Windows95 Misc Utilities

Last Updated: Mon Mar 18 1996 at 02:21:56 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 101KB 03/07/96 Simple, intuitive, Win95 alarm program 41KB 03/10/96 Type characters and accents not on your keyboard 29KB 03/15/96 AppBar: Fast and small menuing program v0.94 74KB 01/13/96 Searches Areacodes by number, state or city 643KB 11/26/95 A group of programs to make Win95 more convenient 25KB 02/24/96 Execute commands\files in Win95 as in DOS 83KB 03/07/96 Simple and useful Win95 unit conversion program 27KB 12/19/95 Calculation server v.1.0 for Windows 95 713KB 03/05/96 File viewer for Win 95/NT 685KB 03/05/96 Drag and drop ZIP manager, builtin virus scanning ezsfxp10.exe 286KB 03/16/96 A great new self-extractor for Windows 3.1/95/NT 36KB 01/08/96 NT 32 bit port of windows finger program by l. kahn 1252KB 11/12/95 Tool for authoring interactive presentations 443KB 01/07/96 Long filenames in Win95 746KB 01/08/96 IN CUBE Voice Command for Windows Demo - C.1992-95 339KB 01/08/96 Windows 95 uninstall program 320KB 11/10/95 All-purpose label utility program 400KB 10/05/95 Application and message scheduler 673KB 01/05/96 Maximus BBS 3.01: common DOS/NT/W95 executables 501KB 01/05/96 Maximus BBS 3.01 beta: NT/Win95 executables 936KB 01/05/96 Maximus BBS 3.01: req'd for DOS/NT/W95 installs 59KB 02/28/96 Keeps files private by making them invisible to others! 1809KB 02/01/96 Set system clock from NIST or USNO atomic clock [1.8M] qtse95.exe 1071KB 03/12/96 FREE QualiType "Special Edition" Font Management Tools 842KB 10/10/95 Help system for Word/WordPerfect/Excel/123 10KB 08/31/95 Recycle files delete from command line refrsh95.exe 75KB 08/26/95 #9 Refresh-rate util for broken S3 drivers 365KB 12/13/95 Postscript interpreter (viewer & printer) 893KB 12/04/95 P-Table/constants/formulas for chem/phys [900k] 1930KB 02/29/96 Text Retrieval Program/various formats Win95/NT 454KB 08/19/95 Sermon Tracker for pastors (beta 1.1, 16bit) 1373KB 10/25/95 P-Table & Chem/Phys. facts, formulas, and constants 19KB 12/01/95 Spawn a background task in a Win95 or WinNT 862KB 02/29/96 Windows 95 interface for PGP 2.6.2 250KB 01/30/96 SuperBar - Add toolbars to *any* Windows app 1551KB 03/09/96 Recursive Directory Summary tippy.exe 41KB 03/02/96 Shows ListTips for text that does not fit into a column tldemo32.exe 929KB 08/15/95 Time Logger: start/stop time logger 94KB 01/28/96 Label making and printing 168KB 12/02/95 Removes games from the network vb4run16.exe 1359KB 12/02/95 Like VBRUN300.DLL except for Visual BASIC 4 vb4run32.exe 776KB 12/02/95 Like VBRUN300.DLL except for Visual BASIC 4 356KB 01/08/96 Vault stores info as an outline with send capability 272KB 12/16/95 Changes the owner and organization of Win95 174KB 11/29/95 Monitors the resources of Windows 3.x & Win95 winzip95.exe 355KB 08/12/95 WinZip w/Built-in ZIP TAR, gzip, & compress 33KB 03/10/96 32-bit FOSSIL driver for Windows 95 wpack32d.exe 546KB 02/08/96 WinPack: ZIP, GZIP, UUENCODE, BINHEX, TAR files 25KB 02/03/96 Patch upgrades WinReg 95 version 1.0 to 1.1 813KB 09/17/95 WINTUNE APPS ANALYZER 1155KB 01/16/96 Win-eXpose-I/O v2.00 Win95 File I/O Tracer/Debugger zipexplr.exe 750KB 10/23/95 OS extension allows Explorer inside ZIP files 893KB 12/14/95 Compression utility (ZIP, ARC, etc) zw32.exe 159KB 09/01/95 ZipWhacker: Small, easy, fast, unzipper

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