Windows Utilities Files

Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:28:31 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 197KB 10/15/95 Flexible calculator with every feature imaginable 166KB 03/03/96 Credit Card Check Digit Tester 402KB 12/20/93 2Do 1.1B Personal Task Manager (PIM) for Windows 61KB 09/20/93 VGA video benchmark program 104KB 08/10/95 3-D Keyboard 2.4 589KB 11/03/95 Create your own stereoscopic 3D images 50KB 08/14/93 easy-to-use method of producing labels for 3 1/2" disks 40KB 08/20/93 File Launcher Browses Disk Drives 29KB 06/24/94 Windows Executable File Compressor 264KB 11/07/94 Above and Beyond PIM v3.34 390KB 09/19/94 Account Manager v1.0 is a free checkbook balancer 159KB 01/11/94 Account Manager 1.3 -- Time usage tracking program 1316KB 05/13/95 Adobe Acrobat Reader 2.0 for Windows 66KB 01/25/95 Somar ACTS V1.4, set PC clock using modem 1268KB 11/06/94 Unzipper for ZIP,ARJ,LZH,PAK,ARC,ZOO,SQZ,HYP,ARCE,SFX 1203KB 09/12/95 ACZAR 3.10 for Windows Archive Shell - ASP 580KB 08/30/95 Version 1.01 of Ion Phone Server for Windows 166KB 12/22/94 AddEASE v1.0 - Professional Tape Calculator 58KB 11/29/93 Accumulated-sum calculator 582KB 10/16/95 Version 1.04 of Ion Phone Server for Windows 86KB 10/31/95 Win3.1x utility for accessing system info 1505KB 04/20/93 AIM-Spice simulator package 36KB 07/18/93 ALLINI for Windows Version 2.2: INI editor <WinMag> 986KB 08/24/94 ALLOALLO! V1.2 Communication Software [1mb] 645KB 06/03/94 Astronomy Lab v. 1.14:Prediction, Graphing & Simulation 210KB 04/19/93 Master Amortizer for loan analysis 141KB 06/01/94 Print Screen 1.3 for Windows 141KB 03/21/94 A project/event planner v2.2 906KB 07/06/94 AlertPage for NetWare: stand-alone paging application 175KB 09/21/93 Application Pad: Formerly NeXT App Bar (ver 4.0a) 159KB 11/28/94 Application Bar 4.1 Beta 2 100KB 07/20/95 Action Required V1.1: Reminder and E-mail sender 555KB 01/25/96 File Uncompression/Compression File Manager 20KB 07/13/93 ArcShellL zip/arc/lzh/arj shell for Windows (ver 1.3) 1520KB 10/14/95 Multimedia Screen Saver, SlideShow, Wallpaper 68KB 10/03/95 Restructures, converts comma-delimited ASCII files 77KB 01/20/96 Restructures, converts comma-delimited ASCII files 39KB 04/21/93 Kill one Windows COM app so you can run another 8KB 05/21/93 Easily edit file association settings 764KB 12/06/94 A-Talk v1.5.0.8 multi-featured telecomm package [755k] 245KB 12/09/93 All The Time: Customizable Clock w/Resource Mon 63KB 04/20/95 View/Extract ARC,ARJ,GZip,LHarc,PAK,PIT,SIT,TAR,ZIP,ZOO 594KB 11/09/94 AzIs Graph uses DDE to keep graph up-to-date 19KB 05/23/94 BailOut v2.0 - Windows Quick Exit Utility 100KB 12/01/95 HEXCOM Barcode Wizard 1213KB 03/02/96 Batch Link 1.1: Create, modify, run batchfiles 31KB 03/13/95 Run Windows commands from a file, line by line 57KB 10/18/95 Run Windows commands like .BAT files in DOS 283KB 07/30/94 BioBase: bibliographic database for Win (req vbrun200) 164KB 01/03/96 Bibliographic database - requires VBRUN200.DLL 174KB 08/27/94 Windows Text Editor with multilingual support 267KB 07/27/94 PowerBBS - MS Mail Gateway version 2.0 188KB 06/21/94 BCalc! is a replacement calculator for Windows 188KB 06/06/94 Business Calculator V2.00 for Windows 3.1 211KB 01/14/95 BC/Outline is a general purpose outlining program 369KB 07/05/94 BCOM Quefile/FAX Win comm program 191KB 10/31/95 Vector-based drawing utility 742KB 07/21/95 Bedit V2.3 is a Windows 3.1+ text editor 335KB 09/10/93 buttonFile 1.0. Easy to use Windows database (1 of 5) 338KB 09/10/93 buttonFile 1.0. Easy to use Windows database (2 of 5) 339KB 09/10/93 buttonFile 1.0. Easy to use Windows database (3 of 5) 339KB 09/10/93 buttonFile 1.0. Easy to use Windows database (4 of 5) 325KB 09/10/93 buttonFile 1.0. Easy to use Windows database (5 of 5) 50KB 03/22/94 BiblioFile Version 1.2 is a reference library manager 23KB 03/25/93 View bitmaps in .EXE or .DLL files 170KB 07/28/93 Business/Financial Calculator 51KB 03/10/96 Bloodhound: Application to manage files 120KB 04/05/93 The Total Mailing List Manager for Windows 190KB 02/26/93 Tracks U.S. Savings bonds 1326KB 09/20/95 Literature database and bibliography software 273KB 10/10/94 Business Plan Master App 22KB 11/05/94 BinaryPrinting is a drag-and-drop utility for printing bputil.exe 200KB 02/05/93 Win3.1 Update of Barry Press Window Utils 100KB 02/11/96 Long filenames, file & drive formats (+100) describer 78KB 08/19/93 One-click launching (PCMAG) 106KB 07/15/94 Application for managing household budgets 126KB 07/10/95 Mr Burns watches apps you run, counts keystrokes, etc. 10KB 03/23/93 Windows Quick exit utility 102KB 04/17/95 another Exit/Restart/Reboot Utility 124KB 04/19/93 Command Line, a program launcher for Windows 65KB 10/26/94 Chief's Installer for Windows v 2.40 31KB 07/28/93 Windows scientific calculator program 202KB 08/17/95 CALIBRA 1.3 Smart Clock: Corrects loss in time 1248KB 03/15/95 Caller ID software for Caller ID capable modems 392KB 05/19/94 Extract useful info from a cardfile (.CRD format) 330KB 11/04/95 Label & card maker-10 graphics formats, bar codes 330KB 11/28/95 Label & card maker-10 graphics formats, bar codes 61KB 07/28/93 Translates Wincard files to Text and back 60KB 08/04/93 Print Audio Cassette Liners 149KB 07/12/94 Cassette label program 216KB 03/12/96 Client Biller v2.54 invoice maker 866KB 03/29/94 Colorado Backup for Windows Lite, Version 1.10 [887k] 86KB 02/24/96 CCLINK monitors modems and serial and parallel ports 168KB 02/21/96 CD-ROMs SEARCH ENGINE 24KB 10/21/94 CD Jewel Box Label Maker 14KB 12/08/95 An easy to use, graphical CD Player utility 57KB 10/22/94 Controller for WinINI, LanMgr, Autoexec/Config.sys 11KB 09/02/93 Change drive letters in any .GRP, .INI, or .PIF file 5KB 05/08/93 Cherry Hill VM Replacement COMM Buffer Driver 71KB 02/24/96 Shows if files have been corrupted, deleted, added, etc 17KB 02/07/94 Manipulate CICA Index Files 467KB 01/16/96 Caller-ID Management for Windows 541KB 09/15/95 Chief's Install Pro V2.0 for Windows 47KB 03/23/93 Circular File v1.0: Drag and drop deletion utility 62KB 10/17/94 CoolEdit-Win Command History and Filename Completion 68KB 08/14/93 Three apps to organize your icon, sound and .BMP files 68KB 02/20/95 Print Cassette Tape Liners 317KB 10/01/95 Print cassette tape liners 108KB 01/11/94 A personal/network program scheduler for Windows 3.1 5KB 11/06/94 Utility to force a COM port closed while in Windows 8KB 12/04/94 DOS app takes txt from Clipboard; writes it to a file 175KB 04/22/95 Win 3.xx/WFWG Clipboard Text Database Toolbar 168KB 08/22/94 ColorQWK 1.0 for Windows 1183KB 10/10/94 cNote miniature information manager [1.21mb] 32KB 03/10/93 Clock of Doom: Clock with U.S debt, murder rate, etc. 138KB 11/01/93 CodePrint, ascii file print utility w/fmt controls 11KB 10/07/95 Program mixes RGB to come up with background and text 516KB 01/22/96 Windows telecom program 211KB 02/09/96 Adds functions to Win 3.1 file dialogs 7KB 09/23/94 Convert units between American and Metric system 69KB 07/22/94 App to convert metric and US measurement systems 177KB 11/16/95 EMAIL Transfer Prgm- smtp gateway/router for MSMail 68KB 05/08/93 Utility for Central Point Backup for Windows v7.x 1577KB 05/03/94 CmpQwk v1.4 Win 3.1 QWK off-line mail reader [1.6mb] 160KB 07/15/94 Print up