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Filename           Size   Date   Description 25KB 06/10/92 Aardvark Font 149KB 12/11/94 The Alphabet Train 1.1 Font (ATM/TT) 223KB 06/24/91 Animal Shape Font 32KB 08/31/92 Another Font Viewer 56KB 08/13/93 Armenian Language font (TT and ATM) 42KB 10/28/93 Armenian Allcaps-Decorative font (TT and ATM) 67KB 10/28/93 Armenian Decorative Font (All Caps/Hollow; TT and ATM) 28KB 01/10/91 Architect Handwriting Type 1 Font 85KB 06/24/91 Yet Another Architect Font 39KB 07/05/91 HP AutoFont Support System 156KB 06/08/94 Musicological font (symbols and numbers/Type 1+TT) 18KB 04/25/91 Bedrock Font 65KB 02/09/93 Scale fonts to fit document to page 36KB 06/10/92 Display Caps-Only Font of Shadowed Bizarre Chars 26KB 01/10/91 Black Chancery Type 1 Font 8KB 04/18/95 BrailleKiama 64 six-dot braille font set 14KB 12/13/92 CheckAllFonts, verification/search for PostScript fonts 29KB 01/14/91 Crude Calligraphic Bitmap Type 1 Font 27KB 01/14/91 Chicago-like Type 1 Font 88KB 04/13/92 Chinese characters in Kaishu style 83KB 11/21/92 View Fonts/Compose Chars 13KB 06/10/92 Coca Cola Font 29KB 06/23/91 Engraver-Light PS Font 333KB 07/25/92 Cyrillic (Russian) keyboard driver and screen fonts 59KB 07/25/92 Source for 49KB 01/14/91 San Diego?-like Type 1 Font 25KB 07/20/92 DumpPfm: Printer Font Metrics Dumper (ver 1.53) 11KB 08/13/91 Change Fonts in DOS Window 54KB 06/24/91 Durango Font 21KB 07/25/92 DownWind: Soft font downloader 71KB 12/11/94 Empire Builder Train 1.1 Font (ATM/TT) 65KB 11/29/93 European letters with diacritical marks (TT and ATM) 23KB 09/05/91 FontInfo: Print/Display All Fonts 431KB 06/06/94 Font Monster v3.5 Font Management Util (ATM/TT) 30KB 07/23/92 Font Control Panel 9KB 03/23/93 Stretch or rotate a line of text 37KB 03/23/93 PCMAG's Font Cataloging Utility and Source 21KB 12/04/92 FontSee: Print All Available Fonts 90KB 05/06/94 FONTBOOK view onscreen or print typeface specimens 540KB 12/05/94 FontControl: ATM/TT/Type 1 Font Installer/Mgr [554k] 62KB 03/23/93 View, print, select from all installed fonts 18KB 07/05/91 Font Enumeration Program (with C Source) 814KB 08/13/90 PostScript Type 1 Screen Fonts 51KB 12/15/94 FontSee 3.0 font viewer for Windows 432KB 09/11/92 FontShow Version 5 0KB 04/13/92 Listing of files in fonts.lzh 1060KB 03/22/95 FontPower 1.1 - ATM/TrueType font manager 539KB 02/03/96 FontSpec Pro font manager version 7.1 43KB 01/14/91 Garamond Type 1 Font 57KB 04/16/91 Yet Another Font 614KB 04/23/91 120 DPI (8514 resolution) 1:1 Aspect Ratio Screen Fonts 489KB 04/23/91 96 DPI (VGA resolution) 1:1 Aspect Ratio Screen Fonts 27KB 01/14/91 GraphicLight Type 1 Font 644KB 11/20/95 Your handwriting into a scalable font 36KB 01/14/91 Calligraphic Heidelberg Font Like MacHumaine) 1465KB 01/23/92 Hewlett Packard Intellifont Kit Ver 1.1 47KB 01/14/91 Iglesia Font 26KB 11/02/90 Kaufmann:Bold Screen Font 151KB 10/06/92 Point-and-Shoot Fonts to the Printer 279KB 10/20/93 Mac => PC Font Conversion Toolkit (Type 1 and Truetype) 39KB 