Miscellaneous Windows NT Files

Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:41:17 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description

3dntlogo.zip 278KB 08/23/95 Windows NT3.51 opening logo 4nt251.zip 384KB 09/02/95 4DOS/NT 2.51 4nt25c.zip 375KB 01/18/95 4dos for Windows NT (4nt) version 2.5c 6plus.zip 424KB 07/14/94 6 NT apps:2CPO,CHAT2,DENET,TRASH,WINDESK,WINNER aclk2.zip 88KB 09/17/94 Astronomy Clock 2 for Win 4.0, NT, and Win32s alarm32.zip 255KB 09/10/95 alarm system for Windows (32 bit) alt35b.zip 454KB 02/17/95 32 bit version of almanac 35b, written for NT anagnt.zip 167KB 12/15/92 Anagram finder for Windows NT anicurs1.zip 10KB 10/29/93 Another collection of .ANI animated cursors anicurs2.zip 93KB 11/06/93 Collection of .ANI and .CUR animated and normal cursors appcmp.zip 7KB 03/01/93 Application Compatibility Guide for Chicago atalkmip.zip 986KB 07/30/95 A-talk telecomm package for NT/Mips atalkppc.zip 917KB 07/30/95 A-talk telecomm package for NT/PwrPC atalkx86.zip 776KB 07/30/95 A-talk telecomm package for NT/Intel autoex.zip 27KB 12/05/94 Start a batch file at boot w/o the need to logon axp_dpml.zip 413KB 10/20/93 Digital Portable Math Library (DPML) for Alpha AXP w/NT bctex.zip 1051KB 10/06/93 C version of TeX 3.1415, Metafont 2.71 for NT bds180.zip 1144KB 11/29/95 Automates/Manages Multimedia Collections/Presentations beta2fix.zip 65KB 10/20/93 Fix exe/dlls that were built for NT prior to Beta 2 bg.c 2KB 02/19/93 Util to put an NT program in the background bitmap.zip 36KB 06/17/94 Bitmap Changer for NT v1.0 (Intel) caplib.zip 4KB 12/15/92 Microsoft Windows NT Call Profiler ccd150.zip 41KB 07/14/93 NT App to Quickly Change Subdirectories cdp.zip 18KB 12/17/94 Windows NT console CD player control utility cinnti.zip 28KB 06/23/94 SuperMatch Cinepak Codec for Windows NT for Intel x86 clckr12a.zip 147KB 04/29/95 Clicker v1.2a middle-button utility for NT v3.5 clipn20.exe 185KB 08/12/95 Windows NT/95 based screen capture program concol10.zip 18KB 02/05/93 Set Color of your Console in Windows NT copyreg.zip 18KB 12/04/94 Cmd line app copies registry keys between NT systems cordine.zip 22KB 04/19/93 Windows NT freeware button accordion cxxp4w.zip 18KB 03/15/93 C++ Programming for Windows Oct NT date2.zip 17KB 08/16/95 NT date like the UNIX date command datecalc.zip 3598KB 11/17/95 Calculates dates based upon one known date or variance dd32_10.zip 34KB 04/25/95 Colorized DIR program with Unix LS command support ddklic.zip 6KB 03/01/93 License agreement for the DDK ddkmk.zip 14KB 12/01/93 Updated MAKEFILE.DEF for MS VC++/NT on x86 deskfo.zip 46KB 07/10/94 Desktop Font and Icon Spacing Control Panel Applet dk050.zip 378KB 07/29/95 DisKing v0.5.0 (alpha), kybd based File Manager repl dlock.zip 44KB 07/01/95 Lock all system devices: fdisk,floppy, com, lpt ports dmpacl.zip 165KB 06/16/94 Dump permissions (ACLs) for file system and registry downtug.zip 15KB 02/21/94 Info on Delphi Online Windows NT User Group dyndlg.zip 5KB 12/15/92 Sample to show how to create Win32 dialogs e9911nt.zip 227KB 08/18/95 