Windows 95 Directories

Welcome to the WinSite[tm] archive.

The following support files are included in addition to the archive catagories shown below

README Information about the archive
INDEX The complete index of the Windows 95 archive (useful for searches)
ls-ltr A UNIX(tm) style directory listing of the Windows 95 archive
access Microsoft Windows95 Access Files
demo Demo Windows95 Files and Crippleware
desktop Windows95 Desktop Apps, Screen, Image, and BitMap Files
drivers/other Other Win95 Drivers: SCSI, Disk, Ethernet, Scanner, etc.
drivers/printer Printer Drivers for Windows95
drivers/video Video Files, Drivers for Windows95
dskutil Windows95 Disk Utilities
excel MicroSoft Windows95 Excel Files
games Windows95 Games, Educational Software, etc.
icons Windows95 Icons and Icon Related Files
misc Miscellaneous Windows95 Files
miscutil Windows95 Misc Utilities
netutil Network Utilities: Windows Sockets (Winsock) Compliant TCP/IP Networking Applications and Other Windows95 network Utilities.
patches Windows95 Applications Patch, Program Update and Misc Driver files
pdoxwin Paradox for Windows95 Files
pim General Personal Information Management Systems, Schedulers, Reminders, Calendars, Financial Aids, Address Books, Catalogers, Organizers, etc.
programr Windows95 Code, Programming Files, and Utilities
programr/bcpp Borland C++ Windows95 Programming Files
programr/listings Windows95 Program Listings from Publications
programr/tp Windows95 Turbo Pascal Programming Files
programr/vbasic VisualBasic (VB) Files
programr/vbasic/vblib Visual Basic Function Libraries
sounds Windows95 Sound Files, Utilities, and Drivers
sysutil Windows95 System Utilities
txtutil Windows95 Text Utilities
winword MicroSoft Windows95 Word (WfW) Files
wpwin WordPerfect for Windows95 Files