to four text pages per sheet w/TT fonts 3KB 07/18/93 Convert Cardfile (.CRD) files to text files 10KB 02/10/95 Export Windows Cardfiles to ASCII delimited files 122KB 09/05/93 Personal Credit Repair and management software 79KB 10/03/94 Crip for Windows v1.2: Text encryption 41KB 08/18/93 Convert Unix style text files to DOS files 335KB 10/03/94 Crypto: Windows file scrambler/unscrambler 388KB 08/07/93 Chart Tamer: Creates graphs and charts 102KB 08/08/95 tracks the changes install programs makes to system 457KB 11/11/93 CMPQWK Version 1.31 Update Module Only 641KB 11/05/95 Curve fitting w/ nonlinear regression&splines 302KB 04/03/93 Convert It! measurement unit conversion program 657KB 03/05/96 Curve fitting w/ nonlin regression & splines 107KB 03/10/96 Type Cyrillic languages in any Windows program 72KB 11/29/93 Disk at a Glance, hard drive usage charts 28KB 01/26/95 DateFind src allows date insertion by browsing cal dbankwin.exe 2864KB 02/02/96 GUI OS 4 timeseries(import/SQL/edit/plot/export)[2.3M] 819KB 07/16/94 DigiCard: free-form flash card program 1207KB 12/06/94 Document Conversion Manager [1.2mb] 260KB 02/28/95 Disk copy program for Windows 3.x 138KB 08/14/94 Drag and Drop Printing, Version 2.00b 452KB 11/22/93 DingDang Chinese word processor for Window 3.1 189KB 05/13/94 Delta reports on changes in your drive due to installs 31KB 08/15/93 View/Edit 4DOS File Descriptions in Windows 7KB 08/16/95 have your modem dial a number for voice call 28KB 05/06/94 General purpose dialer for Windows ver1.0E 100KB 08/19/95 DialPad - A phone dialer which doesn't need a modem 141KB 03/14/96 Phone dialer, no modem required 186KB 11/30/95 Easy way to dial phone with modem, stores phone numbers 58KB 08/31/93 Digital Architech, a circuit simulation program 463KB 09/22/95 DigiTerm 1.5 Full featured Windows terminal program 86KB 01/29/95 Calculator, unit converter, for dimensioned quantities 53KB 08/13/93 Directory/File Utility for Windows 22KB 10/20/93 dirinfo lists all directories on the hard drive 127KB 03/10/95 Dir Match: Update Sub-Dirs, Dr{ag,op}, Comp, Ed, Del 72KB 11/02/93 manipulate directories, Size, Delete, Change Attributes 108KB 03/17/95 DiskFactory:multitasking copy/compare/format utility 194KB 03/03/96 Diskette Duplicator, File Copier 55KB 03/02/93 Directory Copy Utility for Windows 1272KB 12/22/94 Xlates .txt into spreadsheet and DB formats [1.3m] 67KB 06/15/94 Windows Dynamic Link Library Investigator v1.9 64KB 09/24/95 A low profile, text based Program Manager for Windows 355KB 07/13/94 dMail for Windows v1.0b 40KB 12/14/94 Change Domain Password NT/WfWG 83KB 03/02/93 Create Multiple Associations for Document Files 734KB 11/28/95 Complete document imaging with keyword query system 893KB 12/14/95 Complete document imaging with keyword query syste 804KB 11/28/95 Complete document imaging with powerful query system 941KB 12/14/95 Docuthek Document Imaging 212KB 03/10/93 Puts Menu Bar with Help Dialog into Windowed DOS 303KB 02/25/94 Dough Boy Install Program and Disk Set Builder 1342KB 01/05/95 Drag And File File Manager 2.0 [1.08m] 300KB 08/19/94 Drag And Zip v.4.10 - Zip Manager for File Manager 40KB 09/06/95 DYNAMIC SETUP Windows installation utility 356KB 12/08/94 DiskMan Disk/Tape Catalog App for Windows v3.0 <ASP> 117KB 02/11/95 DiskPie v1.0b <ASP> - Graphical Windows Fileman ext 431KB 11/21/95 Floppy diskette cataloguer & label creator 224KB 02/14/96 Diskette collection manager - ver. 4.0 dspace9.exe 264KB 12/02/94 Disk admin app to find/delete duplicate/scratch files 535KB 10/06/95 A Windows tool to do WWW Server log analysis 306KB 10/20/93 Tracks file usage/accesses to identify unused files dswvb1.exe 533KB 02/10/94 Disk sweep: moves old files out to floppy (nagware) 120KB 10/20/93 Print directory tree 112KB 09/07/93 Find duplicate files on your system and clear off 94KB 12/16/95 Find and remove duplicated files 28KB 03/10/93 TeX .dvi Previewer Util for Windows3 (ver 2.6) 292KB 07/28/93 TeX DVI viewer and printer with graphics support 127KB 05/21/95 Directory Watch keeps eye on disk free space dz50.exe 432KB 01/04/95 Drag and Drop Files into PKZIP'ed 2.04g Files 190KB 08/18/95 e-Mail Notify 0.99.11 239KB 11/17/95 Disk cleaning utility 1202KB 12/31/95 Build Windows Installation programs w/o script writing 133KB 04/05/93 Pop-up help of system.ini settings 477KB 12/24/95 Windows UUE/MIME/SHIP/BTOA Encoder/Decoder 330KB 02/11/96 Small and speedy file management utility 197KB 04/29/95 Editeur V2.1 text editor for Windows 3.1 709KB 05/01/95 EditHelp program creates Help Files 313KB 03/23/95 Edit Master v2.5: Notepad replacement (unlim filesize) 312KB 03/03/95 Text/binary editor for DOS and Windows 164KB 08/14/94 EditPro is a Windows disk based text or hex editor 327KB 12/22/95 Text editor with spell checking/16Meg files 203KB 09/15/93 Enhances DOS in Windows 386 Enhanced Mode 513KB 08/24/95 Enigma crypt/encrypt v3.2 for Win 64KB 01/05/94 Quick-exit from Win or Reboot or Restart or run DOS App 102KB 10/08/93 Essential Home Inventory for insurance purposes 210KB 01/13/95 EKBACKUP 3.0: front-end for PkZip, ARJ and LHA 122KB 06/24/94 WinEliza v0.98 AI application 388KB 08/15/95 E-Minder checks MS Mail box for new mail 403KB 09/07/95 MS Mail E-mail reminder emwm.exe 451KB 09/21/94 Express Systems Express Meter Working Model License Mgr 213KB 05/06/94 Private Cryptographer, version 1.19 (WinMag) 336KB 01/17/96 Unit conversion programme 45KB 07/11/95 EnSync-v1.3 DOSbox Environment Synchronizer 211KB 10/17/94 PrintEnvelope V3 prints any env or lbls (WinMag) 31KB 05/01/95 Easy Out 1.1:Exit,restart,reboot,reboot w/Cmnd 7KB 05/02/94 RPN Calculator for Windows 14KB 10/05/94 English-Russian Support for DOS and Windows 75KB 10/03/95 Read ASCII files, build indexed hierarchical outlines 346KB 12/13/95 Windows File Manager replacement 45KB 11/07/95 Traffic Engineering & Queuing Utility 473KB 02/12/95 EZ-Split is an easy to use file splitter 131KB 08/01/95 ENTISOFT UNITS MINI v1.0 Measurement Conversion 81KB 02/15/93 Exit Windows, Run a DOS App then Restart Windows 116KB 10/22/95 Unique, buttonless line-of-text calculator 46KB 11/01/93 ExecFile Manager Version 1.0 execpg.exe 1380KB 08/11/94 Executive Page alphanumeric paging program [1.42m] 431KB 09/26/94 Executive Assistant Address Book for Windows 4KB 07/18/94 Gee another Windows shutdown utility 281KB 01/20/96 Deletes any files with complete security. Batch, etc 680KB 02/04/96 Sophisticated file search utility 30KB 07/08/94 Extract 2.0: Extracting files from disk image 159KB 04/29/94 ExitWin 3.1a - Utility to exit Windows (WinMag) 143KB 11/16/94 EZINI. Easy INI editor. 