Demo Windows95 Files and Crippleware

Last Updated: Mon Mar 18 1996 at 02:19:43 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 147KB 02/06/96 Customizable floating JPEG Image Screen Saver 663KB 02/09/96 Allows users to send files to any directory/any drive 7718KB 11/07/95 Professional DTP-Software with tons of features 1058KB 02/03/96 Makes all CD's Windows95 AutoPlay/AutoRun compatible 1216KB 10/31/95 TWAIN driver w/ support for many scanners 160KB 01/17/96 Visual symbolic disassembler 304KB 10/05/95 Disk duplication software, many options 29KB 03/13/96 Photoshop color reductn. export filter w/24-bit quality 1545KB 01/08/96 L-Soft's LISTSERV 1.8b evaluation kit (30 days) 428KB 07/28/95 MediaSauce Demo v1.0: Play Wave, MIDI, QT, CDs, etc. 140KB 10/31/95 Trace memory use in Win95, determine RAM needed nbw95dmo.exe 1842KB 09/05/95 30 day demo of NovaBack w/ SCSI device support 2339KB 10/20/95 NetXRayprotocol analyzer and net monitor 726KB 11/20/95 Personal organiser using Post-It note user interface 1244KB 08/26/95 PolyForm: Create & convert 3D logos and objects 1327KB 11/05/95 Raster to vector (paper to CAD) conversion software 1787KB 09/01/95 32-bit X server 576KB 09/29/95 spell checker & corrector; handles citations

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