Other WinNT Drivers: SCSI, Disk, Ethernet, Scanner, etc.

Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:40:09 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description

2000nt39.zip 11KB 04/06/93 Always IN2000 SCSI Driver for NT 4mms2.exe 41KB 06/15/94 winNT driver for 4mm DDS2 DAT drives 82595.exe 38KB 11/06/93 winNT driver for Intel PCLA82xx ethernet adapter ami48.exe 29KB 03/22/94 WinNT drivers for AMI SCSI card c320nt.exe 61KB 03/22/94 winNT drivers for Crescendo C320 FDDI/CDDI NIC cd55ant.zip 11KB 11/14/95 Teac CD-55A Driver for WinNT Final Beta chincdnt.zip 44KB 02/10/94 WinNT drivers for Chinon CD-ROM w/ unsupported SCSI cmd600.exe 24KB 03/22/94 WinNT drivers for CMD EISA CSA-6000 SCSI card cnr35flc.zip 57KB 09/30/95 Conner 3200 & 4000 SCSI Tape drive drivers ctf30.exe 83KB 03/22/94 WinNT drivers for Cabletron F30XX FDDI DNI NIC ctf70.exe 83KB 03/22/94 WinNT drivers for Cabletron F70XX FDDI DNI NIC ctt20.exe 56KB 03/22/94 WinNT drivers for Cabletron T20XX token-ring NIC ctt30.exe 57KB 03/22/94 WinNT drivers for Cabletron F30XX token-ring NIC dtc3290.zip 81KB 02/24/93 Jan93 drivers for the DTC3290 controller for NT ee16nt.exe 28KB 01/06/94 Intel ethernet adapter drivers for WinNT elink3nt.zip 27KB 07/16/93 NT driver for 3Com Etherlink III (3C509) adapter ex2501.exe 38KB 06/15/94 winNT driver for exabyte 2501 tape drive fl32nt.exe 43KB 03/22/94 WinNT drivers for intel etherexpress flash32 NIC hpisa.exe 40KB 11/09/93 winNT drivers for HP ISA ethernet adapters hpmca.exe 33KB 11/06/93 winNT driver for HP MC LAN adapter/16 TP hpscan2.zip 1062KB 06/15/94 HP ScanJet drivers 10/93 update for NT [1.09mb] ibm4mm.exe 80KB 03/22/94 WinNT drivers for IBM 2gig 4mm tape drive ibmsyn.zip 61KB 03/01/93 IBM Multiprotocol Adapter Driver SRC k5426-d5.zip 118KB 01/24/94 GD5426/28 Drivers for Win NT 3.1 release 1.41 lmousent.exe 40KB 02/24/93 Logitech Windows NT mouse drivers mapmem.zip 10KB 03/01/93 Device Driver to map physical Memory mpu_nt.zip 18KB 10/23/95 MPU 401 MIDI Driver mtm_nt.exe 67KB 12/10/94 Mitsumi CD-ROM Device Driver for NT ncrpci35.zip 25KB 12/22/94 NCR SCSI SDMS PCI Windows NT 3.5 Drivers nflex.exe 110KB 03/22/94 WinNT drivers for compaq netflex NIC ni6510nt.zip 18KB 09/30/93 Win NT drivers for Racal-Interlan NI6510 ethernet card nt-130.exe 10KB 12/15/92 Trantor NT drivers for T130 SCSI adapter,etc. nt111.exe 90KB 10/29/94 Mitsumi CD-ROM driver for NT qlogic.exe 30KB 06/15/94 winNT driver for Qlogic SCSI adapters s4mm.exe 82KB 03/22/94 WinNT drivers for Sony SCSI tape drive sankyo.exe 34KB 03/22/94 WinNT drivers for Sankyo SCSI tape drive sb_nt.exe 155KB 05/03/94 Final Release of Creative WinNT drvrs: SBP2/SB16/CDROM smc16.exe 43KB 03/22/94 WinNT drivers for SMC 16-bit ethernet NIC smc32.exe 38KB 03/22/94 WinNT drivers for SMC ethercard elite 32 ultra NIC tctok.exe 64KB 03/22/94 WinNT drivers for thomas-conrad token-ring NIC triton.zip 168KB 12/08/95 1.2 Triones Triton Bus Master EIDE/ATAPI Driver Files v7mirnt.exe 122KB 01/18/94 Latest Spea V7 Mirage Video drivers for Windows/NT wavlan.exe 42KB 11/06/93 winNT driver for NCR WaveLAN AT and MCA adapters wd7000dr.zip 21KB 09/21/94 Western Digital WD7000FASST SCSI controller NT driver wntdl.zip 2KB 11/06/93 Microsoft Windows NT Driver Library contents 10/28/93

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