580KB 12/03/94 Full Agenda v1.0 PIM. Agenda and Address Mgmt,etc. 1/2 532KB 12/03/94 Full Agenda v1.0 PIM. Agenda and Address Mgmt,etc. 2/2 4KB 07/23/95 Utility to fast exit or restart Windows 1044KB 05/08/95 Multi-User fault tracking system (beta) [1.1m] 1207KB 01/30/96 Manage corporate Help Desk and Support Group faults fc.exe 91KB 01/28/96 Side-by-side difference editor, great for merging 205KB 03/04/94 FileClip, File Manager substitute w/clipboard features 62KB 11/29/94 Find unused DLLs 707KB 03/03/96 Powerful multi-functional file finder 35KB 12/04/94 File Express V1.0 Win File Manager 553KB 10/14/94 Envelope & Stationary Graphics Designer v1.0 <WinMag> 103KB 08/01/93 Fast File Find for Windows 91KB 08/16/93 Shareware X-Y plotting program for Windows 1296KB 11/06/95 Freeman Installer/Uninstaller v2.2c [1.3M] 170KB 09/02/93 Rplcmnt for FileMgr plus provides a Clipboard stack 56KB 03/15/95 File Date/Time Changer 55KB 05/09/95 File Runner Ver 1.1 19KB 09/06/93 Save files automatically in all active apps 29KB 10/20/94 Utility to Autosave your Work 29KB 08/05/93 FIND.DLL: A Text-Search Utility (PCMag) 87KB 11/29/93 File finder, even searches inside archives 164KB 05/23/94 Flash Card Memorization Program 91KB 08/25/93 Util that predicts your typing, lets you complete it 110KB 04/20/93 Create Q.71 and Q.73 information flow diagrams 110KB 09/27/93 Flash Cards program to aid in vocabulary memorization 94KB 04/19/93 File Magician, dual-screen file manager 140KB 02/10/94 Applications menu for Win File Manager 56KB 02/21/94 File Manager Extension adds analysis by file types 131KB 09/23/95 File Manager Guard for Win3.1 & WfWG3.11 <ASP> 165KB 09/23/95 File Manager extender 131KB 09/23/95 Customizable toolbar with tooltips 225KB 12/08/93 File Mgmnt sys, 116 custom Buttons, Menus, & Macros 70KB 11/29/93 FormatMaster 1.2 floppy formatting util 80KB 11/25/95 Performs unix functions grep, find, and diff 65KB 07/23/94 MS-Win 3.x utility for locating duplicated filenames 31KB 08/02/93 File management system for Windows fon_flip.exe 56KB 10/11/95 Change from working online to offline 319KB 02/18/96 Phone Dialer and Logger and much more 614KB 11/12/95 Perfect tool for authoring interactive presentations 65KB 04/05/94 Foreigner: Copy Spcial Characters to the Clipboard 1939KB 03/04/95 Database QWK packet off-line mail reader 1002KB 07/26/95 Windows program manager with security features 21KB 09/07/93 Continuously displays the amount of free disk space 21KB 10/05/93 Metz Free Memory Utility 5KB 02/16/94 GDI,System and User heaps display 101KB 10/22/95 Highly configurable filesave (backup) program 9KB 03/21/94 File Seek & Destroy 1.30a 8KB 03/23/93 PCMAG's Free System Resource Utility and source 49KB 12/04/94 FTaskman is a replacement for Windows Task Manager 155KB 07/28/93 FrameView: desktop publishing software (alpha ver) 140KB 06/27/95 J.E.C. File Viewer v1.18 85KB 11/01/93 File Viewer 2.0 by Maze Computer 15KB 08/23/95 Gamba Resource Monitor 336KB 07/12/94 Gator Edit 1.0: LOCKED: POSSIBLE VIRUS INFECTION 158KB 07/12/94 Spell-checking dictonary for Gator Edit 1.0 31KB 03/10/94 Select Different Configs at Windows Start up 158KB 05/09/94 Reads the resource version information out EXE/DLLs 199KB 03/15/93 GFile combines often used features of the Prog/FileMgrs ghost3.exe 266KB 07/05/94 Ghost BBS System 271KB 03/09/94 GilaMenu: small popup menu system 534KB 06/27/95 Gissing 2.0 HTML Editor 674KB 05/16/94 Type less with Global Abbreviations v1.5 [690k] 2KB 03/04/94 Medical abbreviations for 357KB 04/19/93 Fast/powerful dbms that uses internal SQL Statements 118KB 09/02/95 GO v1.0 Windows batch process automation 464KB 01/03/94 Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) Dialer App 176KB 07/28/93 GNUplot for windows and dos ver 3.4 697KB 07/28/93 GNUplot for windows and dos ver 3.4 410KB 10/02/93 GNUplot for windows and dos ver 3.5 119KB 02/11/93 Grammar Expert Utility 309KB 03/03/95 Another Windows Grep Version 1.6 96KB 10/21/94 Windows Grep Version 4 105KB 10/28/94 Windows 3.1 GRP (group) file editor 15KB 04/05/95 Program Group Editor 1.3 11KB 12/04/94 GRPfind: search for strings inside group (GRP) files 1718KB 05/10/93 GhostScript Fonts 1164KB 07/28/93 GhostScript Execs for DOS/Windows, docs, ini, examples 1274KB 07/28/93 GhostScript Sources 57KB 07/10/94 Ghostscript for Windows 2.6.x Command Line Interface 170KB 08/05/93 Graphical interface for MS-Windows Ghostscript 9KB 05/27/94 GT Task Manager is a replacement for the TaskManager 94KB 07/15/94 ProComm +/Windows Script is a utility for Ghost BBS 72KB 03/28/93 Hangul (Korean) Editor for windows v.3.1 207KB 08/24/94 Home Budget, easily budget and manage home finances 21KB 04/03/93 Handicapping calculator for horse races 553KB 11/05/95 Drag & Drop image conversion 66KB 01/12/94 HEdit v1.2, Hexadecimal Editor for Binary Files 6043KB 02/24/95 Hi Life Help Desk Software [6.1mb] 237KB 11/23/93 Help Edit V1.9 Windows Help File Generator 655KB 02/05/96 Create Windows Help files 220KB 09/16/95 Easy to use HTML editor 162KB 09/06/93 Gopher Client For Windows 3.1 (Version Beta 1.0) 219KB 08/29/95 HGP is a symbol editor supporting pictorial chars 1453KB 10/16/95 Script enabled image editor (1.4M) 38KB 04/19/93 Yet another system monitor/free res reporter 242KB 04/29/93 Help System Development Kit for Windows 584KB 11/18/93 Windows Help files creator 295KB 12/02/95 Converts Windows Help files to Text files 965KB 12/20/95 HYPERTEXT AND MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM FOR WINDOWS [1M] 1607KB 03/24/95 HM-CARD hypermedia authoring system [1.56m] 120KB 04/19/93 Windows Home Accountant 958KB 01/04/95 HopAlong FTP for Win, toll-free file transfer protocol hotdog10.exe 557KB 06/29/95 HotDog Web Editor 36KB 02/05/93 Windows 3.1 Diagnostic Utility/Error Handler 188KB 09/27/94 HelpGen Windows Help File Generator v1.20 69KB 05/24/94 Track your Windows usage (in hours) 3902KB 12/22/95 HelpSTAR for Windows, help desk automation app [3.9M] 360KB 04/21/95 HTOOLS v1.4 - Powerful utilities for Windows 171KB 06/20/94 HTMLed - An HTML Editor for Microsoft Windows 1269KB 12/21/95 HTML -> WinHelp conversion utility 296KB 07/28/93 Program for analysis of enzyme-kinetic data 61KB 07/27/95 A shareware hypertext editor for windows 3.xx 443KB 01/07/96 Adds file functions to all Windows File dialogs 80KB 02/26/93 International Keyboard Kit: switch languages in Winapps 314KB 02/09/96 Create high quality thumbnail libraries of pictures 91KB 09/16/93 Index-It V1.0 Windows Text file Index Program 103KB 02/24/93 Resource Monitor for Windows 3.x 51KB 11/01/93 Shows Heap, Windows, Tasks and Modules 22KB 01/11/96 Point and click INI editor for Windows 3.1 214KB 08/22/95 Ini 'Ol Editer Version 3.1g 222KB 04/25/95 Ini 'Ol Editer Version 3.1e 126KB 11/01/93 Another .INI file editor/manager 554KB 04/25/95 Instant Install 1.0 Easy to Use generic install program 8KB 07/28/93 Automate Windows program installation simply 662KB 01/03/96 Easy-to-use Windows application installer system 197KB 09/11/95 Creates self-extracting executable Win installs 1228KB 10/25/94 Internet Navigator floating win Internet address dbms 166KB 11/20/95 Internet time usage counter, log and stats 473KB 10/08/93 Version 1.00 of Investment Manager 75KB 03/23/93 Invoice-It makes sales invoices, uses .dbf format 243KB 10/07/94 Invoice System App 150KB 12/17/94 InWatch. 