VisualBasic (VB) Files

The Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime Library (vbrun100.dll) Version 1, 2, and 3 (,,, and vbrun301.exe) may be found in win3/util/ One of these versions will indeed be necessary to operate and run most Visual Basic applications contained herein.

Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:25:56 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 65KB 02/22/93 Using CTL3D.DLL from Excel to apply 3D effects 233KB 05/10/95 Sort Array /Sort Index routines 124KB 05/30/95 Advanced Disk Library for VB Apps 87KB 06/01/95 Advanced Control Library for VB Apps afxvbx.exe 23KB 10/23/93 Display a VBX control in a dialog box resource AFXDLL 345KB 01/21/96 GMS Angular Gauge Custom Control VBX <ASP> 265KB 01/21/96 GMS Aircraft Instrument Custom Control VBX <ASP> 34KB 03/19/95 Alarm Custom Control (VBX) <ASP> 467KB 10/02/95 Function Library for Visual Basic 402KB 11/10/95 Turns Bitmaps into Ascii art 15KB 03/07/95 Freeware VBX control for associative arrays atx_pa.exe 101KB 05/04/94 edit box VBX allows mult fonts, colors, styles, fmting 44KB 03/19/95 Bar Code Control (VBX) <ASP> 105KB 11/29/94 Code Librarian store/retrieve to/from file/clipboard 7KB 07/19/93 Browser for Biblio.MDB file in VisualBasic 3.0 Pro 8KB 03/15/95 BigFoot read-only large file viewer for VBX apps 55KB 09/04/95 Bitmap Liner to align bitmaps by ODList 21KB 05/05/94 Message Blaster Custom Control Modifications 31KB 07/22/95 Huge Capacity List Box Control (VBX) 40KB 03/19/95 List Box with Bitmaps Control (VBX) <ASP> 1235KB 03/02/96 Bridge It VB utility to resize controls 101KB 11/29/94 BasStruc v1.2 for VB Win Basic Source Code Formatter 42KB 02/22/93 Basically Visual Issue 1 (.HLP fmt magazine) 165KB 02/22/93 Basically Visual Issue 2 (.HLP fmt magazine) 15KB 11/15/95 A calculator control for Visual Basic 6KB 10/22/94 Calendar VB App 97KB 06/24/94 Visual Basic Animation Control 247KB 01/21/96 GMS Automobile Instruments Custom Control VBX <ASP> 12KB 02/22/93 Using common dialogs from Visual Basic 65KB 08/22/95 A Listbox VBX Demonstration Program 528KB 01/01/96 A Visual Basic Code Printing Program 47KB 06/07/94 CodelbVB: A ver of Codelib that doesn't have data DLLs 4KB 12/14/94 COMSTAT.DLL - COM Port Status version 1.0 77KB 01/04/95 VBX for storing and retrieving bitmaps in VB programs 11KB 02/28/95 Util to encorp into VB apps to discoure illegal copies 440KB 01/11/96 Code printer w/text formatting 6KB 09/10/93 Load icon as custom cursor w/source 541KB 11/17/95 Data control-aware Toolbar 25KB 08/27/93 Example of using the Visual Basic 3.0 Access engine datamgr.exe 37KB 08/03/93 Source code for the Visual Basic Data Manager 11KB 09/26/94 Gens VB code for creating an MDB by reading MDB struct 108KB 04/11/95 DB freeware VBXs for dbpush,dbappmon,dbttip,dbhots 146KB 08/16/95 VBXs: DBAppMon, DBHots, DBPush, DBTTip 29KB 07/31/95 DB Lock v1.1: tool for db app devs 42KB 03/19/95 Disk and File Info Control (VBX) <ASP> 42KB 04/25/95 Disk and File Info Control (VBX) <ASP> 21KB 12/19/95 VB Code for File Dialog Box (no DLL,VBX,OCX) 2KB 02/22/93 DLL to get disk info from VB 170KB 12/17/95 Turns Bitmaps into Ascii art 200KB 02/23/95 Improved edit control (VBX) supports much larger files 4KB 02/22/93 DLL callable from VB to end a task 57KB 07/03/95 Infix arithmetic expression parsing VBX 131KB 12/01/95 VBasic 3 MDI Database App Framework 37KB 03/19/95 