Network Utilities: Windows Sockets (Winsock) Compliant TCP/IP Networking Applications and Other Windows95 network Utilities.

Last Updated: Mon Mar 18 1996 at 02:22:09 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 196KB 08/13/95 WFTPD: Popular Windows FTP Daemon 532KB 08/29/95 Foray PPP Server: supports IP & IPX, 1 port version 153KB 02/10/96 Time synchronization software (SNTP, Time) 1327KB 03/10/96 The FIRST 32-bit FidoNet mail tosser for WinNT/95 81KB 02/21/96 Posts reminder E-mail via SMTP server 777KB 07/30/95 Version Beta of A-Talk Comm App 453KB 12/02/95 AvPlay is a fully featured Winsock MUD playing client 31KB 02/03/96 Bookmark.htm file with over HUNDRED of URL's 1883KB 03/09/96 Converts Netscape Bookmarks to I'net Explorer Favorites 97KB 01/21/96 Small console-based finger client for Win95/NT 276KB 10/01/95 FTP Client 606KB 01/08/96 Post files via FTP/anyone can access via http 219KB 01/29/96 Util to press the connect button in Dialup Networking 215KB 01/29/96 Allows a user to schedule a Windows 95 dial-up session 527KB 03/07/96 Grab-A-Site gathers web sites for viewing offline 213KB 01/29/96 Schedule a closing time for a Win95 net connection 12KB 01/08/96 Connect to dialup server with DOS or Win command line 11KB 01/08/96 Browse from the MS-DOS Prompt in Explorer 219KB 01/29/96 Keep mailing lists for the Internet 254KB 01/29/96 Run progs while you are not monitoring your machine 535KB 10/06/95 analyze NCSA compliant WWW server stats 99KB 10/06/95 Dial-up connection alarm (PPP/Internet/etc) 30KB 11/28/95 Removes the Connect To Dialog in Win95 Dial-Up Netw 34KB 01/08/96 Dunce Dial-Up Networking Connection Enhancement v1.3.2 225KB 08/18/95 e-mail Notify retrieves mail headers from POP3 server 206KB 08/01/95 e-Mail Notify 0.99.7 Beta 1287KB 11/03/95 An E-mailer reader/writer/sender [1.3M] 471KB 07/04/95 The Fingerer/32 v0.31b finger client and more 12KB 02/25/96 small (25K) command-line windows95 finger client 490KB 01/08/96 FigLeaf plug-in for Netscape 1920KB 09/30/95 32-bit HTTPD/1.0 Server 829KB 03/06/96 FTP Client with Designed for Windows 95 825KB 12/17/95 Convert RGB to hexadecimal for HTML editor 57KB 01/08/96 Here 1.0 - Posts PPP address to finger 22KB 08/17/95 Shows IP address information (host names and numbers) 4KB 12/19/95 'HZ' Coding System for Chinese E-Mail ilexfree.exe 382KB 12/02/95 Internet/networking lexicon, 2k+ terms,acronyms 27KB 11/22/95 ILEXFREE.EXE Win95 screen fix 747KB 02/02/96 Internet Dialup Software Win3.x/Win95 16KB 01/08/96 Give Exchange ".signature" capability 202KB 01/08/96 32-Bit Finger Client, Whois Client and more 21KB 01/08/96 Keep Goin': Dial-up Helper Utility look@.exe 1041KB 03/10/96 Views the screen of another Look@Me user over I'net 9KB 12/31/95 Version 1.13 of Shorty's mIRCBot 534KB 01/07/96 mIRC v3.92, an Internet Relay Chat Client 52KB 01/07/96 mIRC FAQ file 2KB 11/25/95 Modem.inf file for Zoltrix Platinum 28.8 VFC modems 20KB 12/03/95 Converts Mosaic hotlist to Internet Explorer favorites 717KB 12/19/95 Image map editor for WWW pages. Freeware. 