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Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:21:14 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 931KB 01/18/94 Astute Statistics Add-In for Microsoft Excel 4 and 5 931KB 05/09/95 Astute: Statistics Add-in for Microsoft Excel 37KB 03/12/95 Best Fit Line and Curve Excel 5.0 Worksheet 120KB 12/21/92 Business Plan Master, creates small business plans 76KB 07/12/93 Spreadsheet Calculates Clinton's effects on taxes 77KB 08/27/93 Another Sheet for Clinton's Tax Plan 272KB 12/22/94 Find lost Excel spreadsheet passwords (Quattro+123,too) 6KB 10/04/95 Calc LCp or LDp vals in dose estimates (1meg) 37KB 08/15/94 Create value tables or calculate iterations with Excel 183KB 08/16/95 Excel addin creates statistical map charts mortgage.exe 107KB 02/28/96 Mortgage program adopted for Canadian calculations mpm155.exe 89KB 08/01/95 Mark's Portfolio Manager v1.55 for Excel mpm161.exe 85KB 02/08/96 "My Portfolio Manager", a Microsoft Excel 4.0 app 118KB 02/05/96 Mortgage Qualifier for Excel 5.0+ 10KB 09/03/95 Convrt numerals to words 571KB 07/25/95 Useful Add-in for Excel 5 13KB 02/19/95 EXCEL RUNNER for MS Excel 4 5KB 08/11/92 Excel Macro to Shade Alternate Lines in Spreadsheet 48KB 01/27/96 Spreadsheet Shareware Tools Directory 20KB 01/27/96 Spreadsheet Tool Producers Directory 57KB 08/11/92 Toolbar Util for Excel 3 we0125.exe 18KB 04/18/92 MS App Note: Excel Cell Referencing from a Macro we0127.exe 18KB 04/18/92 MS App Note: Excel Dates and Times we0146.exe 24KB 04/18/92 MS App Note: Excel Most Frequently Asked Questions we0404.exe 123KB 04/18/92 Excel Custom Help File Conversion Utility we0801.exe 33KB 01/26/94 excel macro for reading in text files (delimited) we0820.exe 30KB 01/26/94 excel macros for interpolating smooth curves w/beziers xl3qa.exe 31KB 04/18/92 Questions and Answers for Excel 3 (install,print, etc) 29KB 07/21/94 Double-Clicker for MS Excel 4.0 12KB 02/13/96 Decompiles Excel VBA Add-Ins (*.XLA) to Workbook(*.XLS) 11KB 10/07/94 Toolbar Saver for MS Excel 4.0 8KB 01/26/95 Restore system sounds to Microsoft Excel 5.0 137KB 12/13/93 Excel add-in for matrix manipulation, smoothing, etc 328KB 03/03/95 Power Utility Pak v2.0 for Excel v5 14KB 10/07/94 Excel Runner for MS Excel 4.0 111KB 01/17/96 Excel to HTML Converter

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