Formatted Label Custom Control (VBX) <ASP> 37KB 04/25/95 Formatted Label Custom Control (VBX) <ASP> 39KB 01/27/95 Use Folders in your Visual Basic programs. No VBX! 27KB 03/19/95 File Mgr Drag and Drop Control (VBX) 46KB 10/20/95 Visusal Basic TCP/IP control 468KB 09/24/93 vbx file with various visual effects, fades, etc generic.exe 29KB 08/03/93 Missing files from Professional Features Book 1 grid.exe 40KB 08/03/93 Updated GRID.VBX, version 3.00.0538 8KB 11/06/93 GTICON.DLL is a VisualBasic 3.0 DLL 28KB 11/29/93 GT Toolbar Kit v1.0 is a Visual Basic VBX 87KB 06/28/95 Graphics Viewer VBX health.exe 244KB 08/03/93 HEALTH: VB 3.0 Pen Healthcare Application 28KB 05/03/95 Hierarchical Listbox contained in a VBX 23KB 03/19/95 High Resolution Timer VBX <ASP> 23KB 04/25/95 High Resolution Timer (VBX) <ASP> 27KB 02/22/93 Enhanced huge array for VB 21KB 02/22/93 Enhanced huge array for VB update with addl features hw199u.exe 238KB 04/26/95 VB HelpWriter "Lite" 82KB 03/10/95 Create multi-font formatted text boxes and hyper links 4KB 03/18/95 Utility for Visual Basic programmers using Integra VDB 30KB 03/19/95 INI File Manager Custom Control (VBX) <ASP> insure2.exe 102KB 08/03/93 Insure2: VB Pen Insurance Application 26KB 11/26/95 IO port VBX for Visual Basic 66KB 01/29/95 IPDaemon (TM) Custom Control Version 1.0 21KB 08/09/94 IPPort VBX Control Version 0.9 66KB 06/14/94 IPX & SPX Custom Controls for Visual Basic 3.0/Win 3.1 168KB 07/10/95 VBX creats trees, flowcharts, org charts etc 50KB 03/19/95 Joy Stick Custom Control (VBX) <ASP> 103KB 10/23/94 JS3PAK - IniCon,PerCnt,DFInfo VBXs <ASP> 324KB 01/21/96 GMS Knob Custom Control VBX <ASP> 6KB 01/23/95 Visual Basic source code for .INI file mgmt 225KB 01/21/96 GMS LED Custom Control VBX <ASP> 2KB 02/22/93 VB source file for keystroke detection 278KB 01/21/96 GMS Linear Gauge Custom Control VBX <ASP> loanapp.exe 92KB 08/03/93 VB Pen Loan Application 100KB 09/29/94 ManyThings 3.1 -- Example screen saver in visual basic 57KB 01/23/95 VB Source for MDI Background/Hidden Child Demo 18KB 07/20/95 Custom control for changing bg of MDI control 34KB 03/19/95 Menu Event Notification Control (VBX) <ASP> 26KB 01/18/96 Convert Metafiles to Gif files on the fly (DLL) 1KB 02/22/93 Get a menu's control handle in a custom control 1150KB 02/22/93 Demo programs for Microhelp's tools for VB 22KB 03/15/93 MhFormScroll allows controls to be scrolled on VB form 13KB 07/25/93 enhanced listbox control for Visual Basic movielog.exe 1776KB 10/31/95 Keeps track and prov. special reports for video tapes 40KB 10/05/95 source code for VB3.0 calendar routine mscomm.exe 27KB 08/03/93 Updated MSCOMM.VBX, version 83KB 08/23/94 Updated Message blaster custom control 40KB 03/19/95 W4Wg Mailslot Control (VBX) <ASP> 355KB 10/23/94 Mabry Software Mega Pack (VBXes) <ASP> 355KB 06/15/95 Mabry Software Mega Pack (VBXes) <ASP> 48KB 06/17/95 Status Bar Custom Control (VBX) <ASP> 36KB 10/05/95 Scrollable rich-text display VBX, with hypertext 5KB 02/22/93 Mouse monitor .dll for Visual Basic version 1 2KB 10/06/93 Visual Basic Naming Conventions Cheat Sheet (.wri) 40KB 10/23/94 Ctrl-Alt-Del Disabler Control (VBX) <ASP> 40KB 03/15/95 Ctrl-Alt-Del Disabler Control (VBX) 185KB 01/21/96 GMS Odometer Custom Control VBX <ASP 6KB 02/22/93 VB custom control to use some of common dialogs 26KB 08/24/95 Pass params to VB forms 27KB 02/22/93 General Purpose DLL for