506KB 01/08/96 MrTerm simplifies terminal use in the I'net envir nc3210b1.exe 686KB 08/23/95 Netscape Chat beta version. add-on for WWW 119KB 12/31/95 Tracks internet time and usage costs 47KB 01/06/96 Winsock-Messaging utility for win32 nmp21273.exe 557KB 08/23/95 Network Modem Program: share networked modems 416KB 12/13/95 CRT: A 32-bit winsock compliant telnet client ntools12.exe 246KB 10/27/95 Speedbar for internet and HTML authoring tools 160KB 08/01/95 Simple Network Time Protocol for Win95 1621KB 03/03/96 Automatically download Web info 1843KB 01/08/96 On-line time tracking program 78KB 07/10/95 POP your mail from multiple e-mailboxes 1815KB 02/04/96 Auto-redial for Dial-Up Networking when busy (Freeware) 3464KB 12/30/95 Program that will paste HTML tags into your editor 489KB 08/01/95 TCP/IP for Windows 95 and NT 1337KB 12/06/95 Integrated suite of internet utilities [1.3M] 45KB 09/01/95 RoboDUN: Dial-Up Network Script Utility V0.61 13KB 09/04/95 Reconnect (dial) after a lost network connection 1973KB 01/22/96 Native Win95 HTML editor - Freeware 3413KB 03/16/96 Signature Generator for newsgroups and email programs slip11t.exe 2566KB 10/17/95 Internet Application Toolbar & Downloader 119KB 09/12/95 Telnet/rlogin client including zmodem and kermit 338KB 03/09/96 32-bit Trace/Debugging utility for Winsock 1.1 582KB 01/08/96 Demo vers of SqURL, a client-side meta-searcher 361KB 08/01/95 32-Bit SMTP/POP3 Daemon for Windows 95 1559KB 10/09/95 Create TCP/IP subnets easily 34KB 10/27/95 Winsock time client 42KB 11/09/95 Winsock Time sych utility 73KB 02/28/96 Quick change of dialup TCP/IP settings w/o reboot 479KB 02/20/96 32 bit Winsock Debugging Facility 506KB 07/09/95 TTC Finger Custom Control v2.00a 510KB 07/09/95 TTC FTP Custom Control v2.00a 507KB 07/09/95 TTC GetHost Custom Control v2.00a 505KB 07/09/95 TTC Time Custom Control v2.00a 506KB 07/09/95 TTC Whois Custom Control v2.00a 214KB 07/25/95 W4-Server 2.1 is a HTTPD server 50KB 01/08/96 Windows 95 console archie command 283KB 06/28/95 Win95 Sockets Net Watch v95.05.28 719KB 12/31/95 Not a program, a collection of gifs for HTML use 1883KB 03/08/96 The Web Media Publisher V2.6 [1.9M] 1632KB 03/03/96 Transparently display HTML info like scores & stocks 1922KB 02/20/96 A great new 32-bit HTML editor - 2M 68KB 03/10/96 WebXpress: access your favourite Web sites 47KB 02/02/96 Winsock client to display a weather status icon 197KB 01/08/96 WinGate Version 1.2b 1167KB 09/13/95 WinDress network address book 404KB 12/21/95 Share apps between Workgroups, Win95, WinNT and Novell 296KB 08/01/95 32-Bit Usenet News Reading/Posting program 281KB 11/02/95 Mosaic Web browser 1040KB 02/11/96 Windows on the Internet Setup 262KB 01/06/96 HTML editor for WIN3X,95,NT 149KB 06/28/95 Win95 Sockets FTP Client App for Win95 158KB 01/08/96 Win32 archie client 600KB 02/25/96 Walk-thru help w' setup of 32-bit winsock 38KB 03/03/96 Winsock File Swapper / Web Browser Launcher 1655KB 03/13/96 32-bit HTML authoring util to automate page updates 8KB 01/08/96 A little app that you can use to start ZIPExplorer

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