e-Mail Notify 0.99.11 ed21nt.zip 193KB 04/29/95 Editeur V2.1 text editor for NT emacs.zip 1835KB 01/06/94 *emacs v19.17 WinNT port. intel, mips, alpha binaries emacssrc.zip 5255KB 01/06/94 *emacs v19.17 WinNT port. source embh_n.zip 11KB 03/01/93 Embedded animated Help-Objects for *.HLP files envlp11.exe 5805KB 12/22/95 Visual, Object-Oriented, Rapid App. Development Tool etrace.zip 5KB 10/23/95 NT Event Log Command Line Tracer faxsrv.zip 831KB 07/14/94 Windows NT Fax Server [851k] fileeat.zip 98KB 12/15/93 trash can like utility for Windows NT on Intel-Systems finger32.zip 36KB 08/24/94 NT 32 bit port of windows finger program fingrd12.zip 68KB 08/19/94 NT Finger Daemon fioben.zip 18KB 03/01/93 File I/O Benchmark flag2.zip 28KB 12/15/92 Flagger - A batch porting tool for Oct 92 Beta fm_ext.zip 5KB 12/15/92 DLL for File Manager Extensions for Oct 92 Beta fmant11d.zip 148KB 02/10/94 FM Applic (NT) 1.1d - Applications menu for NT frac2.zip 68KB 09/17/94 FracView 2 for Windows 4.0, NT, and Win32s fragcknt.zip 32KB 08/23/94 FragCheck For Windows NT gd25s.zip 296KB 01/11/94 Modified sources to build GNU diff v2.5 for NT gnugrep.zip 180KB 02/21/94 NT sources of GNU grep and Intel binaries gnurcs.zip 393KB 12/15/92 Revision Control System for NT go3d16.zip 34KB 07/19/95 Adds 3D-look to all windows/dialogs in NT gp41i.zip 134KB 06/16/94 GrabIt Pro 4.1 for NT/Intel gr564b.zip 345KB 01/11/94 GNU Diff and GNU RCS Binaries for NT gr564bnt.zip 439KB 02/16/94 exe/docs for NT GNU RCS v5.6.4 w/exes of GNU diff v2.5 gr564s.zip 321KB 01/11/94 modified sources to build GNU RCS v5.6.4 for NT grep16.zip 252KB 03/01/93 Gnu grep and egrep 1.6 (src+MIPS-EXE) grep32.zip 20KB 10/07/93 Grep for NT gs261.zip 1475KB 04/11/94 Port of Ghostscript 2.61 to Windows NT [1.5mb] gzip.zip 121KB 01/06/94 *gzip v1.2.4 WinNT port. intel, mips, alpha binaries gzipsrc.zip 221KB 01/06/94 *gzip v1.2.4 WinNT port. source he32.zip 145KB 03/30/94 HEdit32 v1.2, Hexadecimal Ed for Binary Files (Intel) help.zip 15KB 12/15/92 Convert OS/2 IPF files to Windows RTF hhg_ani.zip 0KB 02/24/95 A Windows NT/ Windows 95 animated cursor holep.zip 19KB 12/15/92 HOLEPORT porting tool homedrv.zip 13KB 10/11/94 NT app to change drive ltr of a domain user's homedir hop.zip 24KB 08/24/94 Hop check and IP trace route util for NT ibison.zip 77KB 02/19/93 NT GNU Bison for i386+ processors (Feb 1993 build) icompres.zip 34KB 02/19/93 NT GNU Compress for i386+ processors (Feb 1993 build) iconbar.zip 136KB 08/23/94 IconBar for Windows NT Version 2.00Beta idiff.zip 103KB 02/19/93 NT GNU Diff for i386+ processors (Feb 1993 build) iflex.zip 81KB 02/19/93 NT GNU Flex for i386+ processors (Feb 1993 build) igrep.zip 104KB 02/19/93 NT GNU grep/egrep for i386+ processors (Feb 1993 build) imnt34.zip 178KB 06/16/94 Icon Manager for Windows NT version 3.4 ised.zip 64KB 02/19/93 NT GNU Sed for i386+ processors (Feb 1993 build) iunzip.exe 95KB 02/19/93 NT Unzip for i386+ processors (Feb 1993 build) izip.zip 65KB 02/19/93 NT Zip for i386+ processors (Feb 1993 build) jot100n.zip 397KB 07/10/95 Jot 1.0, MS Cardfile