'Watches' win 3.1 apps install 515KB 12/10/95 IPIN PhotoCalendar for Windows 3.1 740KB 08/28/94 IP Manager 2.1: Track/manage IP addresses 88KB 07/06/94 IRCIIWIN: MS-Windows version of the IRC II client 135KB 09/04/95 ISDN-Monitor v2.2 271KB 09/12/94 Issue Manager 1.2 -- An issue/problem tracking system 321KB 07/10/95 It Utilities v2.0 - Trash, View, Zip, Launch 150KB 08/20/95 iView - Charting Viewer for iAudit Web Stats 133KB 09/24/95 InstallWare application installation program 68KB 09/24/95 InstallWiz builds APPSETUP.INF files and inst disks 315KB 07/20/94 Jeepers v1.1 <ASP> - Bibliography dbs for Windows 163KB 11/08/93 Sensible Home Journal Database System 495KB 10/28/95 Replacement for MS Cardfile 360KB 08/13/94 JQCalc for Windows 223KB 08/13/94 J.Q.L. Horse Form Lite for Windows 211KB 08/13/94 J.Q.L. Pools Plan for Windows 200KB 08/13/94 J.Q.L. Weights & Measures for Windows 73KB 02/18/95 Keyboard and mouse utility for windows 60KB 08/21/93 KeyPro Text File Editor Version 1.2 225KB 03/10/94 Kfree - free memory & disk space monitor Util 142KB 10/31/94 Display all modules (dll/exe) currently loaded 189KB 12/14/95 Automated Program Termination Utility 3KB 04/03/95 A Windows application killer v0.2 60KB 07/11/94 Remap/redefine standard keyboard 41KB 05/08/95 KickStart Exits, Restarts, or Reboots while in Win 49KB 03/20/95 Makes labels for 3,5" disks 243KB 09/21/95 Windows launch utility using LaTeX software 262KB 06/13/94 All-purpose label utility program 264KB 11/10/95 All-purpose label utility program 72KB 03/15/96 Editor with prog. language knowledge (Catalan ver) 71KB 03/09/96 powerful editor with prog. language knowledge 72KB 03/15/96 Editor with prog. language knowledge (Spanish ver) 153KB 07/25/95 Lemmy is a port of ELVIS (a VI clone) 83KB 06/20/94 LetterBox: replacement DOS subsystem for MS Windows 232KB 07/07/94 Lifetime for Windows PIM v1.00 6KB 03/04/96 Drag-and-drop conversion of text file linefeeds 244KB 01/14/96 A Windows Launch/Shell Utility for LaTeX Users 263KB 07/05/94 Laser/ink jet printer utility for ASCII text files 247KB 12/11/94 License manager for DOS/WIN (network independent) 272KB 03/10/96 LOCKtite Program manager and group password security 147KB 07/10/95 track phone-costs when dialing BBS or Internet prov 415KB 12/20/95 General Purpose Sort/Merge Utility 17KB 03/09/94 LaserUser prints a cover page for any document 53KB 01/25/96 Universal install tool 286KB 12/21/95 Send keystrokes to any Windows program 219KB 08/13/94 Read/Write Macintosh Disks on Your PC 16KB 12/11/94 Windows Mail Checker and Simple Network Messager v1.1 107KB 08/27/95 Markup Thing: Calcs margins, markups, retails, etc. 15KB 01/22/96 Graphics-to-ASCII extraction / conversion utility 149KB 09/22/95 A specialized scientific calculator for Windows 3.1 13KB 03/08/96 Emergency mouse driver and trackpoint replacement 453KB 01/04/94 MicroBoot, multiple-boot and sys conf utilities 298KB 09/14/95 :Text file browser/organizer 57KB 11/17/95 Measure distance, angle, area on image and print it 133KB 10/31/95 Text editor for up to 20 large files at once 133KB 11/29/94 Mega Edit v2.11 169KB 08/20/94 Memory Tools 2.1 for Windows merchant.exe 4271KB 09/09/95 Point of sale inventory program 465KB 02/10/95 Quick Conversions v2.21 58KB 04/20/93 METRIX Metric/Imperial Converter 426KB 08/25/95 - Metz dialer 3.10 43KB 08/25/95 - Metz exit - for Metz task manager & scheduler 136KB 12/20/93 MF is a high-performance Windows 3.x database 400KB 01/04/94 Gizmo Mini-DB, small, all-purpose database program 232KB 07/25/94 Mortgage Analysis Program for Windows 3.1 217KB 05/16/94 MicroWerks Microlink Version 1.05 Comm Software 739KB 12/27/95 QWK compatible offline database mail reader 38KB 11/09/93 Match files between two diff drives and/or directories 20KB 01/17/96 MultiMap: dynamically map windows-based cdroms 111KB 06/21/94 MasterMind Typing Tutor for Win 3.x (Ver 1.04) 33KB 10/15/95 Fine tune your Modem and resolve COM-IRQ problems 82KB 09/28/93 MoneyMath,v1.1, Financial Analysis Tools for Win3.1 1173KB 12/06/93 Mom for Windows PIM v2.0a, Events, Alarms,Names,dialer 47KB 11/29/93 Disk, resource, memory monitor (PC Mag) 203KB 04/03/95 Fix Insufficient Memory to Run & Out of Memory errors 203KB 05/13/95 Fix Insufficient Memory to Run & Out of Memory errors 20KB 06/17/94 MouseKey V1.3 - Assign keys and command to mouse bttns 106KB 11/04/95 Allows windows to be moved out of the way automatically 717KB 09/17/95 Image map editor for WWW pages. W32s Req. 64KB 10/24/94 Reclaim hard disk space by forgotten large files 110KB 02/21/94 Background disk formatter 756KB 01/30/96 A mail manager for MCI Mail with spell check 233KB 05/10/93 MailRun PROCOMM+4Win ASPECT script for auto BBS work 75KB 02/15/93 Money Smith Financial Calculator 120KB 04/05/94 MAPI Message Pad 3.0a Telephone Message System W4WG 286KB 10/20/93 MswLogo Version 3.5 for MicroSoft Windows (1 of 3) 814KB 10/25/93 MswLogo Version 3.5 for MicroSoft Windows (2 of 3) 357KB 10/25/93 MswLogo Version 3.5 Source (3 of 3) 179KB 07/07/94 MultiEdit for Win: replacement for notepad 712KB 08/25/95 METZ Task Manager 2.11 117KB 09/07/93 Micro-Tools v1.1 Tool Box Launcher 116KB 05/10/95 Modify INI-Files and GRP-Files from the commandline 1581KB 03/04/95 MoneyWise 3.0, a collection of financial calculators 45KB 07/19/93 MiddleWorld Menu is an enhanced shell for MS-Win 3.x 209KB 02/23/96 Toolbar, find, replace, fonts (edit/print), and more 110KB 02/25/96 WinTimer2 by NeFa'96, now up to 9h59m59s 463KB 09/12/94 NameIT for Windows ver 2.3, File Description Utility 133KB 10/30/95 Set your computer clock to the NBS atomic clock 77KB 07/10/95 Norbert Commander is a file/document manager 109KB 12/20/95 Feature-filled text editor to replace Notepad 143KB 11/04/93 Addr bk, note mgr, journal mgr, schedlr, task mgr, PIM 551KB 01/22/96 Add-on software for Netcom 574KB 02/20/95 Network-wide remote-node monitoring and app launcher 53KB 07/27/93 A Newsbyte reader for Windows nfga41.exe 309KB 10/29/94 NeuroForecaster Statistical Forecasting Util 153KB 03/28/94 Util for Norton Desktop: create .NILs from ind icons 25KB 11/02/94 IniEdit: WIN.INI Editor 123KB 02/18/96 Spins IDE drives down when unused <ASP> nmp21273.exe 557KB 08/23/95 NMP Modem Sharing: Allow 1 Modem to be shared on ntwk 3KB 02/04/93 Hinders the user from exiting Windows 99KB 03/21/94 Information storage system 60KB 10/09/94 Windows MDI Text Editor. Multiple Documents 178KB 02/10/96 Large File Text Editor 163KB 08/16/95 Ntbook15 - Large File Editor v1.5 116KB 08/16/94 NoteZ Application for Windows 359KB 08/10/93 Mail-Aware OLE-Object Manager 1367KB 03/04/95 Let up to 10 users track others whereabouts (network) 965KB 11/23/95 ODBC Productivity Tool, SPY/TRACE functionality 59KB 08/20/93 Reports sys,GDI,Usr Res,Mem, disk, etc. 159KB 10/06/94 O'Journal is a time usage tracking application 75KB 10/06/94 O'Ledger is a simple financial ledger 41KB 02/17/95 Online Time Recorder 2911KB 08/31/95 Omni: Multimedia Windows Communications Software 98KB 12/15/94 OmniCon 3.0 - Powerful and fast unit converter 9KB 11/28/94 Utility executes certain programs once a day only 351KB 01/06/95 Object Notes 3.501 - A WFWG Note Manager 222KB 03/16/94 Opportunity for Windows 1.0 PIM 442KB 06/30/95 O'Setup Wizard: app setup and install util 246KB 05/05/94 OttoSource 1.6a:Search/browse files with stream editing 64KB 11/17/93 OttoTask - An Enhanced Task List for Windows 3.1 1384KB 02/27/95 PowerAccess v1.01: Free terminal program 524KB 10/31/94 PageMaster version 1.3: Pager controller 60KB 04/03/95 Digital Pager autodialer 751KB 11/27/95 Program Manager/Task Manager Enhancement 769KB 07/20/95 Decompile .hlp files 379KB 12/06/94 A configurable brainstorming program 23KB 02/17/93 Fast-Paste clipboard function enhancer 578KB 01/19/94 PayWindow, automated payroll package 1325KB 07/24/94 PowerBBS FOR WINDOWS v3.5 <ASP> (Disk 1/2) [1.36m] 1080KB 07/24/94 PowerBBS FOR WINDOWS v3.5 <ASP> (Disk 2/2) [1.11m] 149KB 01/21/95 Offline SLNP/Helldiver news reader 43KB 07/14/93 Button Bar for Windows Write Editor 329KB 12/19/95 PolyCAD is a 3-D object editor and viewer 58KB 12/16/93 PC Financial Advisor Version 2.0 14KB 07/24/94 CREDITS.DLL add-on for PowerBBS. 