Windows Icons and Icon Related Files

Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:22:27 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 574KB 08/30/94 Over 3,000 icons [589k] 48KB 09/05/93 PCMAG: Icon Animator 48KB 09/13/92 AZ Icon Edit Program (ver 1.8) 3KB 07/20/93 35 icons for Bible programs 25KB 04/09/91 Colorize Your Buttons! 26KB 03/06/95 A customizable cursor-tracking icon 27KB 09/26/94 Make icons for apps/data dirs/group names automatically 9KB 07/09/90 A Collection of Icons 27KB 05/20/94 Desktop Icon Hider (DIH) v3.10 449KB 04/17/95 View, edit, convert Windows icons and bitmap files 13KB 02/26/92 Display minimized DOS apps with user defined icons 0KB 01/16/95 Windows icon for the definitive MS application 257KB 03/03/95 FindIcon presents a sorted list of icons in grps 34KB 08/29/95 Squat exercises your icons 78KB 12/21/95 Icon collection drawn in popular font shapes 14KB 11/07/91 Afflict Your Icons with "Cursorphobia" 0KB 09/29/92 Icons for Historik and Lemmings Game 29KB 09/26/92 Modify Program Group Icons 90KB 12/13/94 GRedSpot-Jupiter's GRS and moons in an icon 19KB 07/10/91 A Collection of Icon (.icn) Files 0KB 12/04/92 Washington Huskies Icon 160KB 05/06/94 Icon Manager Version 3.4 (WinMag) 7KB 02/23/93 View & clean unwanted .ICO files off your disk 661KB 03/04/96 Converts BMP -> ICO, ICO -> BMP: vers. 4.60 47KB 10/07/92 IconPower: Multiple Icon File Management Tool 12KB 02/26/92 Read and icon, extract colors to BMP 38KB 05/16/93 Windows 3.1 utility to convert .ICO files to .BMPs 21KB 08/11/91 Categorize/Delete/Choose .ICOS w/Drag-Drop Operations 40KB 05/16/94 Extract/save as .ICO files icons from exe/dll files 367KB 01/07/96 1000 icons in *.ico format vers. 2 926KB 09/19/95 Collection of 5000+ icons and viewer 34KB 08/14/93 Icon Magic icon editor 131KB 05/08/92 IconMaster 12KB 09/04/90 Icon.exe version of ICON.DLL 59KB 09/24/90 ICONLIB.EXE: Compilation of icons from Compuserve 28KB 02/23/93 VB Icon Browser; list, view icon files 7KB 02/28/93 Program to convert icon files to DLL file 33KB 07/10/91 Icon Editor (8-16-90 version) 94KB 11/04/93 350 railroad-related icons for Windows 51KB 05/19/93 Icon Maker 242 version 2.05 11KB 09/04/90 Collection of Icons in icon.dll 12KB 09/04/90 Another Collection of Icons 275KB 11/19/91 Yet Another Collection of Icons 27KB 03/15/96 Icon extractor with dup check,OS2/Mac/X icon supported 72KB 08/07/93 IconWorks - create, view, and edit icon files 123KB 07/10/95 Icon Studio 1.0 Icon Editor 15KB 01/17/92 Fix Background of DOS Icons (ver 1.10) 28KB 03/23/91 Icons for the Windows Environment 13KB 07/16/91 Ike the Icon Editor 20KB 02/26/92 IconMaster: Another Icon Manager Util 32KB 08/19/92 Icon Palette Ver 1.1 82KB 09/07/92 IcoShow 1.2: Icon Management Tool 43KB 08/20/91 DOS Utility to Display Windows Icons (VGA/EGA req) 83KB 12/13/94 MarsIcon-Current view of Mars in icon w/clock 144KB 12/13/94 MoonIcon-Current Moon phase in an icon w/clock 152KB 11/24/90 A Collection of over 400 .ICO Files 16KB 08/20/95 rendition of helmet icons of the NFL teams 43KB 09/20/92 Nicon Icon Editor 1KB 12/04/92 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration logos 53KB 05/07/91 Eliminates Standard DOS Icons for non-Windows Apps 17KB 11/24/90 pbIcon 1.1: Customize Program Group Icons 1KB 12/22/90 Two Icons for PC-Link 25KB 11/29/93 Assign icons to Program Manager groups 19KB 09/04/90 Attach recorder macros to your Icons Util 10KB 03/22/91 Icon Viewer 153KB 07/20/95 Over 360 Simpsons Icons 21KB 10/21/94 100 Simpson Icons for Windows 91KB 09/18/94 All Sounds and All Icons 80KB 12/13/94 SolSys-Solar System's nine planets in an icon 34KB 08/17/92 Over Ninety Sport-Related Icons 29KB 12/14/90 Icon Tamer: Icon Management Program 5KB 06/28/91 TheGate's Collection of Icons 36KB 12/12/90 Views Windows 3.0 icons on the screen 24KB 08/28/91 Yet Another Icon Editor 88KB 03/01/93 WindowsMagic: Create a palette of icons 12KB 11/04/91 WorldWin displays a Spinning Globe that Runs as an Icon 81KB 01/16/95 Collectione of flag icons, bmp's, and an icon dll file 124KB 08/11/95 set of world flag icons

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