Windows Sockets (Winsock) Compliant TCP/IP Networking Applications and Other Windows Internet-working Utilities

Last Updated: Sun Mar 17 1996 at 06:29:01 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 196KB 08/13/95 32-bit Windows FTP server 2.02 for Winsock 1.1 535KB 09/12/95 Foray PPP Server 2.61 1266KB 01/14/96 Web Agent add-on for Netscape Navigator 67KB 05/02/95 Anzio Lite 10.2f is a Winsock telnet client 1488KB 04/18/95 Atismail Winsock Mail Agent sends/receives email [1.6m] 1719KB 10/11/95 Mail Agent for sending and receiving E-mail (1.7M) 1762KB 11/17/95 Mail User Agent for sending and receiving E-mail 1050KB 01/03/96 Automated Internet for Windows 1.9 [1M] 453KB 11/24/95 AvPlay is a MUD playing client 52KB 10/05/95 Compakt (30k) but smart Email-Checker 34KB 02/01/96 Bookmark.htm file with over HUNDRED of URL's 109KB 02/23/96 BodyTag control panel to select colors for <BODY> tags 133KB 01/28/96 Finger Daemon for Windows 3.1x/95/NT 194KB 12/09/95 Finger/echo client/daemon 195KB 07/25/95 CuteFTP v1.4 Beta 4 70KB 02/12/96 An Internet Chat Program 1042KB 10/13/95 Comm/Telnet;Zmodem,VT100/ANSI on both (1M) 7KB 02/03/96 Finds HTML Color Code, Decimal (0 - 16.8mil), and RGB 354KB 09/12/95 COMt: the Telnet Modem for Windows 161KB 12/27/95 CuteFTP: Windows FTP client 55KB 03/03/96 Winsock File Swapper / Web Browser Launcher cw03.exe 2027KB 02/27/96 Bookmark Editor and Graphical Navigator 406KB 12/26/95 dMail 1.2b1. MIME, SMTP, POP3, NNTP, UUCP 1641KB 11/22/95 Search,convert IP Adresses->names;stores in database 133KB 02/18/96 A multi-user telnet/web chat server.(IRC-like) 120KB 04/17/95 Beta version of E-Mail Notify for Win95/Winsock 8KB 01/06/96 Designed to randomly change signatures for e-mail 315KB 08/15/95 Eudora is a Winsock email package 144KB 01/12/96 Generates Internet Mail-Server Messages 69KB 05/04/95 Factotum for Word note-taking add-in for v6.0 717KB 07/11/95 Forte Free Agent News Reader v1.0 release 159KB 10/06/95 FINGER 16bit client with,support,sound 1340KB 12/18/95 FLATRATE.ZIP>Internet-On-A-Disk only $15./mo [1.3M] 36KB 04/17/95 FTP a text file with your IP address to UNIX host 45KB 06/27/95 FingerPlan 2.0 Beta 4 for Windows 80KB 02/28/96 Decoder and formatter for processing HTML e-mail 201KB 07/02/95 The Winsock based FSP client ftday.exe 1383KB 12/03/95 Offline Internet training for Windows 100KB 06/29/95 FTP4W.DLL: an interface for FTP based programs V2.2 194KB 03/12/95 Serv-U v1.1 - FTP Server (Daemon) for WinSock 217KB 03/11/96 Internet Real Cost view & calculation (Italian Version) 215KB 02/24/96 TRANSPARENT backgrounds for GIF images. For Web pages 130KB 07/23/95 GeNewIc MUD Client for Winsock, version 1.0Beta 57KB 01/02/96 Automatically posts dynamic PPP/SLIP address to finger 86KB 11/26/95 Resolves TCP/IP host name and address information 577KB 03/05/96 Easy to use HTML editor 246KB 11/28/95 A powerful, yet easy to use, HTML editor 4KB 12/19/95 'HZ' Coding System for Chinese E-Mail 529KB 11/05/95 INTERNET CONTROL CENTER 120KB 01/31/96 A multiple user telnet chat server. (IRC - like) 121KB 02/04/96 A multiple user telnet chat server. (IRC - like) 96KB 11/25/95 Single user identification and finger server 334KB 02/14/96 Point-to-Point Internet Direct Chat Utility 99KB 10/31/95 Winsock ident services/user configurable name 28KB 04/10/95 Finger client for Winsock 1.1 Internet connection 38KB 05/01/95 makes an Index of your Netscape cache 934KB 03/23/95 Internet-Connect, Version 2.2 [957k] 747KB 02/02/96 Internet Dialup Software Win3.x/Win95 554KB 02/21/96 Internet info. US Govt.