Visual Basic Function Libraries

Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:26:40 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 1KB 07/08/94 Routine to give a frame a 3D-look 36KB 04/11/94 Functions for complex and real numbers 2KB 04/11/94 Store large chunks of binary data in memory 0KB 04/05/94 Fill a form with a bitmap 2KB 05/17/94 Use API calls to clip cursor to windows/rectangles 1KB 07/08/94 App to store encrypted passwords in an INI-file 2KB 01/10/95 Routines to create custom mouse pointers 2KB 03/22/94 Dijkstra's Algorithm VB Function Library 2KB 01/10/95 Routines for storing encrypted passwords in INI-files 1KB 04/11/94 Library for saving and restoring a form position 8KB 05/16/94 General-purpose lib Subs and Functions 1KB 07/08/94 Subroutine for printing large text-strings 1KB 04/05/94 Install TT-fonts in Windows 1KB 04/11/94 Functions to smoothen out dealing with WIN.INI

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