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Filename           Size   Date   Description 103KB 09/17/94 Boggle Game for Win 4.0, NT, or Win32 180KB 09/17/94 Bomb Squad Game for Windows 4.0, NT, and Win32s 139KB 09/17/94 Hangman 2 Word Game for Win 4.0, NT, and Win32s 1984KB 02/12/96 Interactive Multi Action Game IMO. for Win95/NT 134KB 11/01/93 Klotz game for NT version 3.05 136KB 10/24/95 :Jigsaw puzzle game for .bmp files 35KB 10/24/95 TINTIN is a client program to help play dikumud 36KB 10/24/95 TinTin MUD client for Windows NT 950KB 10/02/95 WadAuthor: An editor for DOOM, DOOM II, HERETIC, etc 221KB 10/02/95 Utilities for *registered* users of WadAuthor

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