Windows95 Code, Programming Files, and Utilities

Last Updated: Mon Mar 18 1996 at 02:22:55 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 757KB 11/21/95 AutoPlay Teaser Toolkit for Windows 95 379KB 01/17/96 C editor with Drop libs and auto fill for commands 98KB 08/28/95 Add comments to code headers (like copyright). 449KB 07/05/95 String Studio 3.0: MFC CString extension 541KB 12/22/95 DDE tester - tests Pokes, Requests, & Executes envlp121.exe 6619KB 02/29/96 32-bit, visual, object-oriented, RAD tool-6.7M 432KB 08/10/95 Flex and Bison: lex. analyzer and parser generator 691KB 08/13/95 Scripting language. Supports: mouse, DDE, OLE, etc. 204KB 01/16/96 A hangman game for Win95 that includes source code 179KB 02/02/96 Component's Help Wizard for Delphi 1542KB 02/25/96 Windows Help Authoring Tool for Word 7.0 375KB 02/05/96 The Professional Hex Editor 1810KB 03/07/96 Icon and bitmap viewer 311KB 03/12/96 MetaKit: C++ classes for persistent structured data 31KB 07/19/95 32 bit MCI OLE Control (OCX) v1.1 Wide Beta 399KB 11/21/95 Patch builder applier (w/libs) 561KB 11/05/95 Windows95 Application Installation Toolkit 451KB 11/02/95 Prgramr's File Editor: edit multiple, very large files 430KB 12/02/95 Building Win32 apps with GNU-C(emx) and RSXNT 406KB 03/12/96 TracePlus32/ODBC (Optimized for use with VB4.00) 512KB 07/11/95 TTC Gopher Custom Control 334KB 12/19/95 Component Wizard for Delphi 146KB 09/19/95 source for diff display and merger program 56KB 07/31/95 Source code for Vogon Poetry Web Browser (HTML) 374KB 02/19/96 32 Bit Windows Program Disassembler Utility 198KB 07/31/95 Webster OLE2 Custom Control 1360KB 07/26/95 WindowScraper: an OLE 2 terminal emulation toolkit 78KB 02/25/96 Approx. and regular expression search lib-Win95

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