&Prv.BBS#'s,800#'s & more 170KB 01/07/96 Internet time usage counter, log and stats V2.2 121KB 12/18/95 Freeware util, records time using a SLIP or PPP account 246KB 02/14/96 Internet IP Address & Domain Name Resolving Utility 354KB 02/14/96 Automatic Internet IP Address Beacon/Finder Utility 668KB 01/30/95 IRC 2.6 for Winsock 536KB 03/09/96 Link Master organize URLS/Web pages/generate Link lists mcpdisk1.exe 1363KB 02/10/96 MCP Test Preparation Package - Disk 1 of 3 mcpdisk2.exe 1373KB 02/10/96 MCP Test Preparation Package - Disk 2 of 3 mcpdisk3.exe 886KB 02/10/96 MCP Test Preparation Package - Disk 3 of 3 534KB 01/06/96 Freeware winsock IRC client 52KB 01/06/96 FAQ about mIRC version: 3.92 mosaic.exe 1416KB 06/28/95 Spry Mosaic with Internet Account 717KB 12/19/95 Image map editor for WWW pages. Freeware 193KB 01/27/96 Display costs during net connection (Italian) 165KB 08/23/95 MrTerm: Internet terminal program 26KB 07/03/95 Convert Mosaic mosaic.ini to bookmark.htm for Netscape 195KB 08/14/95 Netscape Cache Browser (1/2) 68KB 08/14/95 Netscape Cache Browers (2/2) 728KB 03/10/96 NetDial Internet Modem Dialer 1267KB 02/09/96 Windows version of Netware's SYSCON 23KB 01/27/96 Play chess over the Internet 293KB 07/24/95 NetTerm 2.2 for Windows 16KB 03/05/95 NSLOOKUP - name server lookup for Winsock v1.1 87KB 05/05/95 Netscape Bookmark Editor Version 2.3 384KB 12/11/95 Taps into and uses Netscape cache files 127KB 01/17/96 Gain access to Netscape Cache Files 440KB 02/24/96 CRT is a terminal emulator, rlogin and telnet protocol 189KB 08/01/95 NetTools 1.0 speed bar for Internet apps 207KB 06/30/95 News Xpress Version 1.0 Beta for Winsock 1722KB 03/03/96 Automatically download Web info you commonly access 174KB 08/01/95 Online Time to keep track of online costs 354KB 12/26/95 Send Post-It(tm) notes across the Internet powwow13.exe 76KB 04/22/95 PowWow: Internet chat, file transfer and Web Browser 1083KB 04/18/95 Pronto/IP is an advanced Windows Internet mail client 332KB 12/04/95 Printer (LPD) SERVER for Windows Sockets, v. 1.1 57KB 12/21/95 QuickNet: Internet TCP/IP FTP client 386KB 01/07/95 Windows-Sockets compliant version of TCP/IP WinQVT/Net 117KB 11/14/95 qws3270 winsock tn3270 emulator 188KB 12/21/95 Web site maintenance utility with lots of features 1344KB 10/12/95 Beta release of Aimnet Ranger, suite of Internet apps 222KB 02/26/96 PC/Internet actions reminder/Address Book (W3.x,Win95) robedit.exe 1244KB 03/13/96 RobEdit: WYSIWYG Web (HTML) Authoring Tool 1628KB 02/21/96 Searchable database of thousands of Internet Sites v3.0 181KB 02/27/96 Automatically download & UUDECODE newsgroups 200KB 09/18/95 FTP Server (Daemon) for WinSock 282KB 07/03/95 Manages Netscape Navigator bookmarks 268KB 02/28/96 16-bit Trace/Debugging utility for Winsock 1.1 776KB 02/14/96 SlipStream Jet 1.0341: Import Usenet into QWK Readers slip11p.exe 2553KB 07/10/95 Slip.Net Internet Launcher - Version P 312KB 07/31/95 logs time online and calculates the cost 131KB 02/08/96 Keep track of the time spent on the Internet 203KB 06/27/95 SmartSurf V1.1 Windows Online Costs Monitor 4359KB 09/19/95 Complete Internet kit TCPIP,Browser,Mail,News,Telnet 200KB 09/08/95 winnt3.51/winsock public domain NFS server 110KB 09/08/95 SimpTerm Winsock telnet/rlogin client 539KB 01/09/96 Client-side meta-searcher for searches of the WWW 351KB 01/10/95 Sticky POST-IT(TM) Notes allow inter-pc talk (Winsock) 1042KB 02/14/96 Web Link Extraction & Bookmark Database Program -1M 964KB 09/14/95 Internet Address Manager & Winsock Toolbar 1078KB 11/29/95 Internet Address Manager & Winsock Toolbar 507KB 03/05/96 HTML Editor with in-built previewing facilities 256KB 01/16/95 Syslog-daemon for MS-Windows and Windows-NT (Winsock) 2036KB 02/20/96 Universal Tacacs Plus Server for Windows v.2.0 35KB 01/08/95 Windows time synchronization utility