200KB 02/26/96 Encryption,Password Locks,Keyboard Monitor,Alarm 599KB 03/03/96 The File Viewer for Windows 405KB 03/23/94 PenGy is a Windows text editor [414k] 8KB 09/29/94 CPU Performance Meter 3.00 Pre-Release 857KB 02/16/94 PhoneView: address and telephone dbms for Win [877k] 25KB 02/15/93 Phonebook Manager V0.5 362KB 12/24/95 PCB development tool pika3.exe 91KB 08/17/95 PIKA for Windows LHA File extraction tool 105KB 08/09/95 PInstall v1.02: an app installation program pinups.exe 501KB 10/26/94 Pin Ups 1.1a Rel2 LAN Bulletin Board System [513k] 112KB 10/20/93 PkBackup is a utility acting as a front end to PKZIP pktmux12.exe 85KB 02/16/93 TSR to Allow Multiple TCP/IP Stacks in Windows (v1.2b) 380KB 02/16/94 Packet controller program for Amateur Radio [390k] pkzws201.exe 491KB 03/02/96 PKZIP for Windows (ShareWare) 399KB 10/20/93 The Phone Master for Windows 70KB 11/21/95 Keeps Print Manager loaded to service print jobs pnsetup.exe 450KB 10/16/95 Comprehensive Post-it note manager 34KB 05/02/94 Poll Taker 1.1 automated questionnaire for Windows 3.x 6KB 07/27/93 Month-at-a-time perpetual calendar with clock 178KB 03/04/96 Make big posters, signs, banners 145KB 01/04/94 PowerLine offline .QWK reader 131KB 07/26/94 PowrNODE v1.0: PowerBBS Node Status Bar 227KB 05/01/95 PowerPad Windows Text Editor 604KB 02/18/94 Page Plus Intro: desktop publishing pkg (1/2) [620k] 685KB 02/18/94 Page Plus Intro: desktop publishing pkg (2/2) [703k] 107KB 09/23/93 Integrated To-do list and program launcher 78KB 03/01/96 Sends PostScript, EPS/other files to printer 3.1/95/NT 2018KB 03/03/96 Multi-user helpdesk, actions tracking system, low-cost 24KB 11/29/93 PrintFlip is a quick printer changer and setup 57KB 12/04/94 PrintMe 1.2i: send any file to Print Manager 13KB 08/11/94 Freeware to print an ASCII file on a PostScript Printer 25KB 02/26/93 Print a copy of your drive's directory tree 7KB 08/23/94 Probability Calculator for statistical probability 1381KB 04/18/95 Pronto is a Windows mail client for Unix based mail 22KB 09/14/94 ProQWK v2.1b for PCPWin 2 ProComm +/Win QWK/REP util 108KB 06/28/95 Flexible text file printing win util 894KB 12/10/95 Tracks problem reports in a network database 364KB 05/04/95 Otto's PrtScr 1.5:Print Screen util.Win16&Win32 ps_setup.exe 1844KB 03/03/96 Set file Date/Time stamps, and attributes 26KB 07/24/94 PowerBBS Software Development Kit v1.00 1016KB 05/31/94 v5.4 of PSpice elec circuit sim app (1/3) [1.0mb] 1160KB 05/31/94 v5.4 of PSpice elec circuit sim app (2/3) [1.2mb] 909KB 05/31/94 v5.4 of PSpice elec circuit sim app (3/3) [930k] 237KB 10/24/95 Clock, Phone dialer, CD, Calc, ToDo, more 23KB 07/26/93 PrintSwitch 1.3 utility to switch default printers 117KB 08/11/93 Periodic table for windows 57KB 06/01/94 Collection of Windows Power Toolz v1.00 359KB 03/11/96 Puffer: secure e-mail and data encryption utility 150KB 09/07/93 LaserJet printer utility 275KB 01/18/95 Full-featured Windows front end for PGP 79KB 04/20/95 Win3.1 notebook battery monitor 56KB 08/27/95 Qwik Convert is a unit conversion utility for Windows 111KB 11/04/94 Quickdex for Windows is a freeform db repl for Cardfile 207KB 11/29/95 A quick and easy way to setup Phone Numbers 111KB 11/01/93 QFind, index-based fast file finder 46KB 08/28/93 Fast & easy Install Program for Windows 33KB 03/08/94 App to view attribs of files and launching apps 249KB 12/22/94 Recover lost Quattro Pro Spreadsheet Passwords 327KB 12/28/95 QWK reader for Windows 253KB 10/29/95 Read text files of any size w/ automatic font sizing 6KB 12/19/95 Easy-to-use util for Chinese Text-To-Speaking 939KB 07/13/94 QuikPAGE v3.0 - Paging system for Windows 460KB 08/20/95 QuikZip for Windows: Pk/unzipper 19KB 07/11/94 Quickly exit Windows 65KB 02/14/95 Drag/drop, show file version, date, and size,and update 317KB 02/28/94 QVTNet 3.97: TCP/IP Services (Telnet/Ftp/Rcp) for Win 204KB 01/26/95 Qwk-Rep 1.5c : Off Line Reader for Windows 109KB 03/03/93 Windows zip and unzip (Pkzip 2.04 compatible) 48KB 09/18/94 Monitor RS-232 port activities 841KB 10/10/95 Help system for Word/WordPerfect/Excel/123 303KB 03/08/96 Measures how much RAM a windows a program uses 101KB 03/12/96 Advanced Windows Memory Manager - (TSR Version) 1415KB 03/11/96 Advanced Windows Memory Manager - stop GPF's/UAE's 133KB 06/23/93 Last Accessed Types, Files, and Dirs via pop-up menu 316KB 09/17/94 Talking RPN Calculator for Win 3.1 v. 1.05 28KB 10/04/94 Recall is designed to give fast access to notes 146KB 07/17/93 RecBase 1.0d Windows Database System 257KB 04/17/95 WfW:connect to server dirs and printers 237KB 02/04/96 Reference Database/Bibliography generator 797KB 04/08/95 Registration Manager for Windows 35KB 03/30/94 Yet Another Reminder Utility 159KB 04/03/95 Convert CR/LF .txt files to wordprocessing formats 481KB 09/16/93 Windows Phone Book Utility 1KB 05/17/94 Tell which DLLs an application requires (PC Mag) 8KB 03/11/93 Resource Changer: animates the arrow cursor 62KB 01/22/96 Security program for Windows 3.1 794KB 09/30/94 Windows-based front-end to ASCII-based email services 3KB 09/18/95 Displays colors and their RGB and HEX (HTML) values 48KB 03/23/93 Right mouse button emulates any keyboard key 45KB 10/08/95 Simple Yet Powerful File Manager Alternative 245KB 08/10/94 RK-Install 2.4 : Install program with data compression 247KB 09/15/93 Windows Reminder 2.0A 61KB 03/24/94 Removes hard returns within paragraphs w/drag-drop 13KB 10/25/94 Convert decimal figures to roman figures and back 15KB 03/06/95 information about the disk drive you choose 324KB 10/23/95 Level 1 PostScript Interpreter w/TrueType fonts (800k) 331KB 01/28/96 Level 1 PostScript Interpreter (uses TrueType fonts) 99KB 03/29/93 Ron's Print To Printer program, RPTP V4.0 45KB 07/17/94 Rapid Exit and Restart of Windows 50KB 05/13/94 Allows a DOS PC to execute NT commands remotely 79KB 07/02/95 Runs EMX programs in a MSW 3.1 window 30KB 04/25/94 Execute Tasks For at Specific Times (ver 1.40) 30KB 02/16/95 Real-Time Performance Monitor - Version 1.10 run002c.exe 44KB 09/28/95 Multiple associations in FileManager 23KB 03/15/93 Run a Windows App from a DOS prompt w/in Windows 719KB 04/28/95 RV2 is a flexible database with unique guided searches 711KB 11/01/95 Views, prints, and extracts data from reports 289KB 11/29/93 SAB Diskette utility; copy, format, compare diskettes 323KB 10/13/95 Software safe with combination lock 151KB 05/21/95 Safety Net utility for backing up key files 893KB 12/27/95 P-Table/constants/formulas for chem/phys 226KB 02/15/93 Salvation: Combination File and Program Manager 22KB 09/25/95 Operations on BMP (stretch, chg palette etc.) 441KB 08/02/95 System Analyst for Windows (SAW) Ver 1.10 187KB 04/28/95 ScrapBoard: make files of your mostly used data 3KB 05/20/94 Scanner .TXT editor Program 796KB 02/26/96 Modem/phone call timer log, Email/URL database 151KB 08/14/93 Automatic backup of important system files 486KB 02/28/96 Hassle free front end for PGP search6l.exe 261KB 04/11/95 Legal Searcher search/reader for large text files 