Windows95 Desktop Apps, Screen, Image, and BitMap Files

Last Updated: Mon Mar 18 1996 at 02:19:55 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 286KB 02/05/96 Create 3D landscape scenes from USGS digital maps 88KB 09/17/95 Infinite precision floating point calculator 468KB 09/04/95 Astronomy Lab: animates astronomical events 2KB 01/08/96 Animated mouse cursors for Windows 95 1KB 11/23/95 A smiley animated cursor for Windows 95 1286KB 11/21/95 Learning Curve Screen Saver for Windows 95 1603KB 11/21/95 Silent Expressions Screen Saver for Windows 95 164KB 12/09/95 AVI Player, var-speed, zoom/pan/crop, loop, rock, range 9KB 12/05/95 Loads random Windows backgrounds from any directory 21KB 01/08/96 Use multiple images for your wallpaper 282KB 01/19/96 Script driven image filter, many effect samples 756KB 07/30/95 BOBBY: file managing shell and multimedia aware 235KB 11/07/95 Scientific Calc w/ units conv and constants - noWin32s 287KB 11/07/95 Scientific Calculator with units conv and constants 181KB 11/01/95 Cat on your desktop by follows the mouse-cursor chk_d620.exe 164KB 02/15/96 Display all your disks status 28KB 01/08/96 Copies the paths of selected files to the clipboard clipn20.exe 185KB 08/12/95 Clip'nSave 2.0: screen capture w/ freehand mode 69KB 02/21/96 Copies full pathnames to the clipboard 617KB 10/03/95 WinOne command language interpreter 1KB 11/07/95 Coffee-lovers animated cursor 393KB 01/08/96 32-bit desktop utils for Win95, WinNT 3.5x, and Win32s 536KB 12/04/95 Drag And File: Copy, delete, and move files 43KB 03/01/96 Windows utility, powerful launchpad 378KB 07/29/95 DisKing 0.5: keyboard based File Manager Replacement 51KB 03/15/96 Window manager: hide/unhide, save/apply positions 57KB 10/18/95 Integrates DOS mode, and allows advanced Startup menu 19KB 01/08/96 Animated Doom Cursors for Windows95/NT 168KB 01/15/96 Minimalist Launcher/Runner/Shell 73KB 01/08/96 EzDesk manages the desktop icons' layout 701KB 01/26/96 Fax from Win3.1x,95,NT as easily as printing (ASP) 388KB 10/29/95 FmView: extend Win95 explorer to display file contents 31KB 02/26/96 Windows 95/NT funky screen saver 42KB 01/08/96 32-bit screen savers 0KB 08/06/95 Animated cursor 72KB 02/23/96 Hides windows from the desktop and ALT-TAB chain 17KB 03/04/96 Hides Win95's "Connected to" (or any other) window 16KB 01/08/96 Hitchhiker's Guide Animated Cursors for Win3.11/95 18KB 01/08/96 Activate the screen saver by positioning the cursor 40KB 02/11/96 Screensaver Activater/Deactivater 553KB 08/21/95 copy, rename, move, and delete icons simply 434KB 12/19/95 Graphics library, PNG,JPG,TIF,PSD,BMP 29KB 11/01/95 A virtual window manager that creates multiple screens infrm10.exe 1429KB 03/04/96 Displays Win95 file information in popup bubble help 231KB 08/03/95 MPEG-1 decoder/viewer for Win95 launch10.exe 284KB 09/07/95 Launchpad: Quick program launcer for desktop 261KB 03/10/96 Changes Windows Startup screens 133KB 07/29/95 Replace Win95 boot screen with other images 337KB 11/25/95 Lunar Almanack Taskbar; lots of moon info; ASP 111KB 01/08/96 (V2.5) MCHANGER - Win 32 BMP/SCR/WAV Changer 52KB 11/25/95 Mesmerize 1.01 is a MS