that uses winsock 87KB 11/29/95 Windows time synchronization utility that uses winsock 49KB 03/18/95 TeleChess 1.1 for Winsock Chinese Chess Game 729KB 01/14/95 MS TCP/IP 32 Release for Windows/Workgroup 3.11 132KB 12/20/95 Keeps track of charges for on-line services 125KB 08/14/95 creates an HTML file with date information 359KB 03/06/96 TracePlus v 1.10 Winsock API trace/debugr 479KB 02/20/96 TracePlus32/Winsock 2.04 283KB 10/26/95 Tropic NFS server for Windows 3.x (Winsock 1.1 API) 603KB 04/06/95 offline news/mail reader, NNTP, SMTP, POP3,fingerd 300KB 01/12/96 Trumpet Winsocket.DLL Version 2.1f 77KB 09/07/95 URL Manager 1.0a 1590KB 02/18/96 Windows Internet Bookmark Manager 48KB 07/27/95 Vogon Poetry Web Browser 216KB 07/31/95 WWW Server for your PC v2.1 334KB 10/16/95 Multi-user Network Whiteboard (Winsock) 1097KB 02/28/96 WWW forms generator and response reader - NO CGI 317KB 12/18/95 Download weather forecasts for Canadian cities wchat06c.exe 2769KB 08/03/95 Worlds Chat 06c, avatars and chat 409KB 09/13/95 CRT is a 32-bit winsock compliant telnet 254KB 02/12/96 Get Weather Forecasts off the Net 43KB 03/08/96 DL any http file, webpage with graphics,load from disk 1167KB 03/02/96 Store Internet Web/FTP addresses and descriptions 160KB 10/13/95 Webmate is an add-on utility for Netscape 86KB 01/13/96 Web Mailto Form Parser creates comma-delimited ASCII 85KB 03/05/96 HTML Web Editor and Authoring Tool 1721KB 03/03/96 Transparently display HTML info like scores/stocks 433KB 02/04/96 HTML Editor 156KB 12/04/95 Finger SERVER/CLIENT for Windows Sockets, v. 1.0 161KB 01/30/95 Windows FTP daemon 1.96 for Winsock 1.1 175KB 08/13/95 Windows FTP server 2.02 for Winsock 1.1 280KB 01/30/96 POP3 and SMPT client for Windows 3.x, Win 95 and NT 354KB 08/02/95 The Winsock Client Listing - August 1995 208KB 11/17/95 User Friendly Windows IRC Client 560KB 02/09/96 Windows 3.x replacement for LOGIN.EXE 148KB 02/20/95 WinLPR 2.0, a Windows Sockets based LPR client 804KB 02/22/96 Windows print spooler for LPR/JetDirect based printers 1900KB 07/22/95 WebMaster v2.0 - World Wide Web Address Book 1227KB 03/15/96 Full-featured HTML editor and forms generator 94KB 03/14/96 Mail notify - Pegasus/Eudora/MSMail/cc:Mail/POP3/IMAP 1130KB 10/31/95 Internet software & service with TCP/IP (1.1M) 1040KB 02/06/96 Windows on the Internet Setup-1M 262KB 01/06/96 HTML editor for WIN3X,95,NT 487KB 07/22/95 Chat program for Windows (winsock) 118KB 04/24/95 Windows Sockets FTP Client Application v95.04.24 118KB 06/28/95 Windows Sockets FTP Client App Version 94.10.18 188KB 02/02/96 Windows Sockets FTP Client Application v95.04.24 208KB 03/11/95 Windows Sockets Net Watch - Alpha version 17 95.03.11 249KB 07/20/95 ALPHA (V0.8) of a Winsock archie client 64KB 05/01/95 Winsock Finger Client Version 1.5 670KB 07/03/95 WinSock IRC Client Ver 2.00 722KB 07/03/95 WinSock Video IRC Client Ver 2.00 51KB 03/05/95 WSPING32 for Winsock and Win32s 250KB 02/22/96 An http client/server, a protocol analyser, and more.. 136KB 09/01/95 Toolbar for Internet winsock apps 124KB 04/29/95 Wintalk Version 1.24 39KB 03/20/95 Windows Socket Webster client v0.7 340KB 08/19/95 Control Netscape Navigator from WinHelp docs 194KB 06/27/95 XFinger v0.2 Winsock finger client 210KB 04/04/95 NFS client for use with packet drivers 103KB 04/04/95 NFS client for WfW and MS-TCP/IP-32 182KB 06/27/95 Update .plan file through winsock 532KB 02/20/96 Universal XTACACS Server Ver 1.22 for Windows 24KB 07/21/95 Yet Another Windows socket Telnet v0.7 Beta 68KB 01/15/96 Finger 3.0: a Windows Sockets Finger Client by Z. Dukic 38KB 01/02/96 Simple WINSOCK Interface for programmers

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