replacement (NT) jot110n.zip 478KB 10/28/95 Replacement for MS Cardfile jx4nt125.zip 155KB 10/13/94 Jax4th Forth Compiler for Windows NT kb-ren.zip 0KB 03/15/94 Script renames WinNT KnowledgeBase files to full names kbuser.zip 5KB 03/01/93 How to use the MS Knowledge Base on CI$ keyclick.zip 11KB 06/21/94 KeyClick Utility for Win 4.0 and NT keylay11.zip 96KB 07/02/95 NT Utility to switch keyboard layouts kill.zip 127KB 01/13/95 Kill and PS to assist in killing applications kmglos.zip 90KB 02/05/93 Replacement Tables of Contents/Glossary for NT Beta kn32v152.zip 635KB 11/24/95 Drills for clef notes, piano, and guitar launch15.exe 797KB 02/18/96 Launch apps from Win 95 or Win NT desktop littles.zip 27KB 02/01/94 Three little NT console apps (kill,ps,nice) lkbackup.zip 350KB 08/24/94 Tape backup program for Windows NT lkstart.zip 10KB 08/24/94 Replacement for NT 'start' command ls_nt14.zip 21KB 04/27/95 ls - unix DIR command for windows NT ls_nt16.zip 26KB 02/18/96 ls - improved DIR command showing ownership of files makfon.zip 3KB 12/15/92 Oct 92 Beta version of the source to make a FON file mar93hcl.zip 29KB 03/19/93 Hardware compatibilty list for March beta of Windows NT mbison.zip 130KB 02/19/93 NT GNU Bison for MIPS R4000 processors (Feb 1993 build) mc32v7fb.zip 361KB 02/25/96 Marching Band Drill Design Charting System mcompres.zip 57KB 02/19/93 NT GNU Compress for MIPS R4000 (Feb 1993 build) mdesk.zip 173KB 07/24/95 Drag&Drop desktop for Windows NT3.5x mdiff.zip 182KB 02/19/93 NT GNU Diff for MIPS R4000 processors (Feb 1993 build) mdipad.zip 25KB 03/01/93 MDI Template medit1.zip 50KB 02/05/93 Programmer's Editor w/multiple windows for NT melt.zip 12KB 12/15/92 Melt Screen Saver module for NT Oct 92 beta mewn1m.zip 106KB 04/02/92 MicroEMACS for Mar93 NT exe mews1m.zip 11KB 04/02/92 MicroEMACS for Mar93 NT src changes for 1.1a mflex.zip 130KB 02/19/93 NT GNU Flex for MIPS R4000 processors (Feb 1993 build) mgawk.zip 212KB 02/19/93 NT GNU Awk for MIPS R4000 processors (Feb 1993 build) mgrep.zip 183KB 02/19/93 NT GNU Grep/Egrep for MIPS R4000 (Feb 1993 build) midij2.zip 66KB 09/17/94 MIDI JukeBox 2 for Win 4.0, NT, and Win32s mipbez2.zip 33KB 12/15/92 October beta WINBEZ demo program for MIPS platform mjb_nt.zip 44KB 03/17/93 MIDI JukeBox for MS Windows NT, October Beta or later mkindex.zip 26KB 07/31/95 Directory documentation utility for NT ftp sites mpegnt.zip 137KB 03/15/93 Port of Berkeley Public Domain MPEG player for NT mrcs.zip 655KB 02/19/93 NT GNU RCS for MIPS R4000 processors (Feb 1993 build) msed.zip 8KB 02/19/93 NT GNU Sed for MIPS R4000 processors (Feb 1993 build) msg1.zip 86KB 12/15/92 Messages from Week 1 of the MSWIN32 forum on CompuServe msg2.zip 130KB 12/15/92 Messages from Week 2 of the MSWIN32 forum on CompuServe msg3.zip 132KB 12/15/92 Messages from Week 3 of the MSWIN32 forum on CompuServe mudwhont.zip 16KB 08/24/94 Connects to RWHO server/grabs WHO lists of every mud munzip.exe 153KB 02/19/93 NT Unzip for MIPS R4000 processors (Feb 1993 build) mypal.zip 7KB 03/01/93 Updated Example from the October SDK mzip.zip 