Miscellaneous Windows95 Files

Last Updated: Mon Mar 18 1996 at 02:21:43 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description

alw203.zip 468KB 01/08/96 Astronomy Lab 2: animated astronomy program bds180.zip 1144KB 11/29/95 Automates/Manages Multimedia Collections/Presentations biblehtm.zip 1513KB 09/01/95 An HTML Bible. No links, just HTML formatted text cad126.zip 208KB 11/25/95 Entry level ciruit design program cnfrmn8r.zip 1605KB 03/02/96 Eliminates file deletion confirmation. (Freeware) ctm9601w.zip 296KB 01/30/96 COMPUTERTALK(tm) MAGAZINE Vol 3, Number 1 - Feb 1996 ctm9602w.zip 224KB 02/27/96 ComputerTalk Magazine Feb 96 curfit11.zip 550KB 01/12/96 Scientific data regression dctrainr.zip 241KB 03/16/96 A D C Electronics circuit problem generator ebddy160.zip 504KB 12/22/95 Microsoft Exchange Client Extension ecw95.zip 524KB 01/24/96 Cross stitch design program fishtank.zip 142KB 03/11/96 Aquarium sizing calculator formlink.zip 1835KB 02/27/96 FormLink 96 - A customizable form tool for MS Exchange lights95.zip 172KB 12/04/95 Virtual holiday lights for Windows95 mc32v7fb.zip 361KB 02/25/96 Marching Band Drill Design Charting System-beta nbd20i1.zip 46KB 02/16/96 3D OpenGL Nbody Gravitational Simulator ngmd40.zip 777KB 07/20/95 NutriGenie The Magical Dietitian version 4.0 ngpn41.zip 755KB 09/17/95 Comprehensive nutrition guide for pregnant women plexfree.exe 515KB 12/02/95 Windows lexicon with 2,000+terms, acronyms plx95fix.zip 25KB 11/22/95 PC Lexicon Win95 screen fix ppro9520.zip 1216KB 01/31/96 Generates & analyzes primes; factors huge integers [1M] propgp10.zip 1853KB 02/20/96 A 32-bit front end for PGP. Freeware skymap30.zip 1688KB 01/09/96 Planetarium for Windows 3/Windows 95 [1.9M] tecn32eg.zip 1248KB 01/14/96 2D/3D CAD.Full OLE 2.0 support.MultiDoc/View widami14.zip 26KB 10/05/95 Updates Ami Pro with Win95 long filenames wt95v10.zip 1288KB 01/08/96 Solutions to common 95/NT problems ww95.zip 354KB 01/11/96 Collection of 60 macros and templates

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