VisualBasic (VB) Files

The Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime Library (vbrun100.dll) Version 1, 2, and 3 (,,, and vbrun301.exe) may be found in win3/util/ One of these versions will indeed be necessary to operate and run most Visual Basic applications contained herein.

Last Updated: Mon Mar 18 1996 at 02:23:50 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 345KB 01/22/96 GMS Angular Gauge Custom Control VBX <ASP> 265KB 01/22/96 GMS Aircraft Instrument Custom Control VBX <ASP> 247KB 01/22/96 GMS Automobile Instruments Custom Control VBX <ASP> 612KB 03/09/96 Event Driven Memory Compression Engine OCX/VBX 324KB 01/22/96 GMS Knob Custom Control VBX <ASP> 225KB 01/22/96 GMS LED Custom Control VBX <ASP> 278KB 01/22/96 GMS Linear Gauge Custom Control VBX <ASP> 2597KB 03/12/96 OCX VBX Mail eXtension for VB4.0 (VIM & MAPI)-2M 56KB 03/06/96 Convert Metafiles to Gif files (16/32DLL) 40KB 09/23/95 source code for VB3.0 calendar routine 434KB 01/06/96 MsgBox Builder is a Add-In for 32-Bit Visual Basic 4.0 1008KB 10/10/95 VB4 32 bit OCX, replace VB3's MSGBLAST.VBX 185KB 01/22/96 GMS Odometer Custom Control VBX <ASP> 333KB 01/22/96 GMS Percent Bar Custom Control VBX <ASP> 7KB 02/26/96 Tool for using R(ed)G(reen)B(lue) & HEX color values 311KB 01/22/96 GMS Selector Knob Custom Control VBX <ASP> 322KB 01/22/96 GMS Slider Custom Control VBX <ASP> tnocx11a.exe 746KB 02/08/96 OCX that adds icons to the Windows 95 taskbar 233KB 01/22/96 GMS Toggle Switch Custom Control VBX <ASP> 1293KB 02/14/96 VBasic 4.0 (32-bit) add-in that stores code fragments 798KB 02/02/96 Add-In for Visual Basic 4.0 32bit (French ver) 791KB 02/02/96 Add-In for Visual Basic 4.0 338KB 12/23/95 VBX Wizard for Pascal 7.0, Delphi, BC++4.x and MSVC vsbeval3.exe 2032KB 12/12/95 Vision StoryBoard Trial Version [2M] 90KB 01/07/96 3d effects for VB 353KB 01/30/96 Win Library 3.0 (For Windows 95)

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