185KB 02/19/93 NT Zip/Unzip for MIPS R4000 processors (Feb 1993 build) nbody4.zip 212KB 05/08/95 Gravitational N-Body Simulation v1.8 nethaknt.zip 677KB 09/15/93 NetHack 3.1.2 for NT newmk.zip 3KB 12/15/92 Build environment. New make file for shrmem notent2.zip 86KB 12/15/92 A Windows New Technology Text Editor for Huge Files notez3.zip 111KB 12/01/93 NoteZ is a simple information manager. nrlogind.zip 29KB 02/21/94 rlogin client/server for Windows NT (x86 src/exe) nt-doscl.zip 4546KB 04/03/94 DOS client software for WinNT [4.6mb] nt-logo1.zip 248KB 03/15/94 Alternative WinNT logon screen nt-logo2.zip 178KB 03/15/94 Another alternative WinNT logon screen nt-logo3.zip 270KB 03/15/94 Yet another alternative WinNT logon screen nt16faq.zip 2KB 01/21/94 FAQ to list Win-16 Software that will run under NT nt_13.zip 61KB 12/15/92 comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.win32 news (Oct 3-10) nt_14.zip 19KB 12/15/92 comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.win32 news (Oct 10-17) nt_intro.zip 464KB 03/19/93 Intro to NT (DOS program) ntbanner.zip 10KB 10/05/94 Freeware memory montor for x86 NT ntcgrp.zip 6KB 12/15/92 Customize DLL for controlling NT Dialog Editor ntchkmem.zip 20KB 03/22/94 Memory monitor for Windows NT ntcrn1.zip 29KB 12/04/94 Windows NT ntcrond Version 1.0 A2 ntdrag.zip 30KB 12/15/92 Drag 'n' Drop and EXETYPE Utilities for NT ntexit.zip 13KB 12/22/94 Quickly Exit Windows NT Icon version 1.0 ntff.zip 20KB 03/22/94 File finder for Windows NT ntfi15.zip 872KB 01/09/95 Freeman Installer & Uninstaller for NT v1.50 ntfiles.zip 14KB 07/13/94 List filename, owner and size of all files on NTFS dev ntjade.zip 87KB 09/15/93 winNT logon screen (.bmp) ntkb.zip 2045KB 03/15/94 All WinNT KnowledgeBase files as of 3/11/94 [2.1M] ntlpr.zip 22KB 01/11/94 Berkeley LPD client for the NT console ntls.zip 23KB 01/11/94 ls - Windows NT directory listing utility (version 1.7) ntpdate.zip 31KB 01/30/95 Sync NT time with clock server ntperf.exe 2122KB 10/28/93 NT Perfomance utils for NT ResKit (2.1mb file) ntperlb.zip 363KB 09/15/93 Binaries for Perl for windows NT ntperls.zip 436KB 09/15/93 Source for Perl for windows NT ntqv12d.zip 252KB 04/09/95 NT viewer/converter for JPEG/BMP/GIF/TIFF/FAX/PCD ntqv12e.zip 287KB 08/10/95 QV 1.2e image viewer/converter for NT ntremote.zip 67KB 09/30/93 Provides the remote start function in NT ntreskit.exe 4139KB 10/28/93 Windows NT Resource kit (Note: a 4.2mb file) ntreskit.zip 5KB 01/03/94 Listing of files in the Windows NT Resource kit ntroach.zip 154KB 03/04/95 NT adaptation of the X program, xroach (alpha/intel) ntsh01.zip 96KB 03/01/93 Korn-like-Shell for NT ntslrtme.zip 55KB 03/22/94 SOLARTME 1.2 for NT: worldmap showing the terminator ntspin.zip 7KB 12/15/92 Spin control for NT Dialog Editor nttardis.zip 52KB 09/17/94 NT service that provides RFC868 time sync client nttinexe.zip 36KB 09/06/95 NT 3.5 x86 binary for TinTin-III MUD client port nttintin.zip 35KB 09/06/95 SRC for v.1 NT port of the TinTin-III MUD client nttools.zip 58KB 03/04/94 Windows NT Tools (logoff,shutdown,reboot,etc) ntunzip2.zip 256KB 08/24/94 Windows NT Unzip Utility ntutil.zip 280KB 09/27/94 clySmic Drag 'n' Drop Utils for Win NT / Win32 ntvip.zip 95KB 03/22/94 Phonebook for NT (supports BMPs and AVIs) ntwhich.zip 19KB 07/24/94 Find first matching executable in path (w/src) ntxsta.zip 7KB 12/15/92 XStatic control for NT Dialog Editor ntz31n.zip 124KB 08/16/94 NoteZ Application for NT ntzip201.zip 240KB 08/24/94 WinNT Unzip utility nz321n.zip 127KB 01/07/95 NoteZ is a varient of the Post-It idea for Windows onote32.zip 366KB 01/06/95 Object Notes 3.501 - A Win NT Note Manager op_robot.zip 669KB 07/23/95 OpalisRobot is an automation program for NT os2_06wr.zip 339KB 01/22/95 OnScreen/2, shareware fileviewer, v2.06 os2ss.zip 252KB 12/15/92 Porting NT to OS/2 perf.mak 0KB 12/15/92 Nmake macros for building Windows 32-Bit apps pfe0601i.zip 853KB 07/02/95 Programmer's File Editor for NT/Intel pixfnt.zip 1030KB 01/23/95 PixFolio Image Catalog System NT version 2.0.156 polyv170.zip 178KB 04/22/95 PolyView JPEG and GIF graphics viewer for NT pov22-nt.zip 160KB 03/03/94 POVray v2.2 raytracer WinNT port pping.zip 40KB 09/06/95 Ping multiple remote machines pshdr.zip 4KB 02/05/93 Replacement psheader.ps missing from Oct Beta psview.zip 41KB 12/15/92 Win32 PostScript Viewer pt04bp22.zip 101KB 10/16/94 NT 32 Bit Terminal App -- Temporary fix for Win NT 3.5 ptnt.zip 76KB 08/24/94 Two multi-processor benchmarks for Windows NT puppet.zip 84KB 11/16/95 Win32 OpenGL demo program pwatch.zip 56KB 06/16/94 PWatch reports usage of NT system resources pzl82.zip 56KB 09/17/94 Puzzle-8 2 for Win 4.0, NT, and Win32s queue.zip 11KB 12/15/92 DosQueue functions of OS/2 ported to NT qvtn3989.zip 480KB 01/07/95 3.989 release of WinQVT/Net for Windows NT or Win32s qws3270a.zip 21KB 11/04/93 QWS3270 3270 terminal for winNT version 2.0a rcalc2.zip 328KB 09/17/94 Talking RPN Calculator 2 for Win 4.0, NT, and Win32s regfind.zip 21KB 09/09/94 RegFind - a win32 registry search utility regmps.zip 87KB 12/15/92 Utility (for MIPS platform) to Capture Sysinfo regsrch.zip 169KB 03/19/95 Registry Search & Replace v1.00 regx86.zip 70KB 12/15/92 Utility (for x86 platform) to Capture Sysinfo resc.zip 25KB 12/15/92 Updates to the tools in ResConv and Annotate resdll.zip 5KB 12/15/92 Oct Beta Ver of samples\resdll files resfmt.zip 31KB 12/15/92 Win32 Binary resource formats ripbnt61.zip 280KB 06/28/95 RipBar 6.1: Iconbar program for Windows NT (Intel) rips32.zip 109KB 06/16/94 RipSpace 2.5: Analyze disk space usage scrcapa.zip 261KB 05/10/94 Screen (desktop) capture for Windows NT on DEC Alpha scrcapi.zip 135KB 05/10/94 Screen (desktop) capture for Windows NT on Intel servic.zip 7KB 03/01/93 Simple Service Example for NT setsbvol.zip 19KB 03/17/93 Sets the volume of your sound card (w/src) for NT setshell.zip 12KB 03/19/95 Set the login shell on a per user basis slcook-1.zip 1432KB 09/23/95 The Southern Living Cookbook [1/2] (1.4M) smtpgate.zip 123KB 08/22/94 SMTP Gateway for Windows NT snap230.zip 212KB 07/11/95 SnapShot/32 scrn. capture, Win95/NT with GIF/BMP save