VB (78 different routines) 3KB 03/22/95 Another Percent Bar VBX 35KB 03/19/95 Percentage Bar Custom Control (VBX) <ASP> 34KB 03/19/95 Picture Button Custom Control (VBX) <ASP> 60KB 04/03/95 View Visual Basic icon, bitmap or metafile collection 42KB 09/25/94 Executable and source code for a pixel board 400KB 01/28/95 Program to manage VB 3 Win projects 18KB 07/26/95 POKER113.VBX is a Physical memory access VBX 3KB 07/10/95 VBX gives access to computers i/o ports 52KB 09/25/95 Windows Printer Control Library 333KB 01/21/96 GMS Percent Bar Custom Control VBX <ASP> 38KB 03/19/95 Control Probe/Debug Control (VBX) <ASP> 335KB 02/04/96 Visual Basic Source Code Analyzer 22KB 02/01/94 Prompt VB Control allows users command-line input 107KB 06/28/93 dll with playing card faces and backs 22KB 07/10/95 VBX gives random witty quotations receipt.exe 132KB 08/03/93 VB Pen Order Application 342KB 02/07/96 Hot Spot Custom Control for VB and Delphi 41KB 06/01/95 Rotated Label Custom Control (VBX) 17KB 07/22/94 X-lates Resource Workshop RC dialog scripts to vb forms 104KB 11/29/94 Tool to doc VBWin src code; Catalog/displays/prints,etc 311KB 01/21/96 GMS Selector Knob Custom Control VBX <ASP> setup1.exe 27KB 08/03/93 Updated SETUP1 files setupkit.exe 27KB 08/03/93 Updated SETUP.EXE & SETUP.INI, v1.00.002 setupwiz.exe 48KB 08/03/93 Updated SETUPWIZ.EXE, version 1.00.0544 15KB 10/23/93 Simple COM Device Control Block (DCB) data structure 16KB 10/09/95 VBX fixes or limits Windows Sizing Borders 322KB 01/21/96 GMS Slider Custom Control VBX <ASP> 8KB 09/03/95 VBX provides efficient sort engine 34KB 03/19/95 Soundex and Metaphone Control (VBX) <ASP> 3KB 07/10/95 VBX generates custom beeps and system alerts 53KB 09/01/95 DLL interpolates spline curves in 2D and 3D 215KB 04/04/95 SourcePrinter ver. 1.2 for printing Visual Basic code subvbx.exe 29KB 10/23/93 Windows subclassing on a VBX control using MFC 2.0 370KB 07/21/95 VBX Studio 2.0 - VBXs special versions 20KB 03/02/94 VBX enables VB apps tabbed-style dialog boxes 121KB 01/18/95 Control (w/src) to implement Word 6.0 style tab 37KB 10/31/93 Visual Basic Toolbox demo with mini title bar 32KB 03/19/95 Tool Tips Custom Control (VBX) <ASP> 32KB 06/08/95 Tool Tips Custom Control (VBX) <ASP> 41KB 10/02/94 Demonstration of the TList Visual Basic extension 23KB 11/06/93 GT Tabbed List Box Custom Control (.VBX) 233KB 01/21/96 GMS Toggle Switch Custom Control VBX <ASP> 227KB 09/24/95 ButtonBar/StatusBar custom controls 509KB 04/26/95 Moving from VB to Delphi: A technical discussion 17KB 10/23/93 Visual Basic to DB-Library Interface API 42KB 02/14/94 Custom control to give a 3-D look and feel to VB 32KB 07/13/93 Issues the File/Save Project and Run command in VB 3.0 26KB 06/17/94 .dbf of Vendors providing VB related tools and code 52KB 07/27/93 vbx file that simplifies parsing of text files 36KB 12/02/93 VB Backup/Restore your VB project files 2KB 04/22/94 Visual Basic Module Files v1.0 common modules 8KB 10/25/93 Calendar.vbx: pop-up calendar 35KB 06/28/93 DLL for card faces and backs for use with VB 335KB 01/16/96 English versions of DoDi's VB-Tools 215KB 08/24/95 Disassm for Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 246KB 04/24/95 VBHelper v1.0 Integrated VB Help system 1011KB 08/24/95 VB HelpWriter Lite v2.0f 187KB 10/10/94 American/English dictionary for VB HelpWriter PRO 35KB 01/04/95 File/Disk I/O functions