452KB 08/25/93 Full Text Retrieval Program 30KB 12/04/94 SecureGroup - Protect your program manager groups 41KB 01/04/94 Security Launcher w/passwd, also disables "" 53KB 02/28/96 Windows password security system w/ 3D user interface 622KB 12/17/95 Fido, QWK, BWave, Usenet Offline Reader. Multilingual 494KB 03/13/96 Install Application for WIN3.1x plus .INF file builder 9KB 07/25/95 keyboard map editor 197KB 02/28/93 Allows up to 4 custom user profiles in Windows 3.1 175KB 02/10/96 Safety Net V3.4 Backup Utility 73KB 10/17/93 Info on any .pif file 98KB 09/30/93 View/print your cardfile 2109KB 03/15/96 Interactive Presentation Utils with subliminal messages 366KB 07/18/95 SICon v2.6 Windows Unit Conversion Utility 306KB 10/13/95 Embed a signature object into a document 994KB 01/12/95 Functional Windows Network signout board 116KB 04/04/94 Simple replacement/add-on for Program Manager 474KB 01/05/94 SkyMap 2.0 Windows 3.1 Planetarium (1 of 2) 561KB 01/05/94 SkyMap 2.0 Windows 3.1 Planetarium (2 of 2) 92KB 09/11/95 A Slide Rule for Windows 3.1, 3.11, Win95 248KB 02/15/93 Disk cataloguer with scanner, archive interfaces 261KB 11/02/93 Xfer files from one computer to another via floppy 149KB 09/22/95 SmilerShell v3.14 <ASP> - Windows commandline 320KB 01/11/94 Smart Accounts V1.3 - Personal Account Mgmnt 226KB 02/17/94 Smart Address V1.2 - Address Management [231k] 357KB 01/11/94 Smartcat Plus V1.6 - Windows Disk/File Cataloger 38KB 02/24/94 SmartDoc 1.2 - Converts Windows Help to PlainText 65KB 06/02/94 SmartSum 1.2 - Windows Printing Calculator 945KB 03/01/94 Algebraic Mathematical Software for Windows [968k] 91KB 03/18/93 SOT-Calc v2.0 Calculator for Windows 847KB 03/03/96 Find files that are duplicated, obsolete, or forgotten 61KB 03/08/93 A Macintosh like File Manager for Windows 3.1 (ALPHA) 358KB 06/02/95 SpaceMaker(TM) v2.10 dup file finder 138KB 08/27/95 SPCOMM 1.3d Windows comm program 36KB 02/26/93 Graphics and display speed test for Windows 382KB 05/06/94 Spelling Sentry; spelling checker for TXT and WRI files 502KB 02/02/96 Win spell checker: checks/corrects .wri/.txt/clipboard 171KB 05/13/95 Spiral - An extended repl for Windows Notepad 13KB 03/05/96 Program for Splitting/Joining Large files 10KB 09/01/95 SuperLok file encryption 352KB 01/28/96 HP-GL/2, HP-GL & DXY-GL pen plotter simulator 86KB 12/03/94 Win Util-print file created by printing to file 240KB 04/04/94 SuperBar 2.0h Toolbar App 254KB 10/01/94 Search BBS file lists for filename or string 293KB 01/27/95 Restarts Windows faster than humanly possible 353KB 02/14/95 Same-Same 2.2-A Windows File Transfer Utility 21KB 07/20/95 Send Message for Windows on Novell LANs 83KB 04/09/95 SUPER SHELL for Windows V 1.1 31KB 01/30/95 Change the Date/Times on a range of files 244KB 01/04/94 Utility to selectively bypass programs in Startup group 35KB 03/05/95 Startone for Windows v.2.3: Start apps once daily 99KB 03/22/95 StatsClicker 1.22 counts statistics; custom reports 48KB 02/14/94 Create demo or tutorial for any Windows 3.x app 81KB 10/01/95 Demo/Tutorial Builder, Batch and Cron 317KB 02/14/95 Stickies! is a shareware note manager for Windows 3.1 54KB 11/29/93 Controls shift, num, scroll lock keys on keyboard 2387KB 10/30/94 SOFTERM PLUS v3.0 - Comm/Term prog for Windows [2.4m] 74KB 08/22/93 SofTrack is a software/hardware inventory database 79KB 07/25/95 create setup utilities 50KB 09/17/94 Stopwatch for Win 3.1 v. 1.04 966KB 08/13/94 SoftWord Lite Windows Shareware Word Processor [990k] 214KB 05/17/94 Windows System Files Backup Routine 277KB 02/22/96 Utility to provide essential Windows system info 1301KB 03/02/96 Systabs 2.0 is a system file editor in tabbed format 21KB 01/03/94 Utility for Showing Windows Uptime 222KB 03/06/96 Monitors your computer's vital signs 415KB 10/24/95 Creates tabbed topic selectors for WinHelp files 479KB 12/07/95 Multi-Tabbed Text Editor/ Notepad replacement 8KB 01/31/96 Easy access a menu of current windows (w/source code) 75KB 04/18/94 Total Control Converter unit converter for Windows 486KB 09/02/95 Take Command 1.01 <ASP> command processor 726KB 08/18/94 MS TCP/IP 32 Release for Windows/Workgroups 3.11 [745k] 432KB 05/23/94 Maintain a list of "to do" items tedit11.exe 199KB 01/04/96 TerrySaurus Rex Editor: Much like notepad 69KB 09/30/93 Windows utility for printing text files 1180KB 09/19/94 Telix for Windows v1.00 (1 of 2) [1.21mb] 1369KB 09/19/94 Telix for Windows v1.00 (2 of 2) [1.41mb] 295KB 04/27/94 GNU grep for TKERN port of GNU's UNIX grep for Win 598KB 02/12/95 THEdit-Windows 3.x Xedit/Kedit style editor 4KB 08/22/95 Another file shredder 73KB 03/17/94 THINDISK v1.1: File Deletion Util (PCMag) 56KB 02/17/93 Organizes info on people, tasks projects, meetings, etc 477KB 04/29/94 TimeCard: track time spent on multiple projects 13KB 10/05/93 Metz Time Utility 41KB 10/20/93 A time calculator 60KB 10/14/94 Timekard is a Personal Time Manager 38KB 12/08/93 TimeKeeper: clock program with several alarm settings 24KB 07/27/94 Tisk Printing/Spooler Utility 107KB 07/20/93 Enhanced TaskManager Replacement 93KB 08/16/95 TransMac v1.4: access Macintosh HFS format disks 114KB 11/05/93 Simple To-Do manager for Windows 3.x 25KB 03/23/93 Windows video subsystem test from Steve Gibson 1625KB 02/22/96 QWK & SOUP Reader w/MS Access Folders, MIME & UUENCODE 347KB 05/13/94 Calculate time necessary to download files (modem) 233KB 03/10/96 Truecolor fractals (486+) v1.5 277KB 03/23/94 Command line shell w/Source (needs programr/tkern091) 28KB 02/12/96 TimoShell: easy access to run windows and dos programs 251KB 08/02/95 Task Pro Version 2.00: Sysinfo util 398KB 12/21/93 Synchronizes the local PC clock with a remote unix host ttool21.exe 331KB 03/12/96 Win95 TaskBar for Windows 3.1 105KB 07/07/94 Time Tracker for Windows Version 1.2 170KB 07/05/94 The Torok Scheduler Cron-like app 108KB 02/21/94 TurboEditor for Windows 547KB 11/21/95 TvText Teletext Viewer 118KB 07/03/95 Win editor implements subset of VI text editor 1287KB 01/14/96 2D/3D CAD.Full OLE 2.0 support.MultiDoc/View [1.3M] 1180KB 08/11/95 The Wine Window cellar mgr 716KB 05/05/95 Text editor for 16 and 32-bit Windows 51KB 01/10/95 File Manager ext to convert UNIX, DOS, Mac files 110KB 02/22/94 Text Manager Editor V2. 