snap240.zip 219KB 08/23/95 SnapShot/32 scrn. capture, Win95/NT with GIF/BMP save source.exe 984KB 11/06/93 winNT POSIX utilities source code sp2i86.exe 9802KB 02/07/94 WinNT US Service Pack 2 for Intel [10.03Mb] sp3_31.exe 1210KB 11/07/94 Win NT US Service Pack 3 [1.4m] (1/9) sp3_32.exe 1361KB 11/07/94 Win NT US Service Pack 3 [1.4m] (2/9) sp3_33.exe 1356KB 11/07/94 Win NT US Service Pack 3 [1.4m] (3/9) sp3_34.exe 1362KB 11/07/94 Win NT US Service Pack 3 [1.4m] (4/9) sp3_35.exe 1352KB 11/07/94 Win NT US Service Pack 3 [1.4m] (5/9) sp3_36.exe 1360KB 11/07/94 Win NT US Service Pack 3 [1.4m] (6/9) sp3_37.exe 1364KB 11/07/94 Win NT US Service Pack 3 [1.4m] (7/9) sp3_38.exe 1348KB 11/07/94 Win NT US Service Pack 3 [1.4m] (8/9) sp3_39.exe 630KB 11/07/94 Win NT US Service Pack 3 [1.4m] (9/9) spi386.exe 6211KB 11/06/93 Win NT US Service Pack 1. 11/1/93 NT update (6.4Mb!) spin_ani.zip 0KB 02/24/95 NT animated cursor of a spin Wait cursor spooks.zip 15KB 12/15/92 Spooks Screen Saver module for NT Oct Beta sslaunch.zip 11KB 09/28/94 SaveScrn - Windows NT screen-saver launcher w/src ssp_nt.zip 113KB 12/03/93 NT Screen Saver Pack st_gra2.zip 157KB 10/20/94 Stereograms v. 1.00 Generates random-dot stereograms startr35.zip 48KB 07/01/95 Keep the ras connection to an internet service up svlngnm.zip 11KB 05/08/95 Savelongnames: Save all the WinNT FAT long file names sw2.zip 55KB 09/17/94 Stopwatch 2 for Win 4.0, NT, and Win32s swtchz.zip 7KB 12/03/93 SwitcheZ is a simple task switcher for NT tape.zip 81KB 08/24/94 Tape utility to use with win32tar tar.zip 410KB 01/06/94 tar v1.11.2 WinNT port. intel, mips, alpha binaries tcfax.zip 478KB 02/01/94 32 bit native client-server based Class 2 Fax software tcloc2.zip 325KB 09/17/93 Talking Clock 2 for Win 4.0, NT, and Win32s telpz2.zip 169KB 09/17/94 Telephone Puzzle 2 for Win 4.0, NT, and Win32s tftpds10.zip 39KB 08/12/95 multi-threaded TFTP Server for Windows NT times10.zip 43KB 03/17/94 Time Synchronizer v1.0 for Windows NT timesync.zip 205KB 09/06/95 sync clock with another machine tinycad.zip 162KB 02/25/95 Entry level Electronic Circuit Diagram design program tmtn14.zip 67KB 03/01/93 Time and Money-Tracker tools.zip 211KB 03/13/93 Available NT Development Tools in Excel and Word Format toshpcd.zip 14KB 11/01/94 Read PhotoCD's under Windows NT w/Toshiba 3401 CDROM tr32-2.zip 77KB 12/15/92 Trash Manager for NT Help Contents tty32.zip 24KB 12/15/92 TTY Sample allowing TELNET connections ue312n.zip 292KB 12/03/93 MicroEMACS 3.12 for Windows NT (i386) uedit32.zip 254KB 04/27/95 UltraEdit-32 TXT/HEX editor using MDI umiami.zip 1KB 11/16/93 Windows NT Animated Cursor uniput.zip 94KB 12/15/92 Input Unicode characters with the mouse unmnt10.zip 17KB 02/26/95 Allows safe removal of removable media devices unzipnt.zip 34KB 10/17/93 unzip 5.0p1 compiled for NT upc12bn1.zip 236KB 10/04/93 UUPC/Extended UUCP Clone for NT upc12bn2.zip 252KB 10/04/93 UUPC/Extended UUCP Clone for NT upc12bn3.zip 79KB 10/04/93 UUPC/Extended UUCP Clone for NT vdifmrgn.zip 146KB 07/10/95 Visual Diff and Merge for Windows NT/95/Win32s