Video Files, Drivers for Windows NT

Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:40:31 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description

864wnt.exe 435KB 11/28/94 v1.04 of the Stealth 64 Install/Utils/Drivers for NT 89KB 09/16/93 Pre-beta Hercules Graphite drivers for Windows NT artgrp.exe 95KB 03/22/94 WinNT drivers for Artist Graphics video card 66KB 04/20/93 ATI Drivers (3/26/93) for Windows NT bignt201.exe 145KB 03/06/95 Win NT 3.1 Drivers for all SPEA V7Mirage/Mercury Cards bignt302.exe 124KB 03/06/95 Win NT 3.5 Drivers for all SPEA V7Mirage/Mercury Cards hg-nt.exe 180KB 09/26/93 Beta NT display driver for the Hercules Graphite cards 66KB 03/21/93 ATI MACH8/MACH32 MARCH 93 BETA Windows NT Drivers 148KB 11/06/94 NT 3.1 drvr(v1.0 7/94) for Crystal 10sd,20sd,20sv,40sv 159KB 11/06/94 v2.10 2/94 drvrs for Miro s3 801, 805, 928 based cards 147KB 11/06/94 v1.00 10/94 drvrs for Miro 10sd, 20sd, 20sv, 40sv 77KB 02/18/93 ATI's NT drivers for 8514/Ultra, Ultra+, Ultra Pro,etc p9_nt.exe 71KB 03/16/94 Windows nt drivers for orchid p9000 10KB 09/11/95 Allows 256 Colors within NT3.5 & NT3.51 vpcint.exe 83KB 03/16/94 Viper PCI Windows NT drivers v.1.00 vprnt100.exe 103KB 11/15/93 Diamond Viper drivers for MS Windows NT,version 1.00 68KB 02/10/94 WinNT Tseng W32/W32i/W32p Video Driver 12/30/93

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