29KB 01/20/96 Global 'Clipboard'/Speed-type, AutoText, abbreviations 14KB 04/17/95 Send text/text files to any app that support txt input 77KB 02/18/94 Text View, file viewer for ASCII text files 78KB 12/16/95 Create tiled mosaic images 12KB 04/04/94 Convert Unix text files to MS-DOS 151KB 12/17/95 Copy/move new/chngd files +macros +logging [VB3] 148KB 09/12/94 Universal Directory Handler Utility for Windows 935KB 06/28/93 MicroEMACs-Complete development SRC-all platforms 1/2 832KB 06/28/93 MicroEMACs-Install kit for OS/2,DOS, DOS Win3.1 2/2 279KB 06/30/95 UltraEdit V2.01b 12KB 10/14/95 Access Fax files in Ulead products and PhotoStyler 77KB 10/14/95 Access PNG files in Ulead products and PhotoStyler 11KB 10/14/95 Access SHG files in Ulead products and PhotoStyler 41KB 12/17/95 Simple grep [VB3] 481KB 12/03/95 Text/HEX editor spell checker,column edit,syntax color 1077KB 10/16/95 Ulead Graphics Viewer (FreeWare) 52KB 10/07/93 Uninstall for Windows 41KB 02/25/95 Under The Hood v1.02 System Info Util 0KB 03/13/96 Ungame: Removes games from PC networks 611KB 04/24/95 Windows .QWK Mail Reader (Multilingual) [625k] 130KB 01/24/95 Adds Windows commands to any DOS prompt 62KB 03/30/93 UNSIT and UNHQX for Windows (Mac utils) 42KB 10/18/94 Rosenthal UnInstall v2 remove Windows and DOS apps 52KB 04/11/95 UnWanted v1.2: delete unwanted/unnecessary files 52KB 05/09/95 UnWanted v1.3 Remove unwanted files 67KB 10/04/93 UUPC/extended 1.12b Windows 3.x executables (1 of 3) 202KB 10/04/93 UUPC/extended 1.12b Windows 3.x executables (2 of 3) 34KB 10/04/93 UUPC/extended 1.12b Windows 3.x executables (3 of 3) 303KB 02/21/96 Keep files up-to-date on mult machines w/triple redund 10KB 07/07/94 UpDown: Control Program/File Mgr restore/minimize 10KB 08/23/93 Keep newest ver of data with you and all computers 29KB 05/12/95 Display elapsed time since a SLIP/PPP connection 131KB 03/01/93 Uuencode/Uudecode for Windows 106KB 09/26/93 MultiWindow Interface to Unix Connected to Windows 177KB 11/14/95 Windows Event Profiler 77KB 11/14/95 Laptop Battery Power Monitor 262KB 04/03/95 Searches and deletes unnecessary files varcon.exe 113KB 08/09/94 Variable Conversions: 12,000+ conversions on 900+ units 143KB 07/26/95 utility for writing Windows help files vbdlh02.exe 133KB 03/15/96 Windows LHA file compression/extraction utility/code 101KB 02/15/93 VBReader: .QWK format offline mail reader 1400KB 11/01/94 VbReader 2.22 Offline QWK reader vbrun300.exe 240KB 08/03/93 MS Visual BASIC Runtime Library (vbrun300.dll) Ver 3 vbrun301.exe 241KB 03/22/94 MS Visual Basic Library 3.01 fix for vbrun300.dll 73KB 07/27/93 quickly browse large text files 547KB 12/15/95 Powerful and easy comm program for Windows 109KB 07/10/95 Visual Diff and Merge for Windows 3.1 vehpro.exe 297KB 12/07/93 Vehicle management software for home or business 130KB 10/26/93 Visual Help-A Windows 3.1 Help File Creating Program 103KB 03/31/94 Via Commander, resizeable toolbar launcher 92KB 01/04/94 ViaPrint prints labels, business cards, more 216KB 09/14/94 Visual Folders look inside docs and snapshot files OLE 66KB 11/08/93 Volume Library File Manager 208KB 10/24/95 Plays your AVI and MOV video files, freeze frame, more 139KB 11/19/95 Compares and merges two files 67KB 03/24/93 Popup vocabulary builder 51KB 12/04/94 VolID - Display disk name or alias for CD-ROM drive 140KB 03/24/94 VPrint v2.2 Public Beta #2 70KB 04/29/94 VidSwitch 1.4c - allows quick changing of video res 83KB 09/30/94 Windows 3.1 Terminal Application >ALPHAWARE< 377KB 04/18/95 Processes uqwk summary files 2039KB 09/24/95 Time & usage monitor for Windows 145KB 10/05/93 Basic Checking System V0.3a 1000KB 10/21/94 Win_One Enhanced DOS Command Shell (1/2) [1.02m] 712KB 10/21/94 Win_One Enhanced DOS Command Shell (2/2) [730k] w_ounarj.exe 33KB 08/11/94 UNARJ utility for WinOne v4.9 or higher w_ounzip.exe 42KB 08/11/94 PKUNZIP utility for WinOne v4.9 or higher 781KB 07/25/95 Weights And Measures Plus Converter 192KB 07/27/93 WINBACK 3.1c Windows Backup Program 311KB 10/08/93 WinBatch Interpreter version 4.0Q Win Batch Language 81KB 01/04/94 Bank Expert, home accting and pers financial management 83KB 02/26/93 Win3 Data Collection, Storage, and Retrieval Utility 835KB 03/25/95 HTML Web Editor (MAPI aware vers) 814KB 03/25/95 HTML Web Editor (standalone vers) 1051KB 08/11/95 WebForms lets you create your own WWW forms 177KB 02/10/95 Create/boot/manage multiple autoexec & config files 214KB 11/29/95 An Autoexec & Config File Manager 102KB 07/30/93 Chemical for Windows Version 1.4 137KB 07/18/93 Globally change data in .INI, .PIF and .GRP files 36KB 05/09/93 PCMAG dynamic link library for the WINCMD utility 589KB 12/17/95 File manager for Windows 3.1/NT/95 with lfn support 64KB 06/27/95 Windows Complete Program Deleter 2.0 uninstaller 64KB 07/23/95 Program Deleter 2.2 complete program uninstaller 225KB 05/11/95 WinCredit v1.01 - Credit Card Validation/Bank ID 346KB 03/17/93 Windows Task Scheduler (ver 2.3) 73KB 10/22/93 Access Windows faster, Watch Mem, Task Manager 114KB 08/20/93 WinCIS Utilities (a.k.a. WCUTIL) version 1.0 96KB 03/03/93 Windows Disassembler Ver 1.3 404KB 06/28/93 Auto-dialer for XTALK 29KB 02/10/95 WingDir v2.7 - Directory Match Utility 37KB 08/31/95 WingDir v3.1 - Directory Match Utility 139KB 07/27/93 WinDisKlone v4.11: one-pass diskette copier 77KB 03/28/94 Windows zip file ID generator 43KB 10/22/93 Windows Directory Comparison Utility 59KB 08/10/94 World Editor - GUI MUD Area Editor 777KB 03/19/95 HTML Editor 166KB 02/15/95 WEB Wizard helps you create WEB homepages 19KB 05/24/94 Quickly Exit Windows Util 30KB 10/14/94 Quick Win exit/restart, jump to dos or reboot <WinMag> 11KB 03/08/96 WinFileX V1.21 - A Filemanager Extender 96KB 10/11/94 File Finder Version 3.0 for Windows 304KB 07/23/95 Comms program utility for WinFax users 119KB 07/23/95 French language support for 108KB 07/23/95 German language support for 360KB 08/14/93 Wyndfields: A Relational Database System for Windows 13KB 04/13/95 Fix COMM port conflicts between WINFAX and comm apps 15KB 03/22/94 File finder for Windows 532KB 10/24/95 Text organizer/ Help generator 69KB 01/10/95 Displays users with a particular file open (Netware) 64KB 03/30/94 Track your Windows usage (in hours) 260KB 10/05/95 Disk Imager: read/write/format DMF floppies 141KB 09/07/95 WINIMAGE 2.20 <ASP> The Windows DMF Disk Imager 60KB 07/24/94 Windows Timer v1.1 730KB 09/29/93 Run 32-bit Apps (w/no NT features) under Win3.1 79KB 10/15/95 Alter file Date, Time, & Attributes in Windows 116KB 12/19/95 Alter file Date, Time, & Attributes 311KB 07/21/95 WinBag v1.4: Misc win tools grouped into one app winben.exe 1293KB 01/03/94 WinBench 4.0 from PCMag 108KB 03/28/93 PC Labs WinBench Version 3.11, Feb 16 1993 206KB 09/07/93 A Windows multi-reboot program 1522KB 10/10/95 WinBrowse 2.0 <ASP> multiple db utility' 337KB 03/08/95 Program launcher for Windows 378KB 09/13/94 WinCat is a diskette/CD-ROM cataloging program 21KB 08/18/93 Another periodic table: Smaller than 83KB 07/26/95 WinCID v 1.1: Use Caller ID on featured modems 86KB 12/01/95 Caller ID for Windows (requires CID service & modem) 34KB 10/08/93 Version 1.2 of Doug Boling's PC Mag Utility WINCMD 578KB 02/12/95 Windows/Win-OS/2 Command Line Processor (WCL) [514k] 59KB 10/20/93 WinCode, freeware UUencoder/decoder 23KB 07/27/93 displays the National Debt in real time 143KB 02/14/94 WindEx is a replacement shell for Windows 3.1 514KB 03/09/96 WinDirs: Comprehensive file management utility 8KB 09/05/93 Closes windows, runs dos app, then restarts windows 64KB 03/12/95 WinDirUsage V1.4 Pie chart of disk usage stats 10KB 03/03/94 A very short way to exit windows 107KB 07/12/94 Small Expert System for Windows v1.0s 66KB 07/20/95 Windows Exit Program 142KB 09/25/94 Graphically identify the diff between two text files 15KB 02/09/93 Graphical Program Launcher for Win 3.1 396KB 09/20/93 Telephone Contact Manager, Envelope and Label Printer 404KB 12/21/95 Share apps between Workgroups/Win95/NT/Novell 48KB 10/20/93 compute the space used by directories 222KB 01/19/94 WinImage 1.0:Powerful Windows disk copy tool 36KB 02/21/94 configure INI files based on any DOS env variable 12KB 09/01/93 Continuously displays the amount of free memory 33KB 10/30/94 Windows Keyboard Manager 46KB 11/14/95 General Purpose Windows Function Key System 631KB 01/31/94 