06/24/91 MachineBlock Font 26KB 11/02/90 Mariage Screen Font 99KB 10/28/93 Armenian Text font. (Previously Ararat; both ATM/TT) 97KB 10/28/93 Narrow version of Masis Font (Armenian Lang; ATM/TT) 27KB 05/18/91 Miami Beach Light Font 66KB 01/14/91 Middleton Type 1 Font 635KB 11/04/95 Chemical & Warning Fonts for science/Greek/Hebrew 22KB 11/02/90 News Screen Font 23KB 11/30/92 Util to Check Systems Fonts 18KB 11/02/90 Old Town Screen Font 615KB 02/11/96 Printer's Apprentice Font Management System (v5.80) 140KB 06/24/91 Palladam Tamil Font 34KB 10/06/92 Convert mono .PCX images to HPLJ portrait soft font 41KB 12/12/91 PFB File Viewer (beta) 23KB 09/25/94 Windows font family, list, textmetrics function library 23KB 07/11/91 Preview1.0: A Tool to Preview Windows Fonts 69KB 01/16/92 PSX - PostScript Soft Font Downloader qtse31.exe 1359KB 03/12/96 FREE QualiType "Special Edition" Font Management Tools 114KB 05/01/95 Tengwar Quenya 1.6 - TT & ATM font w/ docs & util 93KB 06/24/91 Recycle Font 125KB 06/24/91 RedLetter Font 26KB 02/11/92 Type 1 Font Utility: Use MAC Type 1 w/Windows ATM 16KB 08/19/92 DOS Util to Rename TrueType Fonts 24KB 11/02/90 Roissy:Bold Screen Font 158KB 12/11/94 Detailed Set of Freight Train Silhouettes Font (ATM/FF) 125KB 12/11/94 Detail Set of Passenger Train Silhouettes Font (ATM/FF) 127KB 12/11/94 Railroad Roman 1.1 Font (ATM/FF) 116KB 12/11/94 The Railroad Heralds 1.2 Font (ATM/TT) 120KB 12/11/94 Set of Modern Passenger Train Silhouettes Font (ATM/TT) 86KB 12/11/94 Detailed Set of Train Track Segments (ATM/TT) 136KB 06/24/91 SaloonExt Font 78KB 02/28/94 Armenian Language Font (Sassoun) TT/ATM 70KB 06/24/91 Savannah Fats Font 213KB 01/24/94 Greek/Hebrew/Latin fonts & Right to Left Util 156KB 06/24/92 Bengali Fonts for Windows 43KB 04/16/91 Type 1 Font 90KB 06/24/91 SlabFace Font (very bold) 40KB 10/20/93 SmartFont font previewer with stay-on-top option 22KB 01/10/91 Mac San Francisco Font 53KB 06/24/91 Stencil Font 80KB 01/13/94 Handwriting font with all standard accents (tt/atm) 67KB 06/24/91 StFrancis Font (like Mac San Francisco) 12KB 11/02/90 Symbol Screen Font 19KB 12/01/93 Create your own Windows system fonts. 46KB 04/16/91 Type 1 Font 31KB 02/16/94 Stock ticker tape letters & symbols font (TT/ATM) 34KB 02/16/94 Torah style Hebrew font (TTF & ATM) 92KB 08/01/92 TrueType Information Utility 9KB 09/02/91 TypeView: Display/Print Available Faces (uses ATM) 30KB 04/04/94 Typefacial is a powerful typeface viewer 48KB 06/24/91 UltraBlack<?> Font 6KB 11/06/91 Display/Print Available Fonts 11KB 09/13/90 Scalable Vector Screen Fonts 5KB 01/17/94 A small, simple, but attractive font previewer 71KB 06/24/91 VireoFonts Font 52KB 04/16/91 Type 1 Font like the New Yorker Magazine 289KB 03/07/93 WinGreek: Greek and Hebrew Package for Windows 3.x 190KB 08/15/91 ViewBDF: X11R4 .bdf font files w/font size 16x16 22KB 09/28/93 Larger Screen fonts for Windows DOS boxes in SVGA modes 101KB 12/11/94 Zephyr 1.1 Train Font (ATM/TT)

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