in a VBX file for Visual Basic 168KB 02/13/96 VBIT v1.40: Visual Basic Invisible Tools 182KB 01/19/94 VB Knowledge Base 12/93 Bugs and work-arounds (.hlp) 633KB 01/19/94 VB Knowledge Base 12/93 Tips and Hints (.hlp) 24KB 09/04/95 VB source for LHA.DLL compressor 402KB 03/13/95 Visual Basic List Inspector February 1995 125KB 12/05/94 dBase .dbf of 97KB 07/31/95 VBLZH.DLL for Visual Basic 27KB 06/28/93 Genric Visual Basic MDI-Application. REQ: VB2.0, VBX 176KB 09/07/93 VB Office ver 1.00 Full release 1108KB 03/15/93 Microsoft Visual Basic Version 2.0 Primer Edition vbprint.exe 83KB 08/03/93 Demonstrates Printing in Visual Basic 932KB 08/17/95 Spell check your Visual Basic forms and code 202KB 07/27/93 VbReader application 212KB 08/15/95 Japanese VB ver 2.0 runtime routine 11KB 07/27/93 allows you to rotate fonts (tt only!) in a vb text box 5KB 10/23/93 A VBSQL module? There are no docs! 73KB 08/03/93 allow vb to view files larger than 32k 53KB 04/30/95 VBScript 1.1 - Scripting language for Visual Basic 72KB 02/27/95 VBS assists in creation of TCP/IP Winsock apps 123KB 07/24/95 Prototyping tool to check TCP/IP services 743KB 01/01/96 Code Stylist/VB is a source code formatting tool 1KB 09/10/93 demo of a floating toolbox in VB 37KB 07/27/93 vbx file and dll to allow you to create toolbars in vb 55KB 08/23/93 Demo use of transparant pictures in Visual Basic 362KB 10/17/94 Visual Basic Tips & Tricks 2.0-Help File [370k] 283KB 02/14/95 Visual Basic Tips & Tricks 95 electronic newsletter a 312KB 02/27/95 Visual Basic Tips & Tricks 95 electronic newsletter b 386KB 04/14/95 Visual Basic Tips & Tricks 95 electronic newsltr 4/95 478KB 04/30/95 Visual Basic Tips & Tricks 95 electronic newsltr 5/95 529KB 09/10/95 Visual Basic Tips & Tricks Sep95 120KB 01/27/96 Visual Basic Shareware Tools Directory 54KB 01/27/96 Visual Basic Tool Producers Directory 426KB 09/13/94 VBWin Magazine - tips from Internet (8/94) (Word2 fmt) 713KB 10/14/94 VBWin Magazine - tips from Internet (9/94) (HLP fmt) 613KB 11/03/94 VBWin Magazine - tips from Internet (10/94) (HLP fmt) 365KB 09/13/94 VBWin Magazine - tips from Internet (8/94) (PS fmt) 21KB 01/19/94 A Winsock Custom Control for Visual Basic (V0.1 alpha) 8KB 07/21/95 VBX Studio 2.0 Documents 688KB 12/11/94 VBX Studio 1.2: The ultimate VBX package [750k]` 1060KB 07/21/95 VBX Studio 2.0: 22 VBXs toolkit 152KB 01/09/95 VBxtras Catalog, Winter 1995 Edition 309KB 07/10/95 Create VBXs w/Pascal, Delphi, VC++, C++ 92KB 03/25/93 A sample issue of VBZ- a visual basic digest pub 51KB 03/19/95 Version Info/File Install VBX <ASP> 394KB 01/24/94 MicroHelp VBTools Demonstration Program 572KB 05/16/94 VISUALIB global declarations for Visual Basic 162KB 06/01/94 VPrint v2.2 (rel) VB/Win Source Format/Print 111KB 03/18/94 VideoSoft's V4.0 Elastic,Folder-tab,AWK custom controls 186KB 01/09/95 VBX to create reports in VB 40KB 03/19/95 WAV File Playing/Info Custom Control (VBX) 744KB 10/21/93 BASIC development system 9KB 09/17/94 DLL to display JPG pics w/src; get desktop/ 63KB 08/05/93 VBasic program to snoop around a window's attibutes 195KB 07/24/95 How to use WinG with VB w/o ext C dlls 731KB 09/28/95 Win Library 3.0 278KB 10/02/94 Demonstration of the ALLText Visual Basic extension 38KB 03/19/95 ZIP File Info Custom Control (VBX) <ASP> 324KB 09/18/94 ZZHOT.VBX does shaped hot spots in VB

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