Windows NT Desktop Apps, Screen, Image, and BitMap Files

Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:39:56 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 1834KB 03/05/96 Screen saver to force logout after delay 660KB 02/01/96 WinOne is a fully featured Command shell (CLI) 393KB 11/25/95 Win32 Utils; many drag 'n' drop; winfile ext; ASP 379KB 09/28/95 DisKing v0.5.1 - keybd based FileMangr replacement 142KB 01/27/96 Program launcher and shell for NT and W95 696KB 10/30/95 Faxes as easy as printing, adds itself to menus 171KB 09/23/95 File Manager extender 18KB 10/15/95 Screensaver for Windows NT 434KB 10/13/95 Graphics library, PNG,JPG,TIF,PSD,BMP etc.,effects 133KB 02/29/96 Enable 3D look for all windows and dialogs 31KB 09/17/95 Fast dir. navigation + graphical dir. stats 609KB 03/14/96 Desktop sticky mini-notepad/reminder 521KB 01/21/96 Screen Saver Manager for Windows 3.1/95 10KB 10/30/95 Easier way to shut down 95 or NT 365KB 01/22/96 SnagIt Twin Pack: Screen Capture Utility 144KB 11/25/95 Win Screen Saver, your BMP or logo 53KB 01/03/96 Screen Saver Control software 10KB 10/23/95 A TIFF TAG Editor 289KB 11/04/95 Windows NT/95 app for viewing GIF, JPEG & BMP files ttnt21.exe 325KB 03/12/96 Win95 Style Taskbar for Windows NT 3.51 18KB 10/15/95 Screensaver for Windows NT

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