Windows screen saver 19KB 09/27/95 menu program, faster than START button 13KB 08/03/95 MoonPhase 1.01 Show phase of moon on system task bar 257KB 12/09/95 Morpher makes digital movies from 2 still images 280KB 01/08/96 NETNOTE 1 : THE electronic post-it 102KB 01/08/96 A Screen Saver for Win95 by NovaLight Software 344KB 05/07/95 OnScreen/2, shareware fileviewer, v2.11 204KB 02/27/96 Multiple virt. screens+launcher (ToolBars and menus) 1114KB 10/31/95 PixFolio Image catalog system 438KB 12/09/95 Graphics (BMP,GIF,JPG,PCD,PNG,TIF) Viewer/Converter powertoy.exe 93KB 08/07/95 UI enhancements for advanced Win95 users prim20.exe 104KB 11/25/95 Life Screen Saver, Biots Evolve & Battle For Survival 234KB 09/05/95 Capture & print up to 6 screenshots/page 1888KB 10/30/95 Paint Shop Pro: more painting, many graphic formats 303KB 11/07/95 Psychedelic Screen Saver Collection 616KB 01/06/96 Psychedelic Screen Savers 80KB 09/07/95 Qwik Convert: unit conversion in any program 23KB 01/08/96 32-bit screen savers 594KB 01/19/96 Graphic Viewer/Converter+Paint Tools+Contact Sheets 3KB 01/08/96 Raytraced Animated Cursor set #1 18KB 01/08/96 Place restart icon on your Windows 95 desktop 62KB 02/04/96 Super Clock Upgrade vers 2.0 to vers 2.1 1667KB 02/04/96 Clock, radio, timer, mem, icon hider 23KB 01/08/96 Screen Saver Activate 1.2.0 for Windows 95 256KB 03/13/96 Scrsaver with text & slide show (1200 Murphy laws) 521KB 01/20/96 Screen Saver Manager for Windows 3.1/95 61KB 03/14/96 Quickly shutdown Windows 95 or NT 1061KB 08/31/95 Sound Gadget Pro: Multimedia sound editor 184KB 09/01/95 Skedezy 1.5: Easy scheduler with alarms & reminders 648KB 01/02/96 SlideShow will display JPEG, GIF, etc. using 112 FX 289KB 11/24/95 Screen/window capture w/ print & BMP/GIF/JPEG save 57KB 03/05/96 Screen Saver Control Utility 573KB 02/06/96 Stickits Reminder Program (Requires File 1396KB 02/06/96 Stickits Runtime Libraries 195KB 01/30/96 Electronic post-it notes for the desktop 0KB 01/08/96 Star Wars Stormtrooper cursor 28KB 01/08/96 (v2.0) SuperMenu. Popup access to Win95 StartMenu 31KB 12/29/95 SuperMenu. Popup access to Win95 StartMenu 24KB 01/08/96 32-bit screen savers 78KB 08/29/95 Theme Changer V1.0: Auto change desktop theme 323KB 01/08/96 Talking Clock 2 announces the time 4KB 08/22/95 Flush (delete) files down the John 549KB 03/11/96 400+ animated cursors, 90 256 colors 20KB 03/13/96 Displays the current date in the Win95 Icon Tray 547KB 12/10/95 TvText Teletext Viewer for Windows 95 & 3.x 41KB 09/04/95 Like "X-Roach", little bugs crawl around the desktop 349KB 09/04/95 Vault: store your information as an outline vnssid.exe 733KB 01/06/96 3D screen saver pack 291KB 12/10/95 JPEG/GIF Viewer and Decode 150KB 12/22/95 Weird Wally's Revenge screensaver 1KB 01/08/96 Weird Al Yankovich cursor 435KB 01/08/96 "Weird Al" cursor and screens 212KB 10/26/95 Two round eyes follow your mouse 191KB 11/02/95 WinShade allows you to see behind opened windows 18KB 07/22/95 Screensaver for Windows95/NT 190KB 09/25/95 Capture/print/control printer w/icon/hotkeys 74KB 01/17/96 Screen Saver for Windows 95

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