows in Dialog Boxes 21KB 08/20/91 TPW Implementation of the Game of Life 102KB 01/15/92 BitMap Printing Routines 5KB 01/15/92 Windows Print Routines 2KB 10/21/92 Setup non-MDI Child Window in MDI Window 1KB 01/15/92 Rubberband Demo 318KB 06/21/94 Calculate single image stereograms in TP (w/src) 6KB 01/15/92 Splash Demo 17KB 01/15/92 Set System Colors 13KB 10/21/92 PowerCode: Extensible Code Generator Sample 9KB 10/11/94 ToolTip unit for Turbo Pascal for Windows 7KB 08/25/91 Extracts SYSTEM.TPS from TP6.0/TPW1.0 Runtime Library 19KB 12/18/91 TP4WIN Multimedia Extensions DLL-Link Units 26KB 06/12/92 Combine TP for Windows Program into Fortran Subrtns 97KB 04/13/92 Updated files for TP for use with Windows 3.1 80KB 10/21/92 Samples of useful source code files for TPW 35KB 01/15/92 Paradox Engine 2.0 under Turbo Pascal For Windows 8KB 04/14/92 Implement Null Terminated Strings 74KB 09/11/91 Turbo Pascal Case Converter Version 2.2 wint& 294KB 10/21/92 Tips and Techniques for TP for Windows 3KB 09/13/94 TP module to obtain country specific info on PC/Win ver 0KB 02/12/92 Turbo Pascal Sound Routine 17KB 04/30/92 Update Time/Date Stamps on Files (w/TP src)

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