Windows95 Disk Utilities

Last Updated: Mon Mar 18 1996 at 02:20:52 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 3708KB 03/01/96 Utility to Catalog Drive for Windows 95 (FR/Eng) 549KB 03/01/96 Update Previous ver of Catalog to 1.1 39KB 02/26/96 Disk Duplicator 36KB 07/26/95 Colorized "DIR" program with unix "LS" options 126KB 12/02/95 Floppy Disk Catalouge Utility For Win3 or 95 1754KB 02/02/96 Diplays Available Disk Space on Win95 Taskbar Tray 25KB 12/15/95 Format 1.7meg Floppies (DMF disks) 3736KB 02/25/96 Info about folders NO file manager replacement hdsleep.exe 50KB 03/02/96 HD power-down utility 81KB 01/08/96 MemStatus shows 32-bit NT, 95 current memory status 153KB 03/10/96 Safety Net: Backup Utility tape50.exe 1718KB 11/01/95 Iomega Ditto Tape Backup for Win95 [1.7M] 1775KB 12/03/95 Integrated file management tool for Win95 [1.8M] 260KB 09/07/95 Disk Imager: read/write/format DMF floppies 50KB 01/13/96 WinImage 2.20: Italian translation

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