Windows95 System Utilities

Last Updated: Mon Mar 18 1996 at 02:24:46 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 7KB 01/08/96 Windows 95 Multi Booter 83KB 01/08/96 Use NIST or USNO source to set the time on your PC 544KB 09/20/95 A system level benchmark program 221KB 03/05/96 Long filenames, file & drive formats (+100) describer 599KB 01/06/96 Screensaver Utility 113KB 02/22/96 Start Button Document List Management OS Extension 26KB 10/04/95 Backup/restore long filenames from DOS 118KB 03/13/96 Win95 System Tray Disk Access/Maint. Extension 226KB 01/09/96 32-BIT UUE/MIME/SHIP/BTOA En/Decoder w\ Batch Lang 31KB 08/01/95 The CAB-Extractor 1.0: Extract CABnet Files 8KB 11/23/95 Convert Windows95 Modem Log to concise sessions/times 35KB 01/26/96 Fine tune your modem and resolve COM-IRQ problems 169KB 01/08/96 Registry Search & Replace (REGSRCH.EXE) v1.00 57KB 02/17/96 Replacement for DOS DIR with Windows 95 support 14KB 01/11/96 Fixes taskbar overlap bug in Win95 172KB 11/12/95 Windows 95/NT control center and command line 22KB 08/21/95 SuperLok: encrypt/decrypt files with password 703KB 03/13/96 ShellWizard 95: configures all hidden options in Win95 485KB 09/02/95 Take Command 1.01: Command processor 251KB 08/03/95 Task Pro Version 2.00 672KB 07/27/95 UNIX commands for win95 (ls, ps, nice, rm, etc.) 167KB 01/29/96 Windows 95 Menu w/Security Access Control

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