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Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:19:45 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 175KB 03/14/96 Barcodes Add-In for Reports. UPC, EAN, ITF, Code39 39KB 04/06/94 Access 2.0 Fact Sheets and Press Releases, March 1994 1521KB 12/02/93 Utility for 1186KB 12/02/93 Knowledge Base for Microsoft Access for Windows 8KB 06/17/94 .dbf file of add-ons for the MS-Access DBMS 66KB 01/21/94 compact or repair your MS Access databases 14KB 05/21/93 Maintain common settings in the MSACCESS.INI file accsvc.exe 1922KB 12/11/94 Microsoft Access Version 2.0 Service Pack 51KB 08/12/95 List of Access shareware files by type 62KB 01/27/96 Access Shareware Directory 34KB 12/03/94 dbf of PD/SW Access Products on BBSs in USA 17KB 08/12/95 List of Acess files by type 21KB 01/27/96 Access Tool Producer Directory 27KB 01/21/94 Access Export v1.3 170KB 02/20/96 MS Access v2.0 Objects Cross Reference 189KB 01/21/94 ADSTools is a developer's tool for Microsoft Access 226KB 12/22/94 MS Access 2.0 add-in to convert forms to VB 3.0 forms 428KB 01/08/96 Over 20 Enhanced builders for MS Access 2.0 2690KB 10/10/94 Access 2.0 db to maintain beer cans and labels [2.76mb] 12KB 01/21/94 Access database tool 1KB 05/21/93 Sample code to change certain printer settings 15KB 08/03/93 Managing personal and business contacts in Access 4KB 05/21/93 Make labels print at the top of each page on multipages 65KB 02/28/96 View controls and control properties for forms 43KB 10/26/95 Obtain table modification date,basic version control 48KB 12/12/94 MDB->BAS gen VB, Access 2.0 or SQL code to create dbf 15KB 05/21/93 Outlines diffs on dBase and Access programming ddl110.exe 38KB 08/03/93 Microsoft Access Data Definition Language DLL 890KB 10/04/94 DeJean music dbms for classical and non-classical CDs 413KB 01/15/96 Comprehensive document imaging system for MS-Access 16KB 01/24/94 Access db tool 92KB 01/21/94 FIRSTLIB is a Microsoft Access library database 28KB 05/21/93 Planetary database with multiple subforms 46KB 01/21/94 Access Help Analyzer 89KB 11/17/93 An Access tutorial in Winword format 30KB 04/08/94 Increment numbers in a mdb with code 2661KB 03/06/96 Database for Internet documents, search off-line, admin 149KB 09/23/95 Academic reference database for MS Access -German 153KB 02/25/96 Academic reference database for MS Access -English 221KB 07/13/94 DISSERT1.MDB is an academic reference database maxs11.exe 76KB 07/18/94 Maxess 1.1 is a communication utility for MS Access 282KB 08/01/95 BBS for Microsoft Access 39KB 01/24/96 Database system and reporter for Cds Records & Tapes 128KB 03/17/95 MDBGuru gens VB, Access 2.0 or SQL stmnts to create db 126KB 09/06/93 Access database for tracking membership information 94KB 08/20/94 Acad lit reference database for MS-Access (German) msajt110.exe 355KB 08/03/93 Updated Access Engine Library, v 1.10.0001 491KB 08/13/94 Multiselect List Box OLE Control for Access 2 [503k] 101KB 01/24/94 Add-in to simplify report exports to winword,Excel,txt 5947KB 02/09/96 Point of Sale Inventory Control for Retail Stores [6M] 326KB 01/20/95 Demo copy of the adhoc query builder for Access 2 61KB 08/08/93 Academic reference database interface for Access 466KB 02/14/96 Find & Replace for MS Access 2.0 38KB 10/05/95 Form/Report Resize Wizard 67KB 04/07/94 SECURE Lan Manager security checking for SQL Server 180KB 11/18/93 A Security Wizard which will secure your database 1090KB 03/09/96 SQL query interface for Access, dBase, FoxPro, P'dox 87KB 11/17/93 An Access tutorial file in WinWord format 21KB 08/07/93 Help with spelling of object names, field names 14KB 01/21/94 Fmt long SQL stmnt and assign to Access or VB variable 21KB 07/22/95 Add-in for Access providing a built-in stopwatch 607KB 07/21/94 Tab OLE Control for Microsoft Access 2.0 [621kb] 3116KB 02/28/95 Technical Department Manager Businessware 792KB 10/06/95 Exam creation system DISK 1 0f 2 (811k) 663KB 10/06/95 Exam creation system DISK 2 0f 2 (678k) 125KB 02/07/94 ToolBox V1.1 Access Library Toolbox ttip403p.exe 228KB 08/18/95 add yellow tooltips to your Access forms 211KB 07/13/94 Uniadres is a german address-manager for Access 104KB 09/12/94 Fixes some bugs with Crystal Reports in Access

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