Windows NT Misc Utilities

Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:41:31 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 163KB 12/26/95 AVI Player, var-speed, zoom/pan/crop, loop, rock, range 1519KB 10/01/95 Manages queuing and execution of Win NT batch files 550KB 01/12/96 Scientific data regression 36KB 09/30/95 A colorised "DIR" program with UNIX LS command 169KB 01/10/96 Command line interpreter for producing GIF images 20KB 01/08/96 Grep command for WinNT 181KB 12/20/95 Sort Merge Utility for 32 Bit Windows 21KB 10/24/95 ls - list the contents of a directory 673KB 12/30/95 Maximus BBS 3.01: common DOS/NT/W95 executables 501KB 12/30/95 Maximus BBS 3.01: req'd for DOS/NT/W95 installs 936KB 12/30/95 Maximus BBS 3.01 beta: NT/Win95 executables 33KB 10/15/95 Tune your Modem and resolve COM-IRQ problems 1519KB 12/08/95 NTcrond, Task Scheduler 1114KB 11/07/95 OCX DB-Library-32bit API interface (OCX/DB-Library) 81KB 01/01/96 Gnu Bison for PowerPC/NT 68KB 01/01/96 GNU diff for PowerPC/NT 87KB 01/01/96 GNU flex for PowerPC/NT 50KB 12/03/95 Run PGP through NT clipboard 114KB 01/01/96 GNU Grep for PowerPC NT 52KB 01/01/96 GNU Gzip for PowerPC/NT 60KB 01/01/96 sed binary for NT/PowerPC 91KB 01/01/96 GNU Tar for PowerPC/NT 677KB 01/01/96 GNU cat, cut, expand, tail, etc. for PPC/NT 684KB 02/04/96 Reference Database/Bibliography software 22KB 10/23/95 An easy-to-use encryption programme for Windows NT 201KB 03/05/96 Multi-file/dir search/replace util for Win95/NT, 3.1x 93KB 11/12/95 Label making and printing 10KB 10/15/95 Toolbar utility 209KB 09/18/95 WINIMAGE 2.20<ASP>DMF DISK IMAGER for MIPS R4000 141KB 09/18/95 WINIMAGE 2.20<ASP>DMF DISK IMAGER-x86,Win95,3.1+32s 224KB 09/18/95 WINIMAGE 2.20<ASP>DMF DISK IMAGER for DEC ALPHA

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