WinKnow: knowledge index util to store/find info 409KB 01/29/96 WinLife protects your data, your eyes, and your privacy 237KB 10/25/93 Rosenthal Winlite compresses MS-Windows programs 59KB 08/13/93 Windows Terminal Locking Program 136KB 08/07/93 Windows 3.1 program for comparing two text files 74KB 07/14/93 WinModem V 3.00 128KB 06/27/95 WinMEM 2.0 GETS RID OF INSUFFICIENT MEMORY ERRORS 10KB 09/25/95 Windows module viewing/killing utility 38KB 02/01/93 W-Net: A user-oriented network manager 654KB 01/27/94 UK Version 2.04 of WinNET Win Mail and UUCP [670k] 133KB 07/11/95 Path and Environment Manager for Windows 23KB 07/19/94 Integrates PGP with Windows clipboard 345KB 03/16/93 Windows Grammar checker 141KB 10/14/95 Directory and file updater and synchroniser 147KB 07/30/93 Converts GIF, PCX, & others to RIP icon format 1358KB 07/27/95 WindowScraper OLE enabled terminal emulator 12KB 07/11/95 WinSet-v1.3 Set Win Env Variables from DOS Box 91KB 02/15/93 Windows installation utility for authors and vendors 174KB 11/19/95 Monitors the resources of Windows 3.x or later 48KB 03/10/94 Windows Print Spooler 581KB 09/29/94 WinSQL single-user database system for Windows 596kb 36KB 10/20/93 Winston Install:Install your programs into Windows 3.1 121KB 09/08/93 Wintach video benchmark 242KB 11/12/93 WinTeX:text editor dedicated to TeX or LaTeX files 141KB 02/23/96 Set file dates and times through FileMgr 645KB 08/18/93 Windows Magazine Test and Tune-up Suite 628KB 01/19/94 Updated Windows client package for Novell NetWare winzip56.exe 287KB 02/25/95 WinZip 5.6 w/Built-in ZIP TAR gzip & compress 303KB 09/12/94 WipeForWin 2.0 wipes out files dropped on its window wisesw.exe 467KB 08/20/94 Wise Installation System 2.0 379KB 03/23/93 Wiz Format, diskette formatting and one-pass copying 1192KB 11/06/94 Wiz Manager Pro 2.0 File Mgr addon [1.23m] 72KB 10/12/95 Windows viewer for 2.5 dimensional graphic format,KISS 459KB 08/22/94 Multiple configurations for Windows [471k] 750KB 08/12/95 MemInfo 4.00 -PLUS- Release 2.07 225KB 03/02/96 QWK off-line mail reader with message base 1105KB 08/11/94 Microsoft Win32s Kit Ver1.15a [1.13mb] 771KB 07/05/94 wInformant 1.10: Uninstall, INIEdit & More 85KB 09/01/95 Mail Notice for UUPC,Waffle,FSUUCP,Pegasus,MHS, PC-NFS 259KB 10/31/94 Drag and Drop Windows File UU{en,de}coder 247KB 10/14/94 WinGuard Password-Protects Program Manager 127KB 07/10/95 WinHound v1.0 <ASP> File Finder and Text Tracker 161KB 07/22/94 WinModem on-screen modem status lights 74KB 10/12/94 WNMSGATE: MS Mail to Internet Gateway (beta 0.98) 118KB 08/10/93 Netware Util for Win: Inform Others of Your Whereabouts 102KB 02/24/94 Will Notes v. 2.1a 180KB 12/22/94 Windows front-end for PCPS, ASCII to Postscript 141KB 09/28/93 WinQVT 4.80 Windows Communications Package 118KB 11/07/94 WinSeek: disp det of those files that match search crit 632KB 01/17/96 Check Your Spelling in ANY Windows Application 32KB 01/04/95 WinOutline is an outline editor for MS Win 3.0 wpackd.exe 650KB 12/12/95 Archiver, ZIP, GZIP, UUENCODE, BINHEX 4.0, TAR wpackd90.exe 275KB 09/27/95 Archiver, ZIP, GZIP, UUENCODE, BINHEX 4.0, TAR 143KB 09/08/93 WPcrak Password Retrieval Software for WPCorp Files 190KB 09/25/95 Windows Printer Control Utility 216KB 09/13/93 McAfee Windows Integrated System Analyzer and Viewer 15KB 11/11/95 Windows Exiter/Restarter/Rebooter/Alarm 906KB 05/03/94 Wave Rider, .QWK and BlueWave-format mail reader 1.20 109KB 10/25/94 WinRamp Lite Documentation (for 518KB 08/25/93 WinRefer v3.0 - A Reference Management Sys for Windows 1308KB 10/25/94 WinRamp Lite full-featured comm package [1.334mb] 1308KB 06/01/94 Writer's Cramp word proc, keeps db of letters [1.3mb] 30KB 03/20/93 Exit Windows/Reboot PC 72KB 02/11/94 WRN... Windows Read-News 142KB 11/28/94 WinRSH - Remote Shell for Windows 1.6 762KB 01/23/95 Wave Rider v1.30 QWK and BlueWave mail packet reader 67KB 06/09/94 Windows Restart Version 3.00 556KB 03/21/95 Version 2.17 of McAfee Windows Virus Scan/Disinfect 87KB 07/01/95 Network Client Install Utility 3KB 12/03/93 Front-end for Netware's SEND.EXE command 253KB 08/21/95 WinSetup 2.1 Installer 28KB 03/18/93 Windows File shredder (drag and drop) 248KB 02/12/96 Freeware front end for Zip, Unzip, UUxxCODE, and PGP 273KB 03/07/96 Windows3.1 Environment protection program 143KB 09/02/93 Windows 3.x based Simtel/CICA Index Search Program 185KB 09/05/93 Windows Performance Meter Util 44KB 07/14/94 Whisper Terminal for Windows 399KB 12/13/93 WinTune tests CPU, FPU, video, disks (1 of 3) 311KB 12/13/93 WinTune tests CPU, FPU, video, disks (2 of 3) 259KB 12/13/93 WinTune tests CPU, FPU, video, disks (3 of 3) 143KB 04/26/95 Backup hard disk to local/remote storage medium 148KB 12/01/95 Backup harddisk to a tape drive over a network 283KB 06/19/94 WAIS Toolkit for Windows 38KB 12/21/93 Synch the clock in your PC with AutoComputerTimeService 179KB 08/31/93 Trumpet NNTP news reader/POP mail interface for Win 255KB 02/16/93 Windows User Magazine Benchmark Suite 130KB 08/28/93 Windows Archive Extraction Utility 81KB 12/06/93 Windows Info-ZIP Unzip, Version 2.0 29KB 01/12/96 UUencode/decode for Windows 286+ 29KB 01/12/96 UUencode/decode for Windows 386+ 29KB 01/12/96 UUencode/decode for Windows 486+ 1219KB 01/11/95 Window Works Version 1.0a 156KB 09/21/94 Win-eXpose-I/O v1.01 Files I/O tracer/debugger 24KB 09/09/95 Keys: a free Windows 3.x keyboard remapping tool wzbeta56.exe 307KB 01/04/95 WinZip 5.6 BETA ZIP/UNZIP Utility (Use w/caution!) 827KB 06/22/94 ZZZip Shell 2.1 for Windows [845k] wzipse10.exe 119KB 05/01/95 WinZip Self-Extractor, an optional add-on for WinZip 330KB 10/12/93 Windows 3.1 File Manager add-on 31KB 03/19/93 Exit Microsoft Windows v3.1 quickly 102KB 08/04/93 Reverse Polish Calculator (requires 130KB 09/15/94 Info Transfer Pro: send data, etc. via mail/MIME 131KB 08/14/95 Information Transfer Professional xlha.exe 21KB 08/15/95 FileMgr LHA add-on to archive/extract LHA files 452KB 01/26/95 NotGNU is a lightweight emacs style editor for Win&NT 192KB 08/17/94 Spawn programs from Windows App and Wait 172KB 07/14/93 Application for personal time usage recording 55KB 11/05/93 Periodic Table for Windows (.HLP) 109KB 05/10/95 Zip Studio API/Shell 2.56 upgrade 320KB 08/26/93 Win app to catalog .ZIP files 389KB 02/18/95 ZIP CODE BOOK v2.1: Get city,state,zip by Zipcode 8KB 07/27/93 Zippity Do Da: Windows PkZip 2.04g shell/util 99KB 04/03/94 Another zipit shell for pk{un}zip{fix}, zip2exe v2 416KB 07/30/93 Zip Manager 4.0 for Windows zippiz11.exe 932KB 08/18/95 Download/unzip/install files on your system 479KB 10/21/95 ZIP Viewer/Browser 102KB 07/07/94 ZipWhacker for Windows Unzipper program 340KB 12/09/93 ZipManager version 5.00, self-contained archive manager 128KB 06/01/94 ZipMaster v1.0 for Windows 393KB 03/03/96 The Zoo is a Mini Shell for Windows 328KB 12/14/94 ZIP PRO V1.0 <ASP> - Zip & UnZip for Windows 325KB 12/13/94 ZipShell Pro 4, archive manager for ARJ,ZIP, LZH, ARC 348KB 07/24/95 ZIP Runner 7- Built in ZIP and UUE tool 533KB 01/29/95 Zip Studio API 2.5: Win 3.x Zip/Unzip APIs (1/2) 556KB 01/29/95 Zip Studio API 2.5: Win 3.x Zip/Unzip APIs (2/2) 655KB 01/14/95 Zip Studio Shell 2.5: Archives Shell for Windows 3.x 684KB 01/29/95 Zip Studio Shell 2.5: French version

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