vershow.zip 114KB 03/19/95 Version Information Viewer v1.0 view11.zip 19KB 12/15/92 PostScript TEXT viewer - NT version: Beta October 92 vivo32.zip 38KB 03/23/94 Conway's Life for WinNT vlt32.zip 330KB 04/11/95 Vault v1.03 Stores your notes in a hierarchy (for NT) vnt101.exe 101KB 05/26/94 Viper VLB Windows NT release 1.01 w31_32.zip 121KB 12/15/92 While You Were Out Msg System for NT w32ss.zip 443KB 12/01/94 Windows 95 & NT Screen Saver Pack wavout.exe 40KB 02/05/93 Wave Output Controller for NT wch100i.zip 9KB 10/29/94 Waits for a file attribute to change we32d30d.zip 745KB 10/29/93 WinEdit for Windows NT Ver 0.99D (DEC Alpha) we32i30d.zip 567KB 10/29/93 WinEdit for Windows NT Ver 0.99D (Intel) we32m30d.zip 664KB 10/29/93 WinEdit for Windows NT Ver 0.99D (MIPS) week15.zip 174KB 12/15/92 Messages from Week 15 of the WINNT forum on CompuServe week16.zip 167KB 12/15/92 Messages from Week 16 of the WINNT forum on CompuServe week17.zip 171KB 12/15/92 Messages from Week 17 of the WINNT forum on CompuServe wfc010.zip 200KB 12/08/95 Win32 (NT) represented as C++ classes whaley.zip 221KB 02/21/94 Intel bins for cat,chmod,cp,du,head,ls,mv,pr,rm,etc. wimamp20.zip 153KB 07/08/94 WinImage 2.0: Windows Disk Imager WinNT Mips R4000 wimant20.zip 142KB 07/08/94 WinImage 2.0: Windows Disk Imager Windows NT Intel wimaxp20.zip 179KB 07/08/94 WinImage 2.0: Windows Disk Imager Win NT Dec Alpha win32tar.zip 64KB 03/10/94 GNU tar NT console app winbez2.zip 18KB 12/15/92 October beta of WINBEZ demo program for x86 platform windesk.zip 19KB 07/10/94 Read and set system vars, list boxes, etc. w/src winf01.zip 162KB 03/13/93 Available NT Development Tools in OS/2 .INF Format winner.zip 32KB 12/15/92 NT Programming Environment winnt.zip 2KB 02/05/93 Contents of WINNT forum libraries on CIS (31 Jan 93) winntnet.zip 8KB 02/15/93 Win-NT-Net File Distribution Network Info wm_frn.zip 54KB 07/20/94 Mind pour Windows 3.1 et NT wmodnt10.zip 21KB 10/27/92 MOD-Player for Windows/NT wn0789.zip 7KB 03/22/94 WinNT disabled users access info wnt001.zip 78KB 12/15/92 NT, Beta October 1992 - Boot Workaround wnt003.zip 11KB 02/05/93 Fixes for HP Deskjet printing with NT wnt004.zip 14KB 02/05/93 Fixes bug with Floppy based install of NT wnt005.zip 12KB 03/01/93 Fixes the problem with Cirrus Video Cards wtalpha.zip 455KB 06/19/94 WAIS Toolkit for NT [467kb] wvn926nt.zip 189KB 12/08/94 NNTP newsreader for Windows/NT wywo32.zip 125KB 03/01/93 While you were out NT Version wznt56.exe 300KB 02/25/95 WinZip For Windows/NT Version 5.6 xboard.zip 54KB 10/30/93 Clipboard enhancement tool for Windows NT xmpl.zip 11KB 12/15/92 Holeport OS/2 to Nt porting example xvi.exe 197KB 02/15/93 Port of xvi for NT (exe) xvi.zip 458KB 06/16/94 xvi for WinNT [470k] xvidiff.zip 24KB 02/15/93 Port of xvi for NT (src diffs) xvisrc.zip 338KB 02/15/93 port of xvi for NT (src) zip-nt.zip 76KB 12/09/93 Info-Zip zip v1.9 and unzip v5.0 for WinNT zkf102.zip 765KB 01/10/95 C++ interpreter for NT [785k] zm5nt.zip 417KB 12/03/93 Zip Manager for Windows NT

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